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  1. Sacha was always my dear wife's heart throb, a truly Mr Nice Guy. (Web site)
  2. Sacha was my hearthrob back in the early 70's. (Web site)


  1. Gilbert was such a phenomenon in music history whose importance has never been credited.
  2. Gilbert was jazz-rocking the world before rock existed.

Claude Francois

  1. Claude Francois is a legend, and for very good reason.


  1. You are now browsing michel fugain lyrics.
  2. Michel Fugain (born May 12 1942 in Grenoble) is a French singer and composer.
  3. Marie Fugain is a French actress and singer.


  1. Aznavour was born Chahnour Varinag Aznavourian in Paris, the son of Armenian immigrants.
  2. Aznavour was born 'Chahnour Varinag Aznavourian ' in Paris, the son of Armenia n immigrants.
  3. Aznavour was born Shahnour Varenagh Aznavourian in Paris, the son of Armenian immigrants. (Web site)
  4. Aznavour was born in Paris, the son of Armenian immigrants Michael Aznavourian and Knar Bagdasarian. (Web site)
  5. Aznavour was recognized as the century's outstanding performer, with nearly 18% of the total vote, edging out Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan. (Web site)

French Singers

  1. The French Singers is a choir dedicated to singing French songs, from traditional to pop to classic. (Web site)

Mireille Mathieu

  1. Mireille Mathieu is the French singer to have received the most gold and platinum discs abroad.
  2. Mireille Mathieu was born in Avignon, Vaucluse, France, the oldest daughter of a poor family of fourteen children. (Web site)

Cabrel Francis

  1. Lyrics for CABREL FRANCIS - Get - Lyrics search engine song lyrics for CABREL FRANCIS get lyrical.
  2. Cabrel Francis Cabrel Francis news, biography, discography, albums, lyrics, pictures, fanpages and more.
  3. Cabrel Francis vinyl records, cds and memorobilia.

Vanessa Paradis

  1. Vanessa Paradis was discovered on the TV show L'--cole des fans in 1980.She recorded her first single La Magie des surprises-parties in 1985.
  2. Vanessa Paradis was discovered on the TV show L'-cole des fans.
  3. Vanessa Paradis is a French singer and actress.
  4. Vanessa Paradis is one of the beautiful French actresses. (Web site)
  5. Vanessa Paradis was discovered on the TV show L'--cole des fans in 1980.

Georges Brassens

  1. Georges Brassens was born in Sète, in southern France.
  2. Georges Brassens was a French singer-songwriter known for accompanying himself with his acoustic guitar. (Web site)
  3. Georges Brassens was born in S--te (then called Cette), a town in southern France near Montpellier. (Web site)
  4. Georges Brassens was born in S--te (then called Cette), in southern France, thirty-six kilometers south of Montpellier.
  5. Georges Brassens was born in S--te (then called Sette), in southern France, thirty-six kilometers south of Montpellier.

Enrico Macias

  1. Enrico Macias is a fine example of a self taught guitarist with an old fashioned stroke.


  1. Alizee is a perfect example.
  2. Alizee is a French singer. (Web site)
  3. Alizee is a native of Ajaccio, on the island of Corsica, which just so happens to be the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte.


  1. Gardel is a beautiful, mysterious vocalist and it's just great stuff to listen to at home or on headphones.

Edith Piaf

  1. Edith Piaf is a pleasure to listen to.
  2. Edith Piaf - The Little Sparrow Edith Piaf is considered by many to be the greatest French singer of all time. (Web site)
  3. Edith Piaf was one of the most popular female singers of all time, with a unique voice and talent that conquered the hearts of admirers around the world.
  4. Edith Piaf was a popular Parisian singer, whose sentimental ballads were hugely popular internationally as well as in France.

Chantal Goya

  1. Chantal Goya started her career as a y---y-- girl, singing a catchy mid-'60s hybrid of girl-group pop and French chanson.
  2. Marie saves Arlette (Chantal Goya) from suicide and the shy Leon falls for the young provincial girl.
  3. Chantal Goya started her career as a French New Wave actress.

