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Charles Gounod

  1. Charles Gounod was a famous French composer, best known for his opera Faust.

Alexandre Tansman

  1. Few composers in the twentieth century have such an exceptionally far-ranging career as Alexandre Tansman.
  2. Polish by birth, Alexandre Tansman settled in France, a major influence on his composition.
  3. Segovia---s friend and confidante of many years, Alexandre Tansman, is a peripatetic figure on the international musical scene.

Adolphe Adam

  1. Adolphe Adam was born in Paris to Louis Adam (1758-1848), who was also a composer, as well a professor at the Paris Conservatoire.

Albert Roussel

  1. Albert Roussel was born in Tourcoing, a town close to the Belgian border, where his grandfather was mayor.

Alfred Bruneau

  1. Poème et musique de Alfred Bruneau.
  2. Pièce en quatre actes avec musique tirèe du roman d'Emile Zola par Alfred Bruneau.

Ambroise Thomas

  1. He studied first under Louis Fanart (the choirmaster at Reims cathedral) and later at the Paris Conservatoire under Ambroise Thomas.
  2. Mignon; opera en trois actes, musique de Ambroise Thomas, paroles de mm.

Antoine Busnois

  1. The main names associated with this school are Guillaume Dufay, Gilles Binchois, and Antoine Busnois.
  2. In turn, Antoine Busnois, singer of the count of Charolais (soon to be Duke of Burgundy) honored Ockeghem with the motet In hydraulis in 1465-1467.
  3. The most significant composers of the generation after Dufay and Binchois were Antoine Busnois and Johannes Ockeghem .


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  1. Auric is an adjective pertaining to both the colour or the metal, gold .
  2. Auric was born at Lodève, Hérault, and studied both at the Conservatoire and the Schola Cantorum in Paris.
  3. Auric was interred in the Cimeti--re du Montparnasse, Paris.
  4. Auric was to become director of the Paris Opera and also charman of SACEM the French Music Copyright Society.


  1. Baillot was born in Passy and studied the violin under Giovanni Battista Viotti.
  2. Baillot was sole author of the instructional L'art du violon ( 1834).


  1. Belissen was born in Aix-en-Provence , and spent most of his life in Marseilles .
  2. Belissen was born in Aix-en-Provence, and spent most of his life in Marseille.

Benjamin Beduneau

  1. Benjamin Beduneau, also known as Lancelot, accuses Mr McLaren of copying his music to create About Her.
  2. Musician Benjamin Beduneau, also known as Lancelot, had accused the former Sex Pistols manager of lifting his song Sound Smith for the track About Her.

Benjamin Godard

  1. Spanish pianist who studied with Benjamin Godard in Paris and won first prize for piano at the Paris Conservatory in 1894.
  2. Post a question or answer questions about "Benjamin Godard: Etudes, Op.


  1. Boulanger was a member of the faculty and taught harmony, counterpoint, organ, and composition.
  2. Boulanger was also awarded the first prize in harmony.
  3. Boulanger was helped by the celebrated pianist, Raoul Pugno.
  4. Boulanger was the organist for this concert.


  1. Cage is also known as the inventor of the mesostic, a type of poem.
  2. Cage was a long-term collaborator and romantic partner of choreographer Merce Cunningham.
  3. Cage was also a prolific author.
  4. Cage was also an avid amateur mycologist and mushroom collector: he cofounded the New York Mycological Society with three friends.
  5. Cage was also quick to adopt the performance possibilities of radio broadcast.


  1. Cambrai is the seat of an archdiocese whose jurisdiction was immense during the Middle Ages.
  2. Cambrai was also the site of negatiations in 1529 that led to France's withdrawal from the War of the League of Cognac.
  3. Cambrai was also the site of negotiations in 1529 that led to France's withdrawal from the War of the League of Cognac.
  4. Cambrai was the site of negotiations that led to the League of Cambrai, an alliance created by Pope Julius II against the Republic of Venice, in 1508.


