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Ming Tsai

  1. It will be another way to experience Blue Ginger, said Ming Tsai, the restaurant s owner and award-winning chef.
  2. Google the name for this Japanese-style breading and up pop recipes by Ming Tsai, Tyler Florence, Alton Brown and Bobby Flay.
  3. Among the chefs scheduled to participate in the food and wine festival are Ming Tsai, Jacques Pepin, and Top Chef champion Stephanie Izard, who.


  1. Chef is a term commonly used to refer to an individual who cooks professionally.
  2. A chef is a person who cooks professionally.
  3. Chef is a term commonly used to refer to a person who cooks professionally.
  4. Chef was usually my favorite part of the 'old school' HT. I hope to see a cookbook published to help his family in the near future.
  5. The chef was photographed about 1900 while working in a Chicago restaurant.


  1. The chefs are listed below.
  2. Chefs were buying it in from France and Italy; no one wanted to touch British beef.
  3. The chefs are opposing the recent introduction of GM canola into Victoria and New South Wales.

Mario Batali

  1. Mario Batali is an Italian-American chef, restaurateur, TV host and writer who started his empire as a dishwasher and pizza delivery guy in New Jersey.
  2. Mario Batali is also a mentor.
  3. Mario Batali is an American chef and restaurateur.
  4. Mario Batali is one of America---s most popular celebrity chefs.
  5. Mario Batali is one of the most respected chefs — and wow, does he know his pasta.

James Beard

  1. James Beard was an eccentric personality who brought French cooking to the American middle and upper classes in the 1950s.
  2. James Beard is the central figure in the story of the establishment of an American food identity.
  3. James Beard is the person of the month from

Bobby Flay

  1. Bobby Flay - A well-known American chef, Flay entered into a bit of a rivalry with Iron Chef Japanese Morimoto during the show's special New York Battle.
  2. Bobby Flay is a legend in his own mind apparently because in NYC, they didn't think much of him.
  3. Bobby Flay was cranky and did not seem to be much fun for Giada to work with.

Michael Chiarello

  1. Michael Chiarello is an American celebrity chef specializing in Italian-influenced California cuisine.
  2. Michael Chiarello is also a pleasure to watch and he mixes in interesting info about food and preparation, along with his great recipes.

Alton Brown

  1. Alton Brown is a tv celebrity.

Cat Cora

  1. Cat Cora is a stupid whore that can't even cook.
  2. Cat Cora is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America.
  3. Cat Cora was raised in a small Greek community in Jackson, Miss.

Paula Deen

  1. Paula Deen is a cook, restaurant owner and TV presenter who has won an Emmy Award for her TV show.
  2. Paula Deen is a true American success story.
  3. Paula Deen is one of my favorites.

Julia Child

  1. Julia Child is a wunderkind in the kitchen, and she makes French bread turn out beautifully.
  2. Julia Child was a famous cook but she was not a restaurant chef.
  3. Julia Child is a character.
  4. Julia Child is a classic.
  5. Julia Child is an institution.

Jamie Oliver

  1. Jamie Oliver is an English celebrity chef.
  2. Jamie Oliver is a highly creative cook who inspires cooks everywhere and even inspires people who have never cooked before.
  3. Jamie Oliver is a man on a mission and his latest project is to change the eating habits of the nation.
  4. Jamie Oliver is one of Britain's best-loved chefs he has made cooking interesting and accessible.
  5. Jamie Oliver is one of those Food tv staples that is both informative and entertaining and makes almost any dish look simple to do.

Tyler Florence

  1. Tyler Florence is a chef, author, and star of several Food Network shows.
  2. Tyler Florence is a hipster-doofus windbag (IMO). But they are simply cashing in on the great unwashed, and to that, I say more power to them.

Rachael Ray

  1. Rachael Ray is part of the Oprah machine, that is why she is famous.
  2. Rachael Ray is the queen of the Food Network.
  3. Rachael Ray was born into cooking.
  4. Rachael Ray was invited on Today, and drove for nine hours through a snowstorm with her mother to make it to the show.

Wolfgang Puck

  1. Wolfgang Puck is a chef, a restaurateur, and a businessman based in Los Angeles, California.
  2. Wolfgang Puck is one of the most influential chef-restaurateurs in the United States and the world.
  3. Wolfgang Puck is one of the most visible names and faces in the food business.
  4. Wolfgang Puck was the first celebrity chef to make Las Vegas home, opening Spago at the Forum Shops in 1992.
  5. Wolfgang Puck was the first celebrity chef to makeLas Vegas home, opening Spago at the Forum Shops in 1992.

