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Home To Roost

  1. Home to Roost was a British sitcom, made by Yorkshire Television and first broadcast on 19 April 1985.
  2. Home to Roost is a British television sitcom produced by Yorkshire Television .

Birds of A Feather

  1. Birds of a Feather is the name of a successful situation comedy shown on BBC1 in the United Kingdom between 1989 and 1998.

As Time Goes By

  1. As Time Goes By is a British comedy TV series that aired from 1992 to 2002; it used the song " As Time Goes By" as its theme.
  2. As Time Goes By is a British sitcom that aired on BBC One from 1992 to 2005.
  3. As Time Goes By is all the more precious considering that mature couples like Lionel and Jean are irrelevant on American television. (Web site)
  4. As Time Goes By was adapted and recorded for radio.

British Television Sitcoms

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Fresh Fields

  1. Fresh Fields is a British sitcom, written by John Chapman and produced by Thames Television for ITV between 1984 and 1986. (Web site)
  2. Fresh Fields is a British situation comedy written by John T Chapman and produced by Thames Television for ITV between 1984 and 1986. (Web site)
  3. Fresh Fields is a British situation comedy written by and produced by Thames Television for ITV between 1984 and 1986.
  4. Fresh Fields is a splendid, funny show with a first class cast.


  1. Devon was also warned by Dwight in " The Dundies " to keep his speech short.

Absolutely Fabulous

  1. Absolutely Fabulous was a British sitcom written by and starring Jennifer Saunders, and co-starring Joanna Lumley and Julia Sawalha.
  2. Absolutely Fabulous is a British TV series (shown in the States as well) that has some very hard core fans.
  3. Absolutely Fabulous is a highly successful home furnishings retail and wholesale company located in Grand Cayman, in the Cayman Islands.
  4. Absolutely Fabulous is a phenomenon.
  5. Absolutely Fabulous was a groundbreaking British sitcom of the 1990s, with a dazzling mix of politically incorrect, outrageousness, and savage wit.

After Henry

  1. Emmerdale Farm Ltd was formed after Henry Wilks bought Sam---s share of the estate. (Web site)
  2. After Henry is a situation comedy devised and written by Simon Brett.
  3. After Henry is a 1992 book of essays by Joan Didion.


  1. Alan is a philosophy lecturer, still a virgin at fifty-five; Ange a twenty-something, horoscope reading, darts groupie.
  2. Alan was the youngest MP at the age of 31 and personified the greed and uncaring nature of the worst excesses of new money Thatcherites.


  1. Albert is a comic monster, constantly undermining Harold to maintain control. (Web site)
  2. Albert was content with his place in the world, utterly unpretentious and downright cynical.

All About Me

  1. All About Me is a BBC1 comedy about a multicultural family living in Birmingham.
  2. All About Me is a British sitcom starring Jasper Carrott about a multicultural family living in Birmingham .
  3. All About Me is a children's boutique specializing in unique clothing.
  4. All About Me is a collection of ideas developed by the members of the First Grade Listserv.
  5. All About Me is a fan of: 2 people.

All Gas And Gaiters

  1. All Gas and Gaiters was a popular British sitcom which ran on BBC from 1966 to 1971.
  2. All Gas And Gaiters is a sitcom centred on the ecclesiastical rivalries at St Oggs, a 13th-century cathedral.

American Sitcoms

  1. American sitcoms are now dominant on the three commercial networks. (Web site)
  2. American sitcoms are often written by large teams of script writers during round-table sessions, while most British sitcoms are written by one or two people.


  1. Anton was a fine actor, whether on stage or screen.
  2. Anton was my mother's younger brother, he died on my mum's birthday.