  1. Caplet was a composer in his own right, whose very innovative works have been sadly overlooked for the most part.


  1. Louis-Claude Daquin was born in Paris, to a converted Jewish family from Carpentras originating from Italy (where their name was D'Acquino).
  2. Carpentras alternates points of imitation with homophonic sections, especially in his settings of the Lamentations.
  3. When Adrian VI died in 1523, the new pope, Clement VII, was again a fine patron of the arts, and Carpentras returned to Rome.


  1. The chansons were famous, and Gascongne has been called the inventor, along with Antoine de F--vin, of the Parisian chanson rustique .
  2. The chansons were written with fragmentary phrases opening the song generally not associated with the remainder of the opening musical phrase or line.


  1. Chant was normally sung in unison.
  2. Chant was traditionally reserved for men, as it was originally sung by the all-male clergy during the Mass and the prayers of the Office.


  1. The characters are extracted from the context of the original movie and are made to appear as isolated figures on a black background.
  2. The characters are primarily shepherds and shepherdesses.
  3. The characters were from commedia dell'arte, the subject matter satirical and earthy, replacing the staid classical heroism of earlier operas.

Charles-Marie Widor

  1. Charles-Marie Widor (1844-1937) is best known today as a composer for the organ.
  2. In 1934, Dupr-- succeeded Charles-Marie Widor as titular organist at St. Sulpice in Paris, a post he held until his death in 1971.

Charles-Valentin Alkan

  1. Charles-Valentin Alkan was a French composer and one of the greatest virtuoso pianists of his day.
  2. Charles-Valentin Alkan was a child prodigy.

Charles Tournemire

  1. When Quef died in 1931 and the post became vacant, Dupr--, Charles Tournemire and Widor among others supported Messiaen's candidacy to succeed him.
  2. In 1920, Fleury became Gigout---s assistant at St. Augustin in Paris, and, later, also assistant of Charles Tournemire at Ste.
  3. At age 17, upon moving to Paris, he took private organ lessons with Charles Tournemire, whom he assisted at Ste-Clotilde until 1927.


  1. Chords are also distinguished and notated by the scale degree of their root note or bass note.
  2. Chords are commonly played in sequence, much as notes are played in sequence to form melodies.

Classical Music

  1. Classical Music is a part of our culture and conceals treasures of the most exceptional beauty.
  2. Classical music is an important component of Western culture to which glbt people have contributed significantly.

Claude Bolling

  1. Claude Bolling is a major force in the musical world today.
  2. Claude Bolling is one the most famous French musicians in the world.
  3. Claude Bolling was introduced to the magic world of jazz by a schoolmate friend and became enamored with the music of Thomas Fats Waller.

Claude Debussy

  1. Claude Debussy Is a well known classical composer.
  2. Claude Debussy is a blend of magic and miracles, giving the world his most beautiful works of art at the turn of the 20th century.
  3. Claude Debussy was a dreamer, and his music was his dreams.
  4. Claude Debussy was born in St. Germain-en-Laye in 1862 where his parents owned a china shop.
  5. Claude Debussy was born in St. Germain-en-Laye in 1862, the eldest of five children.

Claude Goudimel

  1. Claude Goudimel was a French composer and music theorist of the Renaissance.
  2. Claude Goudimel was a French composer, music editor and publisher, and music theorist of the Renaissance.
  3. Claude Goudimel was born in Besançon; little is known of his early training.
  4. Claude Goudimel was born in Besan--on.
  5. Claude Goudimel was born in Besan--on; little is known of his early training.


  1. A composer is a person who writes music.
  2. The composer was Marc Roger Normand, who copied the manuscript for one -Monsieur de Druent.- This is the first music by Normand to be discovered.
  3. The composer was also able to attract commissions: most of his work from The Firebird onwards was written for specific occasions and paid for generously.
  4. The composer was born Clément Philibert Léo Delibes in Saint-Germain du val, February 21, 1836.
  5. The composer was greatly disheartened, and took to his bed, for he was ill alike in mind and body.


  1. Use a separate desk for registering conductors.
  2. You will want a mix of nationally known and local conductors.
  3. Conductors may supply or you can use your library or borrow from other branches.

Dane Rudhyar

  1. Dane Rudhyar was born in Paris in 1895 and moved to the United States in 1916, remaining there until his death in 1985.
  2. Dane Rudhyar was reticent about his astrological chart.