Lynn Crawford

  1. Lynn Crawford is a Canadian born chef.
  2. Lynn Crawford was working on a degree in fine arts at Ontario's University of Guelph when she realized she wanted to be a chef.

Gordon Ramsay

  1. Gordon Ramsay is one of the finest chefs in the world - and his excellent recipes are available for anyone to take their cooking to the next level.
  2. Gordon Ramsay is the Scotland-born celebrity chef who hosts TV's Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares.
  3. Gordon Ramsay is the epicurean version of Simon Cowell.
  4. Gordon Ramsay is the most celebrated chef working in Britain today, with a well-deserved reputation for fabulous food.
  5. Gordon Ramsay is the only chef in London to hold three Michelin stars.

Guy Fieri

  1. Former NFNS winner, Guy Fieri, coached the contestants and acted as the guest judge.
  2. Guy Fieri will share tips, techniques, and the dos and don'ts for TV interviews and live cooking segments.
  3. Only two short years ago, Guy Fieri competed on and won season two of The Next Food Network Star.

Christine Cushing

  1. Christine Cushing is one of the trailblazers of Food Network in Canada with an eight-year stint as a TV chef.
  2. Christine Cushing was a guest on 'Off the Record(TSN)' yesterday.
  3. Christine Cushing was born in Athens, Greece, and immigrated to Canada with her family at an early age.

Daniel Boulud

  1. Daniel Boulud is one of seven renowned chefs whose recipes are featured in the FiveLeaf line of foods prepared using a technique called 'sous-vide'.
  2. Daniel Boulud was born in France on 25th March, 1955.
  3. That sort of brash self-confidence and drive served Kaysen well in ultimately getting a job working for Daniel Boulud.

Thomas Keller

  1. The party was at Chef Thomas Keller's Per Se in New York City, where many of the culinary stars showed up to wish Chef Adria well.
  2. The best recipes from the great chefs and cooks of the era, including Jamie Oliver, Thomas Keller, Judy Rodgers, and Alice Waters.
  3. Thomas Keller (born October 14, 1955) is an American chef, restaurateur, and cookbook writer.

Charlie Trotter

  1. Charlie Trotter is a Chicago chef and restaurant owner.
  2. Charlie Trotter is a famous Chicago chef and owner of the eponymous upscale restaurant Charlie Trotter's.
  3. Charlie Trotter is the hands down winner in this category, as he is probably also the best known name among all the chefs in the book.
  4. Charlie Trotter is the host of the 1999 PBS cooking show The Kitchen Sessions with Charlie Trotter in which he details his recipes and cooking techniques.
  5. Charlie Trotter is the host of the award-winning PBS cooking show "The Kitchen Sessions with Charlie Trotter".

Alice Waters

  1. Alice Waters is one of the most high-profile females in American cooking.
  2. Alice Waters is the visionary chef and owner of Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California.
  3. Alice Waters was a big fan of Tomasso's in North Beach.

Emeril Lagasse

  1. Known for popularizing Cajun and Creole cooking, Emeril Lagasse first learned about cooking from his mother as a young boy in Massachusetts.
  2. He praises Emeril Lagasse, Bobby Flay, Mario Batali and Giada de Laurentiis even as he mourns their truly awful shows.
  3. The channel recently re-signed celebrity cook Rachael Ray, but has a less-certain relationship with its biggest star Emeril Lagasse.

Graham Kerr

  1. Graham Kerr is an internationally known culinary and television personality, award-winning author, and master of metaphorical speaking.

Susur Lee

  1. This podcast features a stroll through Vancouver's Chinatown with one of Canada's top celebrity chefs, Susur Lee.
  2. I'm not saying chef Luke Hayes-Alexander is the next Susur Lee or Jacques Pepin (maybe he is, time will tell).
  3. Susur Lee lives in Toronto with his wife, designer Brenda Bent, and their three sons.

Ina Garten

  1. Ina Garten is the Barefoot Contessa: one of the country’s top chefs, Food Network star, best-selling cookbook author.
  2. Ina Garten is the Barefoot Contessa: one of the country’s top chefs, Food Network star, best-selling cookbook author.

Anthony Bourdain

  1. Anthony Bourdain is the executive chef at Brasserie Les Halles in New York, and he is the host of the series No Reservations on the Travel Channel.
  2. Anthony Bourdain is also a fave mainly because of his kitchen exposes and absolute willingness to try any type of food offered.
  3. Anthony Bourdain is a busy man.
  4. Anthony Bourdain is the host of a Travel Network TV show.
  5. Anthony Bourdain is a self-important, pompous douche.