  1. Atkinson was born to Ella May and Eric Atkinson, Anglican farmers in the town of Consett, north-west of the city of Durham.
  2. Atkinson was a stutterer as a child, a condition which sometimes returns when he is in stressful situations.
  3. Atkinson was a stutterer as a child.
  4. Atkinson was born to Eric Atkinson and Ella May, Anglican farmers in the town of Consett, north-west of the city of Durham .
  5. Atkinson was cited for speeding in the car, just as his character was in the movie.


  1. Baldrick was played by Philip Fox, who was replaced by Tony Robinson.
  2. Baldrick was played by Philip Fox, who was presumably dropped for Tony Robinson in the series because he was not as funny as Robinson.


  1. Barbara is the family's only wage-earner, working part-time at a local bakery.
  2. Barbara is the most diplomatic family member, often using her soft voice and motherly charm to settle arguments.
  3. Barbara was a normal, middle-class housewife before they went self-sufficient.
  4. Barbara is a typical motherly figure and is a lot more hard-working than her husband.


  1. Barratt was unable to play the role so Mark Heap was cast instead.
  2. Barratt was unable to play the role so Mark Heap was cast instead.[1] Mike Watt (Played by Nick Frost): Mike is Tim's best friend.


  1. Basil is a rude man, who fought in the Korean War.
  2. Basil was finally invited to Spain to meet Manuel's family. (Web site)

Bbc Three

  1. BBC Three was launched on 9 February 2003, eleven months after its originally planned launch date (and the launch of BBC Four).
  2. BBC Three was launched on February 9 , 2003 , eleven months after its originally planned launch date (and that of BBC Four ).


  1. Blackadder is a British television comedy programme from the BBC, a surreal take on British history.
  2. Blackadder is a Captain in the British army, having joined in 1888, and is now stationed on the front line. (Web site)
  3. Blackadder is a status-seeking individual, often a soldier (Sun conjunct Mars), amongst aristocratic Leo figures to whom he must both fawn and outwit.
  4. Blackadder is one of the most successful comedies to come from Britain and stars Rowan Atkinson (also renowned for Mr Bean). (Web site)
  5. Blackadder is the general name for any one of the four BBC TV sitcoms and a number of one-off specials based around the life of Edmund Blackadder. (Web site)

Black Adder

  1. Black Adder is a well conceived and artfully written series of narratives which succeeds at being hilariously funny.
  2. Black Adder: The Whole Damn Dynasty which reprints the scripts from the 4 series, and gives some additional history of the Black Adder family.
  3. The Black Adder was the first series of Blackadder and was written by Richard Curtis and Rowan Atkinson, and produced by John Lloyd. (Web site)

Black Books

  1. Black Books is a British sitcom broadcast on Channel 4.
  2. Black Books is a British television sitcom, broadcast on Channel 4 and written and directed by Dylan Moran, Nira Park and Graham Linehan.
  3. Black Books is a classically funny show with many unexpected twists occuring in what seems to be the simple life of these three 'friends'.
  4. Black Books is a fabulous TV series, and such a joy to watch in the DVD format. (Web site)
  5. Black Books is a haven of books, wine and conversation, the only threat to the group's peace and prosperity is their own limitless stupidity.

Bob Martin

  1. Bob Martin is a British situation comedy .
  2. Bob Martin is a co-founder and the CEO of Internet REIT (iREIT). iREIT is a leader in the direct search market.
  3. Bob Martin is a highly talented singer songwriter from Massachusetts who released Midwest Farm Disaster in 1972.
  4. Bob Martin is a true gentleman in the CPA profession.

British Sitcom

  1. The British sitcom was even a bigger hit in the USA and Australia where more special programmes, videos and DVDs were released.
  2. A 'British sitcom' is a situation comedy (sitcom) produced in the United Kingdom.
  3. A British sitcom is a situation comedy (sitcom) produced in Great Britain.

British Sitcoms

  1. British sitcoms are developed differently than their American counterparts.
  2. British sitcoms are produced by just one or two writers, and the jokes are fewer in number, but there is a longer build-up.
  3. British sitcoms are generally more sophisticated.