France Gall

  1. France Gall was seduced by Michel Berger 's music when she heard his song Attends-moi ("Wait for Me") one day in 1973.
  2. France Gall is a very special person.
  3. France Gall is a living legend in her home country though hardly known outside of Europe.
  4. France Gall was married to, and had a very successful singing career in partnership with, the well-known French singer-songwriter, Michel Berger.
  5. France Gall was seduced by Michel Berger s music when she heard his song Attends-moi ("Wait for Me") one day in 1973. (Web site)

Benjamin Diamond

  1. At the same place, Benjamin Diamond says that he found it "very difficult to go back to my own style of music after Stardust".
  2. FROM CHOIRBOY TO CLUB SAVIOR Unlike most of the current French electronica artists, Benjamin Diamond is a singer first.
  3. Benjamin Diamond @ Music - Download free & legal MP3s, post reviews, and find similar artists.


  1. Piaf was a member of the Resistance. (Web site)
  2. Piaf was a brilliant singer, but she was also a drug addict with a deeply dramatic personality.
  3. Piaf was arrested as a material witness, which, in view of the company she kept, is hardly surprising. (Web site)
  4. Piaf was born Edith Giovanna Gassion on December 19, 1915, in M--nilmontant, one of the poorer districts of Paris.
  5. Piaf was certainly more at ease singing in French, but her charismatic sense of drama could break through in just about any language.
  6. Piaf was later married twice. (Web site)
  7. Piaf was married twice. (Web site)
  8. Piaf was soon back in the recording studio, eager to record a composition by the legendary French songwriter Charles Dumont.

Charles Aznavour

  1. Charles Aznavour is a star of immense proportion, unique in his ability to emote in song what other artists cannot. (Web site)
  2. Charles Aznavour is a genius singer.
  3. Charles Aznavour was appointed as "Officier" (Officer) of the L--gion d'honneur in 1997. (Web site)
  4. Charles Aznavour was slow to achieve success even in his native France. (Web site)
  5. Charles Aznavour: The public always prefers the old standards.

Manu Chao

  1. Manu Chao is a global Latin music star who expresses himself in multiple languages.
  2. Manu Chao is a French-born singer from Spanish origins. (Web site)
  3. Manu Chao is a genius. (Web site)
  4. Manu Chao is a musical globalista with a rebel rock'n'roll heart.
  5. Manu Chao is a not what you think of "world music" as being. (Web site)

Mc Solaar

  1. MC Solaar is a great rap artist.
  2. MC Solaar is a famous French - Senegalese rap musician.
  3. MC Solaar is a commercial success and a hip hop poet.
  4. MC Solaar is a fluid rapper and a good poet which can be easily noticed in his lyrics.
  5. MC Solaar is a poet of French rap.

Serge Gainsbourg

  1. Serge Gainsbourg is one of France's most well known song writers.
  2. Serge Gainsbourg is one of the world's great eccentrics. (Web site)
  3. Serge Gainsbourg was a very famous and respected French singer-songwriter famous french musicians, who was at his peak in the 1960s and 70s. (Web site)
  4. Serge Gainsbourg was a very famous and respected French singer-songwriter, who was at his peak in the 1960s and 70s.
  5. Serge Gainsbourg was the dirty mouth of French pop. (Web site)

Francis Cabrel

  1. Francis Cabrel is a French pop star who writes some intriguing lyrics and has a guitar based sometimes almost rocky sound.
  2. Francis Cabrel is a French singer-songwriter and guitarist. (Web site)
  3. Francis Cabrel is a Poet He writes about what's real and what's important.
  4. Francis Cabrel is a perfectionist and there’s a good reason why he releases new CDs only every five years.
  5. Francis Cabrel is a songwriter from the French SouthWest, very kewl, with a precise notion of a fabulou international sound. (Web site)

Alain Chamfort

  1. Alain Chamfort, born Alain Govic, is a French singer of Breton origin, born on March 2, 1949 in Paris. (Web site)
  2. Alain Chamfort composed for the cinema; he worked with Jean-Pierre Mocky and with Arnaud S--lignac.
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Charlotte Gainsbourg

