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Chess Players

  1. "CHESS PLAYERS" Ashot Anastasian.
  2. CHESS PLAYERS Zaven Andriasian.
  3. Chess players are madmen of a certain quality, the way the artist is supposed to be, and isn't, in general. (Web site)
  4. Chess players are real sportsmen. (Web site)

Anatoly Karpov

  1. Anatoly Karpov is a living legend of chess; he has dominated the world of the chess for over a decade as the world chess champion between 1975 and 1985.
  2. Anatoly Karpov is also the winner of the largest number of tournaments in the history of chess, with more than 160 due tournaments.
  3. Anatoly Karpov is one of the greatest chess players of all time. (Web site)
  4. Anatoly Karpov was trained in the game of chess at four as well and then went on to become a grandmaster and world champion.

Pal Benko

  1. Pal Benko is a chess grandmaster, who was born July 15, 1928 in France, but was raised in Hungary. (Web site)
  2. Pal Benko was a consultant to this movie, however. (Web site)
  3. Pal Benko was born on July 15, 1928 in France, but he was raised in Hungary. (Web site)
  4. Pal Benko was in the Interzonal as a result of his 1957 victory at the Dublin Zonal. (Web site)
  5. Pal Benko was supposed to be in the movie, but his part was cut out.

Garry Kasparov

  1. Garry Kasparov is the holder of most awards, a total number of 11.
  2. Garry Kasparov is the strongest chess player of our time – and a great personality who can represent the sport like no other chess professional.
  3. Garry Kasparov is to compete in his first FIDE event since the Yeravan Olympiad of 1996. (Web site)
  4. Garry Kasparov was 19 when Fide ranked him second to Anatoly Karpov.
  5. Garry Kasparov was 22 when he became champion in 1985 by defeating 34-year-old Anatoly Karpov. (Web site)

Bobby Fischer

  1. Bobby Fischer is the undisputed "psych-out" champion in the world of chess. (Web site)
  2. Bobby Fischer is the greatest Chess genius of all time!.
  3. Bobby Fischer is probably the best chess player of all time. (Web site)
  4. Bobby Fischer is the greatest American chess player of all time.
  5. Bobby Fischer is the greatest Chess player who has ever lived.

Mikhail Botvinnik

  1. Mikhail Botvinnik was the "patriarch" of Soviet chess school, many world champions learned from his games and general chess-related advice.

Mikhail Tal

  1. Mikhail Tal was 24 years old when he became champion by defeating 49-year-old Botvinnik. (Web site)
  2. Mikhail Tal was a rather unique player.
  3. Mikhail Tal was born in 1936 in Riga, was the World Champion from 1960 to 1961. (Web site)
  4. Mikhail Tal was simply a chess phenomenon. (Web site)
  5. Mikhail Tal was the b riefest world champion. (Web site)

Genrikh Gasparyan

  1. "Genrikh Gasparyan" is considered to have been one of the greatest composers of chess endgame studies. (Web site)

Elina Danielian

  1. "Elina Danielian" (16 August 1978) is an Armenian International Master of chess (2003) and Woman Grandmaster (1994). (Web site)

Sergei Movsesian

  1. "Sergei Movsesian" (born November 3, 1978 in Tbilisi, Georgian SSR, USSR) is a chess Grandmaster of Armenian descent who now plays for Slovakia.

Artashes Minasian

  1. Going into the last round, GMs Gregory Kaidanov, Alexander Shabalov and Artashes Minasian were all tied with 9 points.

Ashot Nadanian

  1. "Ashot Nadanian" The variation is named after the Armenian IM Ashot Nadanian, who first employed it in 1996.
  2. "Ashot Nadanian" is an Armenian International Master of chess (1997) and FIDE Trainer (2007). (Web site)
  3. "Ashot Nadanian" (Armenian: Աշոտ Նադանյան; Russian: Ашот Наданян; born September 19, 1972 in Baku) is an Armenian chess player, theoretician and coach. (Web site)

Viswanathan Anand

  1. Viswanathan Anand is a chess player par excellence and a befitting World Champion.
  2. Viswanathan Anand is a frequent winner at the Corus Grandmasters chess tournament. (Web site)
  3. Viswanathan Anand is a regular at the Corsica Masters and also a regular winner (at first glance it seems he may have won every year since 2000). (Web site)
  4. Viswanathan Anand is an Indian chess grandmaster and former FIDE world champion. (Web site)
  5. Viswanathan Anand is known as the ‘Tiger from Chennai’.

Michael Adams

  1. It was won by Rustam Kasimdzhanov, who beat Michael Adams in the final by a score of 4.5-3.5.
  2. Michael Adams also kept up the pace with a fine victory over Vladimir Kramnik. (Web site)
  3. And what a comfort to see that the line has been played by leading stars like Nigel Short, Michael Adams, and Boris Spassky. (Web site)

Nigel Short

  1. Nigel Short is the highest rated player in the 4th United Insurance International, Dhaka. (Web site)
  2. Nigel Short is the top seed. (Web site)
  3. Nigel Short was absolutely correct with this actions and I am glad he won the rematch. (Web site)
  4. Nigel Short was just behaving like a child demanding a handshake. (Web site)
  5. Nigel Short was the only winner on the top boards in round eight of the EU Chess Championship, now reaching the closing stages at the Liverpool World Museum.