Tom Colicchio

  1. Tom Colicchio is a chef & owner of Gramercy Tavern & Craft restaurants.
  2. Tom Colicchio is one of the culinary world---s most celebrated figures.
  3. Tom Colicchio is one tough judge to impress on Bravo’s Top Chef.
  4. Tom Colicchio is one tough judge to impress on Bravo---s Top Chef.

Nigella Lawson

  1. Nigella Lawson is one of the best and most influential of British food writers, and a brilliant home cook.
  2. Nigella Lawson is the bestselling author of How to Eat, How to be a Domestic Goddess and Nigella Bites and a TV star.
  3. Nigella Lawson: A sweet and sour life.

Ken Kostick

  1. Ken Kostick is a Canadian chef and television and radio personality.

Rob Feenie

  1. Rob Feenie is probably the best known chef in Canada and would definitely rank as one of the top 10 chefs in the world.

Massimo Capra

  1. Massimo Capra (born May 24, 1960) is a restaurant consultant and celebrity chef based in Toronto, Canada.
  2. It was in Cremona, Italy where Chef Massimo Capra was born in the farm kitchen of his family's home.
  3. Celebrated chef Massimo Capra merges the ease of one-pot cooking with the splendid flavors of Italian cuisine in One Pot Italian Cooking.

Michael Smith

  1. Come along with chef and host Michael Smith on his latest culinary adventure.
  2. Host of Chef at Home, Chef at Large and The Inn Chef, Michael Smith can be seen in more than 40 countries.
  3. Metro Atlanta Real Estate Agent - Let Michael Smith help you with all of your real estate needs and save.

Sara Moulton

  1. Sara Moulton is a professional chef by training and a gifted on-air teacher with a warm and winning style.
  2. Sara Moulton is also the face of the Gourmet Institute, the Magazine---s signature culinary weekend event, taking place from October 17-19, 2008.
  3. Sara Moulton is one of the hardest-working women in the food biz.
  4. Sara Moulton is the executive chef of Gourmet magazine and host of the Food Network show Sara's Secrets.
  5. Sara Moulton is the executive chef of Gourmet magazine and was host of the Food Network show Sara's Secrets.

David Adjey

  1. David Adjey is the consulting chef of many restaurants in Toronto.
  2. David Adjey was named the Best Chef in California by the celebrated Frommer's travel guide series.

Simone Beck

  1. She threw herself into studies at the Cordon Bleu and later joined the Cercle des Gourmettes, a club where she met Simone Beck and Louisette Bertholle.
  2. Preferred citation for publication: Simone Beck Papers, 1920-1993; item description, dates.
  3. It was soon followed in 1971 by Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume Two, again in collaboration with Simone Beck.

Todd English

  1. Todd English is an American celebrity chef, restaurateur.


  1. Bocuse has had numerous students, many of whom have become famous chefs themselves.
  2. In comparison, Gavin Kaysen, 29, who represented the United States at the Bocuse last year, had to buy his own equipment and build his own test kitchen.
  3. Other Americans who have competed in Bocuse d'Or say the value in pushing your skills to the limit lies on the inside.

Michael Symon

  1. Michael Symon is one of America's leading chefs.

Delia Smith

  1. Official site of British television host and cookbook writer Delia Smith.
  2. The finest soup recipes from the top chefs of today, from Rick Stein and Delia Smith to Giorgio Locatelli and Jamie Oliver.
  3. An inspirational cook, her cookbook Delia Smith's Christmas (1990) has sold over five million copies.

Martin Yan

  1. Martin Yan is a Chinese-born American chef and actor.
  2. Martin Yan is the reason I can cook today.

Ainsley Harriott

  1. Ainsley Harriott is one of Britain's most loved chefs and his playful, friendly style is loved by all.
  2. Ainsley Harriott is the charismatic, larger-than-life presenter of BBC Two's Ready Steady Cook.
  3. Ainsley Harriott is the master of sensational and speedy cooking and his recipe books have sold a total of two million copies worldwide.
  4. Ainsley Harriott is the master of sensational and speedy cooking.

Paul Prudhomme

  1. Paul Prudhomme is an American [i] chef [i] famous for his Cajun cuisine [i].

Anne Burrell

  1. Anne Burrell ---s rapidly rising star is about to go up a little higher.
  2. The news that appears on Anne Burrell will appear there and be constantly updated.

Sam Choy

  1. Sam Choy is a chef, restaranteur, and television personality known as the cofounder (along with Alan Wong) of Hawaii Regional Cuisine.


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