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  1. Arroyo was able to wield and enjoy the powers and privileges of the presidency.
  2. Arroyo was elected to a six-year term in 2004, defeating popular actor Fernando Poe, Jr.
  3. Arroyo was sworn in the same day as the 14th president of the Philippines by Supreme Court Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr.

Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed

  1. Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, a senior military officer together with other high-ranking commanders were plotting the overthrow of President Siad Barre.
  2. In November Jama Ali Jama was appointed by elders as the next leader, although this decision was again rejected by Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed.
  3. The new leader is Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, 70, a military strongman and president of the semi-autonomous region of Puntland.

Abdullah Badawi

  1. Abdullah Badawi is a real racist, an open racist.
  2. Abdullah Badawi is a democrat.
  3. Abdullah Badawi is a significant part of that legacy.
  4. Abdullah Badawi: What it is worse is Palestine, that is the mother of the problem, if I can use the word.

Abdullah Ii

  1. King Abdullah II is a close US ally with Jordan and Egypt the only Arab countries that have made peace with Israel.
  2. According to a report in the London-based Al-Quds al-Arabi Jordan's King Abdullah II has offered Jordanian citizenship to 95,000 east Jerusalem Palestinians.
  3. The international community must understand that King Abdullah II has assumed power through inheritance and is now practicing absolute monarchy in Jordan.

Abel Pacheco

  1. Costa Rica's Congress failed to approve the pact under former President Abel Pacheco.
  2. While Costa Rican elections are set for February, Weller said Oscar Arias, frontrunner to succeed lame duck President Abel Pacheco, is a strong CAFTA backer.


  1. Agriculture is the economic mainstay, but manufacturing and tourism are important and there is a fledgling film industry.
  2. Agriculture is the mainstay of the Congolese economy, accounting for 54.9% of GDP in 2000.
  3. Agriculture is the principal economic activity with crops grown both for domestic consumption and export.

Ahmad Tejan Kabbah

  1. Ahmad Tejan Kabbah is a thoroughly dishonest, unscrupulous and wicked man.


  1. AHMED: The will to scarify myself for Allah is the first and most major reason.
  2. Ahmed was appointed chief justice of Bangladesh in January 1990, and in December became the country's acting president following the resignation of Pres.
  3. Ahmed was born in the town of Galkacyo, in the Mudug Region, and is a member of the Darod, one of Somalia's largest clans.


  1. Akihito is a tabloid photographer, and Asami is a mob boss.
  2. Akihito is a young photoreporter; he captures the attention of Asami, a business man who probably is engaged in a drug traffic and with the mafia.
  3. Akihito is the eldest son and the fifth child of the Emperor Showa (Hirohito) and the Empress Kojun (Nagako).
  4. Akihito is the eldest son and the fifth child of the Emperor Sh--wa (Hirohito) and the Empress K--jun (Nagako).
  5. Akihito was born on Dec.


  1. Albert was a camper and later a counselor for six summers at camp Tecumseh on Lake Winnipesaukee, Moultonborough NH in the 1970s.
  2. Albert was a camper and later a counselor for six summers at camp Tecumseh on Lake Winnipesaukee, Moultonborough, NH, USA, in the 1970s.
  3. Albert was camper and later a counselor for six summers at camp Tecumseh on Lake Winnipesaukee, Moultonborough NH in the 1970's.

Albert Pintat

  1. Albert Pintat Santol--ria (born 23 June 1943) is the executive council president (head of government) of Andorra.
  2. Albert Pintat of the centre-right Liberal Party became prime minister at general elections in April 2005.

Alejandro Toledo

  1. Alejandro Toledo is the president of the Global Center for Development and Democracy.

Alexander Lukashenko

  1. Alexander Lukashenko is a communist. +2
  2. Alexander Lukashenko is a leader who is isolated not only from the world and from his own people but from his own government.
  3. Alexander Lukashenko is a man with a passion for sport and farming.


  1. ALEXANDRE is a mentalist residing in South Florida.
  2. ALEXANDRE is a writer, Magician and Mentalist.
  3. Alexandre is also a contributing editor at Canada-s national news magazine -Maclean-s-. He has reported from Iraq, Liberia, Haiti, Israel and Chechnya.

Alfredo Palacio

  1. ALFREDO PALACIO: They condemn us to not to have health, not to have education.
  2. After Gutierrez fled last month, the country's congress named his vice president Alfredo Palacio as the new president.
  3. The day he took office, President Alfredo Palacio announced he would put social spending first and hold back some of the oil money from bondholders.