Vladimir Kramnik

  1. Vladimir Kramnik is a silent yet powerful attacker.
  2. Vladimir Kramnik is the World Chess Champion, he took the title after a tense rapid playoffs. (Web site)
  3. Vladimir Kramnik was born in the town of Tuapse, on the shores of the Black Sea. (Web site)
  4. Vladimir Kramnik was one of three winners in the first round of the Tal Memorial chess tournament underway in Moscow.

Levon Aronian

  1. Levon Aronian is the third and Sergei Movsesian is the fifth in the list. (Web site)

Vassily Ivanchuk

  1. Vassily Ivanchuk is the fifth member of the third-place quintet, graduating from the lower score group with a long grind 'em out win against Pavel Eljanov.

Peter Svidler

  1. Peter Svidler was defeated by Levon Aronian in chess960. (Web site)
  2. Peter Svidler was outplayed by David Navara and Alexander Morozevich was fortunate to win on time in a dubious position after misplaying the opening.
  3. Peter Svidler was pretty lucky to escape with a draw against Alexander Onischuk.

Magnus Carlsen

  1. Magnus Carlsen was front runner for the first half but was then pegged back by Leko and Anand.
  2. Magnus Carlsen was the second successful player, in a marathon game with white against China's Bu Xiangi. (Web site)

Veselin Topalov

  1. Veselin Topalov is a full two points clear of the field with five games to play in the World Championship double round robin in San Luis,Argentina. (Web site)
  2. Veselin Topalov is a honorary member and he presented the club with an electronic digital clock. (Web site)

Peter Leko

  1. Peter Leko is an ascetic.
  2. Peter Leko is the second biggest talent after G.K. I-ve seen it with my own eyes.
  3. Peter Leko was inactive in the last rating period and he is 10 points clear of Vassily Ivanchuk who overtakes Vladimir Kramnik. (Web site)
  4. Peter Leko was on plus one, Gata Kamsky on 50%.
  5. Peter Leko was the best-kept secret of the on-going World Chess Championship in Bonn.

Boris Spassky

  1. Nonetheless on Sept 30, Bobby Fischer began his re-match with Boris Spassky (ranked 99 in the world) in Sveti Stefan (Montenagro), Yugoslavia.
  2. Boris Spassky held off a late charge from Bobby Fischer to win the 2nd Piatigorsky Cup in Santa Monica, California.
  3. Einar S. Einarsson of the RJF Group tells us: Boris Spassky revisited Reykjavik yesterday to meet with his old friend and former adversary Bobby Fischer.

Susan Polgar

  1. Susan Polgar is a highly accomplished chess player, and a pioneer who achieved great breakthroughs for women in chess and in life.
  2. Susan Polgar is a champion for the ages.
  3. Susan Polgar is the first woman grandmaster in history, former Woman's World Champion, and current Chairman of the United States Chess Federation. (Web site)

Gata Kamsky

  1. Gata Kamsky is a Soviet-born American chess grandmaster. (Web site)
  2. Gata Kamsky was quite disappointed not to have got a full point in his game against Vladimir Kramnik.

Ruslan Ponomariov

  1. Ruslan Ponomariov is a celebrated chess prodigy in his own right, having completed his final GM norm at the age of 14 years, 0 months, 17 days. (Web site)
  2. Ruslan Ponomariov was the other winner, against Magnus Carlsen who we will have to hope is not out of his depth in the A group. (Web site)

Boris Gelfand

  1. Boris Gelfand was 4th with 5 points.
  2. Boris Gelfand: The first match was very tough, as we played six classical games and the tie-break, so the hardest thing was to recover from it.

Yasser Seirawan

  1. Yasser Seirawan is a brilliant author.
  2. Yasser Seirawan is a three-time U.S. Champion, the 1989 Western Hemisphere Champion, and an eight time member of the U.S. chess Olympiad team.
  3. Yasser Seirawan is one of the top-ranked chess player in the USA and was the first American candidate for the World Championship title since Bobby Fischer.

Max Euwe

  1. Max Euwe was the fifth official world champion, and met many of the other champions in chessboard battles. (Web site)

Teimour Radjabov

  1. Teimour Radjabov was half a point behind and took second alone. (Web site)

Samuel Reshevsky

  1. The Marshall Chess Club donated the trophy, and the first winner was Samuel Reshevsky.
  2. Samuel Reshevsky, a Polish boy, learned the rules at the age of 4, and gave simultaneous exhibitions at the age of six.
  3. Although active in U.S. tournaments, he was never able to finish first in the U.S. championship, usually placing behind his American rival, Samuel Reshevsky.