  1. Charlotte Gainsbourg is a brilliant actress and the daughter of France's most outrageous singer.
  2. Charlotte Gainsbourg is a French actress and singer.
  3. Charlotte Gainsbourg - The Operation (Cousin Cole Remix)Cousin Cole dropped this lovely gem in my e-mailbox this afternoon.
  4. Charlotte Gainsbourg is a disturbing mixture of strength and vulnerability.
  5. Charlotte Gainsbourg is an actress and singer who has sung the title tracks on three of her movies. (Web site)

Alain Souchon

  1. Alain Souchon is a French singer and songwriter.


  1. Anggun is a new 100-feet liveaboard in the Genesis fleet.
  2. Anggun is also the highest-selling Asian artist outside Asia and made a history for being the first Asian artist to break into international music scene. (Web site)
  3. Anggun was also part of the charity driven project Gaia. (Web site)
  4. Anggun was born in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, on 29th April 1974. (Web site)
  5. Anggun is a beautiful exotic Indonesian-French singer that became famous a few years ago with this song "Snow on the Sahara".

Anne-Marie David

  1. Anne-Marie David then gave up her career, turning her back on music and everything connected with entertainment.
  2. Anne-Marie David consegue para o Luxemburgo a segunda vit--ria consecutiva.
  3. In 2005 had ze een gastoptreden bij Congratulations waar ze Apr--s toi van Vicky Leandros zong." Anne-Marie David (ur.


  1. Arletty was imprisoned in 1945 for having had a wartime liaison with a German officer during the occupation of France. (Web site)
  2. Arletty was a stage performer for ten years before her French film debut in 1930. (Web site)
  3. Arletty was born in Courbevoie, France, to a working-class family. (Web site)

Benjamin Biolay

  1. Benjamin Biolay is a singer-songwriter , musician and record producer who was born January 20, 1973 in Villefranche-sur-Saone, France .
  2. Benjamin Biolay is a French singer, songwriter, musician and record producer. (Web site)
  3. Benjamin Biolay is a chansonnier making waves abroad.
  4. Benjamin Biolay is a french singer. (Web site)
  5. Benjamin Biolay is a man who has earned his reputation working secretly away behind the scenes.

Bernard Lavilliers

  1. Bernard Lavilliers is a French anti-conformist rock singer since the early 80s.
  2. Bernard Lavilliers is a French singer born on October 7, 1946.

Bertrand Cantat

  1. Bertrand Cantat is a French singer and songwriter and the leader of the rock band Noir Desir.
  2. Bertrand Cantat is a French former singer and songwriter.
  3. Bertrand Cantat is a French singer and songwriter.
  4. Bertrand Cantat is a well-known artist; he has invested in important causes and had a positive "big brother" image.


  1. Birkin was actually being tickled by her brother Andrew while Serge had a tape running on record under her bed.
  2. Birkin was the one who invented Gainsbourg's now-famous and notorious trademarks: facial stubble, well-worn jeans and ponderous posturing with cigarettes. (Web site)

Brigitte Fontaine

  1. Brigitte Fontaine is a french singer whose career started in the 60s, and has recently collaborated with Stereolab and Sonic Youth.
  2. Brigitte Fontaine is a very enigmatic french singer, politically active who also writes book and has colaborated with Stereolab and Kim Gordon, among others.
  3. Brigitte Fontaine is a proto-punk vielle dame de Paris. (Web site)


  1. She sings, for instance, songs of Aristide Bruant, songs which he had sung before her, and sung admirably, in his brutal and elaborately careless way.
  2. Definition of Bruant Fauve in the list of acronyms and abbreviations provided by the Free Online Dictionary and Thesaurus.
  3. The AS Hotel Le Bruant is a tourist-class hotel strategically located 5 minutes from downtown Lille.


  1. Calogero is a solid melodist.
  2. Calogero is a very common name in Sicily.


  1. Camille is a French singer.
  2. Camille is a Latin name that means an attendant at a religious ceremony.
  3. Camille is a male or female name.
  4. Camille is also the name of several films based on the 1852 novel and play La Dame aux Cam--lias by Alexandre Dumas, fils.
  5. Camille is an unreleased album by Prince.

Carla Bruni

  1. Carla Bruni is a singer and songwriter.
  2. Carla Bruni is a former supermodel.
  3. Carla Bruni is a former top model, a lousy singer and has bad taste in men, apparently. (Web site)
  4. Carla Bruni is a libertarian ex-supermodel heiress who says monogamy is boring. (Web site)
  5. Carla Bruni is a talented artist and musician.