Alfred Moisiu

  1. Alfred Moisiu is a former Albanian defense minister and currently heads the pro-NATO Albanian Atlantic Association.
  2. Alfred Moisiu was sworn in as the President of Albania on June 24, 2002, becoming head of state at age 73.
  3. Alfred Moisiu was sworn in as the president of Albania on June 24, 2002, becoming the head of state at age 73.

Ali Khamenei

  1. Ali Khamenei is a leader unlike any other, but the rules of politics still apply: a single miscalculation can change everything.

Ariel Sharon

  1. Ariel Sharon is a known ardent Zionist.
  2. Ariel Sharon is a man of few words and great principles.
  3. Ariel Sharon is a man of potent primal urges, of violence, of combat, cunning and brilliance.
  4. Ariel Sharon is a man of that calibre.
  5. Ariel Sharon is a war criminal.


  1. Armenia is a landlocked country located in south-west Asia, east of Turkey.
  2. Armenia is a member of the Council of Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States and for centuries has been on the crossroads between East and West.
  3. Armenia is a presidential representative republic.
  4. Armenia is a primarily Oriental Orthodox country.
  5. Armenia was a rich empire and had a rich culture before the common era, at one period controlling all the land between the Black and Caspian Seas.

Arthur Owen

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Azali Assoumani

  1. AZALI Assoumani was elected president with 75% of the vote.


  1. Bagabandi was at the Pentagon to discuss defense issues of mutual interest with Myers and Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld.
  2. Bagabandi was at the Pentagon to discuss defense issues of mutual interest with Rumsfeld and his top advisors.

Baldwin Spencer

  1. The new Prime Minister, Baldwin Spencer, is a 55-year-old labour activist.
  2. Winston Baldwin Spencer (born October 8, 1948) is the prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda.
  3. The Baldwin Spencer photographic archive is now regarded as one of the earliest and most significant ethnographic records of Aboriginal life in Australia.


  1. Balkenende is also called "Balkenellende" by some citizens, "ellende" means misery.

Bertie Ahern

  1. BERTIE AHERN: The Republic of Ireland; that created a constitutional problem for us, and still does.
  2. Bertie Ahern is a man who was handed a bucket load of money, the price of a decent house at the time, by businessmen at a dinner in Manchester.
  3. Bertie Ahern is a master of gesture politics.
  4. Bertie Ahern is a very unscrupulous man.


  1. Biya is a lucky human being.
  2. Biya is a manipulator.
  3. Biya is a weak man, a double dealer with a phobia for coups d’etat”.
  4. Biya is a weak man, a double dealer with a phobia for coups d---etat---. Ahmadou Ahidjo --- RFI, August 23, 1983.
  5. Biya is one of the most patient, tolerant and humane Heads of State in the world, because he is the most insulted in the press.


  1. BLITZER: A lot of us remember all those Australian tourists who were killed in that terrorist attack in Bali.
  2. BLITZER: A lot of us were shocked at those images we saw in December when the mostly white Australians were attacking Muslims at that beach in Australia.
  3. BLITZER: A significant milestone for Iraq this weekend with the country's parliament approving a new national unity government.
  4. BLITZER: The former president of the United States, Jimmy Carter, wrote an article in the newspaper USA Today on Tuesday in which he said this.
  5. BLITZER: The president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, said this earlier in the week.


  1. Bolkiah is also the Prime Minister of Brunei, as well as holding the portfolios of Defence and Finance .


  1. They have until 13 January 2000 to surrender to the authorities as part of a peace plan offered by Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.
  2. In April 10th 2004, international observers in Algeria have endorsed the presidential election which was won by the incumbent, Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

Branko Crvenkovski

  1. Branko Crvenkovski is a very rational man and the SDSM has already adopted the American official attitude with respect to Ahmeti.
  2. Branko Crvenkovski was elected president of Macedonia on 28 April 2004, in a second round of elections.


  1. The Cabinet was thereafter appointed, but some MPs who were offered ministerial positions declined to take up posts [3].
  2. The cabinet is based on a very slim majority in parliament of 78 seats out of 150.


  1. Canadians are in a bitchy mood and are looking for a change.
  2. Canadians were told our forces would be peacekeepers.