Paul Keres

  1. Paul Keres was once a professor of mathematics in Tallinn, Estonia.

Miguel Najdorf

  1. Miguel Najdorf was a favorite of spectators because of his imaginative, effervescent play. (Web site)
  2. Miguel Najdorf was a porcelain importer.

Bent Larsen

  1. Bent Larsen is a Danish [i] chess [i] player. (Web site)
  2. Bent Larsen is one of the outstanding figures of post-war chess, with top-level tournament victories spanning five decades.
  3. Bent Larsen was the first GM to lose to a computer in a tournament competition, 1988.

Tigran Petrosian

  1. Tigran Petrosian is one of the most prominent and beloved sons of the Armenian nation. (Web site)
  2. Tigran Petrosian was 34 when he became champion by defeating Botvinnik in 1963. (Web site)
  3. Tigran Petrosian was a former world chess champion [i]. (Web site)
  4. Tigran Petrosian was born in 1929 in Tbilisi, Georgia of Armenian parents. (Web site)

Viktor Korchnoi

  1. Reshevsky qualified for one more Candidates', in 1967, but lost the subsequent quarterfinal to Viktor Korchnoi the following year.
  2. He also qualified from an interzonal tournament in Sousse, but lost in the quarterfinal to Viktor Korchnoi in 1968.
  3. The Candidates' final was set in Moscow against fellow Soviet Viktor Korchnoi, a notable fighting player.

Alexei Shirov

  1. Alexei Shirov is one of the most entertaining chess players in the world. (Web site)
  2. Alexei Shirov was born in Riga just like world champion Mihail Tal, and also his playing style reminds many chess fans of the young Tal.
  3. Alexei Shirov was born in Riga just like world champion Mikhail Tal, and also his playing style reminds many chess fans of the young Tal.

Alexander Morozevich

  1. Alexander Morozevich is the best player of April 2004.
  2. Alexander Morozevich was defeated by Vasily Ivanchuk in the seventh round of the Tal Chess Memorial.

Frank Marshall

  1. FRANK MARSHALL: Way back when Harrison [Ford] was being honored by the AFI [American Film Institute] was when this all started.

Alexander Alekhine

  1. Alexander Alekhine is the first luminary among the others who are still having the greatest influence on me. (Web site)
  2. Alexander Alekhine was supposed to play a title match with Paul Keres, but World War II broke out. (Web site)
  3. Alexander Alekhine was world champion for seventeen years, playing in 5 World Championship matches.

Vladimir Akopian

  1. Vladimir Akopian (born December 7, 1971) is a leading Armenian chess master.
  2. The highest rated player in the tournament was Vladimir Akopian (ELO: 2660) from Armenia. (Web site)
  3. They will face the always dangerous Armenians who have been bolstered by the addition of Levon Aronian who is playing board 2, behind Vladimir Akopian. (Web site)

Alexander Grischuk

  1. Alexander Grischuk is half a point behind him, after losing the only decisive game of round 7 against Anand. (Web site)
  2. Alexander Grischuk was first at 9.5 from 11 with Yasser, Vaganian, Rublevsky, Zvaginsev, Morozevitch, Dautov and Greenfeld sharing second with 9 points. (Web site)
  3. Alexander Grischuk was heading for a nice win against Hikaru Nakamura until he inexplicably blundered it all away and lost.

Reuben Fine

  1. REUBEN FINE was an International Grandmaster and one of the world's greatest chess players ever. (Web site)
  2. Reuben Fine is one of the best authors ever. (Web site)
  3. Reuben Fine was a great player and almost reached the very top in chess. (Web site)
  4. Reuben Fine was a psychologist.
  5. Reuben Fine was born in the Bronx.

Jan Timman

  1. Jan Timman was in bad shape losing many Elo points. (Web site)
  2. Jan Timman was not unlucky in an interesting game against Topalov. (Web site)
  3. Jan Timman was the winner of that tournament. (Web site)

Emanuel Lasker

  1. Emanuel Lasker was World Chess Champion for 27 years, the longest reign in chess history. (Web site)
  2. Emanuel Lasker was a noted mathematician, philosopher, and friend of Albert Einstein. (Web site)
  3. Emanuel Lasker was about 67 years old at the time.
  4. Emanuel Lasker was born at Berlinchen in Neumark (now Barlinek in Poland), the son of a Jewish cantor. (Web site)
  5. Emanuel Lasker was born in Berlinchen (now Barlinck, Poland as of 1945), the Prussian province of Brandenberg, on December 24, 1868.

Vasily Smyslov

  1. They were joined by Vasily Smyslov and Paul Keres who had been the top two at the 1956 Candidates tournament.
  2. At the Las Palmas interzonal 1982 he came 3rd behind Ribli and Vasily Smyslov (who both became Candidates).
  3. The first of these, at Moscow 1956, was won jointly by Mikhail Botvinnik and Vasily Smyslov. (Web site)


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