  1. Daquin was a celebrated improviser, but he also wrote widely for publication; his most famous composition is the twittering bird piece Le Coucou.
  2. Daquin was a musical child prodigy, for he performed for the court of King Louis XIV at the age of six.

Darius Milhaud

  1. Darius Milhaud is a composer whose music reflects his heritage of Provence in the south of France.
  2. Darius Milhaud is a remarkable composer - though technically modern his music is tuneful and memorable.
  3. Darius Milhaud was a great admirer of her music: " Germaine Tailleferre is a delightful musican.
  4. Darius Milhaud was one of the most prolific composers of the century, with a final tally of well over 400 opus numbers taking in every major musical form.
  5. Darius Milhaud was perhaps the first who, while in America, proclaimed the reactionary tendencies of the younger French school.


  1. David is a composer; ---to be sure a composer of 'music', and the 'musical'.
  2. David is a keen and prolific composer who is constantly writing new music for anyone who asks.
  3. David is a major contributor to this web site.
  4. David is a prolific composer and arranger of jazz and big band music.
  5. David is a proud co-founder of Jumbie Records.


  1. Delibes was asked to compose a waltz, Valse, ou pas des fleurs, that was added into the 1867 revival of Adam's Le Corsaire.
  2. Delibes was born in 1836, the son of a mailman and a musical mother, but also the grandson of an opera singer.
  3. Delibes was born in France in 1836.
  4. Delibes was given the position of professor on Composing and Composition at the Paris Conservatory in 1881.
  5. Delibes was the son of a mailman and a musical mother, but also the grandson of an opera singer.

Denis Gaultier

  1. Denis Gaultier was a leading lute player in Paris in the early Baroque era, and also a notable composer for the instrument.


  1. Desmarets was hired by the King of Spain, Philip V, in 1701.
  2. Desmarets was its first chancellor.
  3. Desmarets was pardoned by the Duke of Burgundy in 1720.


  1. Donizetti was desperate.
  2. Donizetti was so poorly paid that need drove him to rapid composition, which could not wait for the true afflatus.


  1. Dryden was born in the village rectory of Aldwincle near Oundle in Northamptonshire, where his maternal grandfather was Rector of All Saints.
  2. Dryden was born in the village rectory of Aldwinkle near Oundle in Northamptonshire, where his maternal grandfather was Rector of All Saints.
  3. Dryden was born on 9 August 1631 at Aldwinkle, Northamptonshire, the son of Erasmus Dryden and Mary (nee Pickering).
  4. Dryden was never satisfied with his theatrical writings and frequently suggested that his talents were wasted on unworthy audiences.
  5. Dryden was present on 23 November 1658 at Cromwell---s funeral where he processed with the Puritan poets John Milton and Andrew Marvell.


  1. Dubois was born in Rosnay in Marne.
  2. Dubois was director of the Conservatoire from 1896 (succeeding Thomas upon the latter's death) to 1905.


  1. Dufay was among the most influential composers of the 15th century, and his music was copied, distributed and sung everywhere that polyphony had taken root.
  2. Dufay was buried in the chapel of St. Etienne in the cathedral of Cambrai; his portrait was carved onto his tombstone.
  3. Dufay was by far the most influential composer of the 15th century, and his music was copied, distributed and sung everywhere that polyphony had taken root.
  4. Dufay was not an innovator, with the exception of a few late works, and wrote within a stable tradition.
  5. Dufay was the most highly regarded composer of his day in French-speaking lands.

Edmond Audran

  1. Edmond Audran was not only a composer of note but a tenor in the comic opera as well as an organist.

Eliane Radigue

  1. ELIANE RADIGUE is a composer who works almost exclusively on magnetic tape.
  2. Eliane Radigue is a greatgrandmother and practicing Tibetan Bhuddist living in Paris.

Emile Desportes

  1. Emile Desportes (born 1909; date of death unknown) was a French composer, painter, inventor and explorer.
  2. Download Emile Desportes albums, tracks and songs for free with eMusic's trial subscription.

Emmanuel Chabrier

  1. Emmanuel Chabrier is a major composer who produced no major works, although in his operas he came close.
  2. Emmanuel Chabrier was also a famous letter-writer.

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