Carrie And Barry

  1. Carrie and Barry are a forty-something couple with a laid back attitude to life, love and sex. (Web site)
  2. Carrie and Barry is a return to sitcoms for Mark.


  1. There are two novelizations by Carpenter, one for each series: Catweazle and Catweazle and the Magic Zodiac.
  2. She was the young hero's visiting aunt in Catweazle (1970), bewildered by Geoffrey Bayldon as the tattered, nominal wizard.
  3. A place to discuss all things relating to this site and Catweazle in general.


  1. Charles was a good friend to many and I am extremely proud to include myself amongst them. (Web site)
  2. Charles was taken ill at Broadcasting House and died on Monday morning at St. Lukes Hospital at Guardamangia.

Citizen Smith

  1. Citizen Smith is a British television sitcom. (Web site)
  2. Citizen Smith is a classic comedy series,far better than My Family{which i don't particularly like},and is yet another Sullivan classic.
  3. Citizen Smith is a comedy about a 'small group' of people who believe in freedom for everyone.
  4. Citizen Smith is a hip place and I really liked the food - especially the mac and cheese.
  5. Citizen Smith is a sexy urban bistro and lounge located in the heart of Hollywood.


  1. Claire is a very good horserider. (Web site)
  2. Claire was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and grew up in Norfolk. (Web site)

Closing Credits

  1. The closing credits are presented in the style of a programme from a Regency-era play, and with an entirely new closing theme.
  2. The closing credits were generic ITV Network style credits over a continuous shot of the village, again from a helicopter, but filmed from a different angle.
  3. The closing credits were on captions and the film underneath was the view from a helicopter of the Dales passing by Arncliffe.


  1. Colin is a dirt-infested and foul-smelling character, nevertheless his heart is in the right place.
  2. Colin is a dirt-infested-foul-smelling character, nevertheless his heart is in the right place.


  1. Comedy is the use of humor in the form of theater, where it simply referred to a play with a happy ending, in contrast to a tragedy. (Web site)
  2. Comedy is the use of humor in the performing arts. (Web site)
  3. Comedy was also given new life in the irreverent '' Animal House '', set on a college campus during the 1960s.
  4. Comedy was also given new life in the irreverent '' National Lampoon's Animal House '', set on a college campus during the 1960s.
  5. Dave. The word "comedy" is redundant.


  1. Coupling is one of the best shows I've ever seen.
  2. Coupling is a British television sitcom written by Steven Moffat that aired on BBC2 from May 2000 to 2004.
  3. Coupling was based on the writer Steven Moffat meeting his wife, Sue Vertue, and on the issues that arise in new relationships.


  1. Dave is a man of surprisingly low intelligence and is frequently childlike.
  2. Dave is a twenty-third century Liverpudlian with a penchant for derivatives of the expletive Smeg . (Web site)

Dear John

  1. Dear John is an American sitcom that aired on NBC from 1988 to 1992 .


  1. DINNERLADIES is a classic magic blend of comedy and touching pathos.
  2. Dinnerladies is a 1990s British television sitcom written by and also featuring Victoria Wood. (Web site)
  3. Dinnerladies is a British sitcom about dinner ladies.
  4. The Dinnerladies is a sit com in the UK. These were bought at the bird market at St Junien in Limousin which is held on the third Saturday of the month.

Drop The Dead Donkey

  1. Drop the Dead Donkey was a situation comedy that ran on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom from 1990 to 1998. (Web site)

Duty Free

  1. Duty Free is a British sitcom written by Eric Chappell and Jean Warr that aired on ITV from 1984 to 1986.

Early Doors

  1. Early Doors is a BBC sitcom which has received huge critical acclaim.

Early Sitcoms

  1. Early sitcoms were broadcast live and recorded on kinescope s or not recorded at all. (Web site)
  2. Early sitcoms were broadcast live and recorded on kinescopes or not recorded at all.

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