Christoph Blocher

  1. Christoph Blocher, mit einer derzeitigen Eigenkapitalquote von 46,8 Prozent verfügt die Ems über ein dickes Polster.
  2. Christoph Blocher (born 11 October 1940) is a conservative Swiss politician, industrialist and member of the Swiss Federal Council.
  3. Doch gem-ss Christoph Blocher stimmt das nicht.


  1. Comoros is the world's leading producer of essence of ylang-ylang, used in manufacturing perfume.
  2. Comoros was frequented by travelers from Africa, Madagascar, Indonesia, and Arabia before the first Europeans encountered the islands.
  3. The Comoros is a member of the Franc Zone.
  4. The Comoros is the world's leading producer of the essence of ylang-ylang, a type of oil widely used in the perfume industry.

Current National Leaders

  1. Current national leaders is one of the topics in focus at Global Oneness.

Denzil Douglas

  1. Denzil Douglas was re-elected for a third consecutive term in October 2004.


  1. Djibouti is a republic whose electorate approved the current constitution in September 1992.
  2. Djibouti is a small country in East Africa, that borders on the Red Sea, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia.
  3. Djibouti was the base of operations for French forces during the Persian Gulf War, and the French remain a strong military and technical presence.
  4. Djibouti was the last African country to gain its independence and it is still an important French base in the region.

Domitien Ndayizeye

  1. Burundi-s ethnic civil war is nearing a conclusion, according to the country-s president, Domitien Ndayizeye.
  2. Mr Mandela praised President Pierre Buyoya for stepping down on schedule to cede power to his Hutu vice- president, Domitien Ndayizeye.
  3. Domitien Ndayizeye wurde als Mitglied der Hutu -Mehrheit schon in jungen Jahren mit der Unterdr--ckung seitens der Tutsi konfrontiert.

Early Elections

  1. Early elections were called after the death of former Macedonian President Boris Trajkovski in a plane crash on 26 February 2004.
  2. The early elections were scheduled as a result of constitutional changes that were swiftly passed on 22 May.


  1. Elizabeth is a conservative in matters of religion, moral standards and family matters [].
  2. Elizabeth was proclaimed as Queen in Canada first, by the Queen's Privy Council for Canada, on 6 February, 1952.
  3. Elizabeth was reported, by Paul Martin, Sr., as worrying that the Crown "had little meaning for [Trudeau]".
  4. Elizabeth was thirteen years old when World War II broke out, and she and her younger sister, Princess Margaret, were evacuated to Windsor Castle, Berkshire.
  5. Elizabeth was thirteen years old when World War II broke out.


  1. Epirus is a rugged and mountainous region.
  2. Epirus was ruled from the 6th century by a dynasty, the Molossians, who claimed to be descended from Neoptolemus, son of Achilles.
  3. Epirus was ruled from the 6th century by a dynasty, the Molossians, who claimed to be descended from Pyrrhus, son of Achilles.
  4. Epirus was settled by Greeks early in the first millennium BC but remained a frontier area contested with the Illyria n peoples of the Adriatic Sea coast.
  5. Epirus was settled by Greeks early in the first millennium BC but remained a frontier area contested with the Illyrian peoples of the Adriatic coast.

Faure Gnassingbe

  1. The military's immediate but short-lived installation of his son, Faure Gnassingbe, as president provoked widespread international condemnation.
  2. Under strong international pressure Faure Gnassingbe stepped down and called the election.
  3. Faure Gnassingbe, the son of Togo's late veteran leader Gnassingbe Eyadema, won presidential elections in April 2005, gaining 60% of the votes.


  1. The Federation was an internally self-governing, federal state made up of ten provinces, all British colonial possessions.
  2. The federation was created by the United Kingdom in 1958 from most of the British West Indies.

Fidel Castro

  1. Fidel Castro is a favorite.

Frederick Sumaye

  1. FREDERICK SUMAYE: No, I don't agree to that.
  2. FREDERICK SUMAYE: Eighty-five percent no, 15 percent yes.
  3. FREDERICK SUMAYE: Industries that process the agricultural commodities.


  1. Gasparovic is a Communist apologist and a Meciar puppet and that is why he is supporting Serbia.
  2. Gasparovic is a fan of hockey and previously served on the board of the Slovan Bratislava hockey club.
  3. Gasparovic is a new volunteer; his application is included in the back-up materials.
  4. Gasparovic is a new volunteer; his application was included in the back-up materials.
  5. Gasparovic is one of about seven guys in competition for playing time in the back.

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