Charles Trenet

  1. Charles Trenet was enthusiastic about the performing arts from 1930, beside it he wrote two novels, drew and painted. (Web site)


  1. Cher is also the only female artist to have solo Top 10 hits in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.
  2. Cher was 19 years old, Sonny 30.

Claude Nougaro

  1. The same year he recorded his first live album at the Olympia: Une soir--e avec Claude Nougaro.
  2. The Baroque troubadour : a tribute to Claude Nougaro Claude Nougaro is now swinging in paradise.
  3. At the same time, ANYZETTE writes the music of Claude Nougaro's new album " Ami chemin ". (Web site)


  1. Cotillard was in practically every scene (once things get going), and the range of emotion is astonishing.
  2. Cotillard was honored as best actress by the British Academy Film Awards.

Danielle Darrieux

  1. All during the 1970s and through to the 21st century, Danielle Darrieux has continued to act in a remarkable career spanning eight decades.
  2. Julia Danielle Darrieux is a woman who marries a younger man in this pre-World War II drama.
  3. A biography and related information about Danielle Darrieux.


  1. Dion was also criticized for some of her remakes and duets.
  2. Dion was born to a large, impoverished family in Charlemagne, Quebec.
  3. Dion was born to a large, impoverished family.

Fab Morvan

  1. A pop vocal duo composed of fab morvan and rob pilatus. (Web site)
  2. Last check: 2007-10-16) Milli Vanilli was a duo, Fab Morvan[?] and Rob Pilatus[?], formed in Germany in the mid-1980s. (Web site)
  3. The dreadlocked duo of Rob Pilatus and Fab Morvan won the 1990 Grammy for Best New Artist only to be found to have not sung a note from their entire album. (Web site)


  1. Fiori was born to an Armenian father (Jacques Chouchayan) and a Corsican.
  2. Fiori was born to an Armenian father (Jacques) and a Corsican mother (Marie Antoinette) in Marseilles, France.

Frida Boccara

  1. Frida Boccara was a singer.

Georges Moustaki

  1. I first heard of Georges Moustaki in the seventies and loved his music.
  2. Revealed in 69 with his song "Le M--t--que", Georges Moustaki is obviously not just a singer.
  3. Georges Moustaki, a singer-songwriter who composed several works for Reggiani, said: "These two deaths of people so close to me leave me shattered. (Web site)


  1. Gribouille is a lovely cat with an extremely affectionate nature.
  2. Gribouille is a star.


  1. Hernandez was born in Blanc-Mesnil, France, to a Spanish father and a half Austrian and half Italian mother.
  2. Hernandez was born in Guadeloupe, France to a Spanish father and a half Australian and half Italian mother in 1949.
  3. Hernandez was born in Guadeloupe, France to a Spanish father and an Australian and Italian mother in 1949.
  4. Hernandez was born in Guadeloupe, France, to a Spanish father and a half Austria n and half Italia n mother.
  5. Hernandez was born in Guadeloupe, France, to a Spanish father and a half Austrian and half Italian mother.


  1. Ilona is a German variety developed and owned by Solana.
  2. Ilona is a freelance photographer based in New York City.
  3. Ilona is a qualified coach working one-to-one with clients, and also a group work facilitator.
  4. Ilona is a sixth grader at Neuilly-sur-Seine in Hauts-de-Seine.
  5. Ilona is a sixth grader at Neuilly-sure-Seine in Hauts-de-Seine.

Isabelle Aubret

  1. Isabelle Aubret is a great singer who I frequently return to when other albums have began to sound repetitive and mundane. (Web site)
  2. Isabelle Aubret is one of the living "grandes dames de la chanson française".
  3. Isabelle Aubret was born Thérèse Coquerelle in 1938 in Lille, France (her mother was of Ukrainian origin).
  4. Isabelle Aubret was given to me as a gift many years ago. (Web site)


  1. Italy is a destination for immigrants from all over the world.
  2. Italy was also defeated by Allied forces in North Africa and was saved only by the German armed forces led by Erwin Rommel.
  3. The origin of the term "Italy" (It: Italia), from Latin Italia,[3] is uncertain.

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