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Benjamin Schmolck

  1. Benjamin Schmolck was born December 21, 1672, in Brauchitzchdorf, near Liegnitz, Silesia, where his father, Martin Schmolck (Schmolcke), was a minister.
  2. Benjamin Schmolck was the son of the minister Martin Schmolck (Schmolcke).


  1. Lutherans are found throughout the world.
  2. Lutherans are EVANGELICALS. Lutherans have never been not Evangelicals.
  3. Lutherans are by no means anti-intellectual, and we thank God for our reasoning ability.
  4. Lutherans are bred from childhood to sing in four-part harmony.
  5. Lutherans are not dogmatic about the number of the sacraments.

Lutheran Church

  1. Lutheran Church is the true visible Church of God on earth.
  2. The Lutheran church is the oldest Protestant church.
  3. The Lutheran church is one of the major Christian churches.
  4. The Lutheran Church is the established state church of Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Finland; Sweden disestablished its Lutheran state church in 2000.
  5. The Lutheran church is one of the world’s major Christian churches.


  1. A bishop is an ordained member of the Christian clergy who, in certain Christian churches, holds a position of authority.
  2. A bishop is an ordained person who holds a specific position of authority in any of a number of Christian churches.
  3. A bishop is an ordained priest who holds a specific position of authority in any of a number of Christian churches.
  4. A bishop is an ordination member of the Christian clergy.
  5. Bishop is a city located in Inyo County, California.

Albert Namatjira

  1. Albert Namatjira is one of Australia's great artists, and perhaps the best known Aboriginal painter.
  2. Albert Namatjira is the subject of a song of the same name by the Australian band Not Drowning, Waving, included on their 1993 album, Circus.


  1. The actors are all excellent and Tony Mustante makes for a great lead, he delivers a very solid performance.
  2. The actors were highly believeable, which was important for me, and the movie was not cheesy.

Al Quie

  1. Al Quie is a nationally recognized spokesman on quality education.
  2. Al Quie is a very hard man to follow, whether in political debate, and especially at a prayer session.
  3. Al Quie is also a man who, at the height of the Watergate scandal, reached out to a disgraced advisor to President Nixon: one Chuck Colson.


  1. America was about 250 years old at that time.
  2. America was divinely ordained and chosen by God to do His work.
  3. America was not yet entered the war and, the Nazis wanted to ensure it stayed that way.
  4. America was split dramatically between the haves and have-nots.

Andy Richter

  1. Andy Richter is a comical detective.
  2. Andy Richter is a terrorist (external) The producers went too far and picked a dead ringer for Andy Richter.
  3. Andy Richter is a would-be short story writer and cog in the wheel of a major unnamed metropolitan company.
  4. Andy Richter was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the second of four children in a Lutheran family.

American Lutherans

  1. Wilhelm Loehe was a major leader of North American Lutherans although he never set foot on this continent.
  2. Other American Lutherans, from the Old Lutheran dissenters, formed churches with stricter attitudes toward ecumenism.
  3. Conflict between the ---American Lutherans--- and the leaders of the confessional revival led to a schism.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen

  1. It also means that a government is not responsible for the actions of its press," stresses Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who refused to see the ambassadors.
  2. Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen is a proponent of using the full range of freedom of speech - even where it hurts, provokes and offends.


  1. Ann-Margret is a member of the Lutheran Church.
  2. Ann-Margret is also one of the fortunate, few (John?) ladies who can boast having had SAO stalwart John Pashley's hand up their skirt.
  3. Ann-Margret is one of the world-s most glamorous and versatile stars whose name on a marquee lights up a city.
  4. Ann-Margret was also compared to Elvis Presley for her energetic performances and aptly nicknamed the female Elvis.
  5. Ann-Margret was always a good-looking woman, with a pretty face, a very full figure and well shaped legs.

Annabeth Gish

  1. Celebrates the life and work of actress Annabeth Gish.
  2. Find movie reviews for major Annabeth Gish films, available from various nationwide critics.
  3. For a Full Breakdown of where and - When you can see Annabeth Gish.
  4. Annabeth Gish in with uncensored rumors, gossip, pictures.

Angela Merkel

  1. Angela Merkel was born as Angela Dorothea Kasner in Hamburg, as the daughter of Horst Kasner (b.


  1. An award was given Peder H. Nelson, who has written numerous articles on Norwegian-American immigration history.
  2. The award was accepted by Barbara Gaines, who started off with Letterman 22 years ago as a receptionist.
  3. The award was changed in 1932 to allow a player to win it as often as he could.

Bach Johann Sebastian

  1. Bach Johann Sebastian at Questia - Research bach johann sebastian at Questia.
  2. Extractions: Accurate and complete Bach Johann Sebastian tabs for guitar and bass.


  1. Bears were too bloodthirsty to live in a place where there might be, well, a very small number of people and their livestock.
  2. The bears were wonderful.
  3. Bears are often high on the list, usually making the #1 spot.


  1. Bill is a master of surreptitious maneuver which is why he is sitting here today with us rather than in the state house.
  2. Bill was able to rip a couple of good ones.
  3. The bill was introduced last week in the House by Rep.
  4. The bill was sponsored by Rep.

August Kavel

  1. The first Lutherans to come to Australia in any significant number, were the immigrants from Prussia, who arrived in 1838 with Pastor August Kavel.
  2. The first group arrived with Pastor August Kavel on the ships Prince George, and Bengalee.
  3. Sources agree that August Kavel is the one person most responsible for an established Lutheran Church in Australia.


  1. The author is a Christian speaking about Christians.
  2. The author was cited as being at Leipzig.


  1. Bishops are approximately equal in strength to knights.
  2. Bishops are generally responsible for leading a large or heavily-populated area (a diocese) and all the churches contained therein.
  3. Bishops were ordered to ensure that the offending texts were withdrawn from sale and not reprinted.
  4. The bishops were excommunicated.

Beau Bridges

  1. Beau Bridges married Julie Landfield in 1964 but they divorced in 1984.
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  1. Born was born in Breslau (now called Wroc--aw), which at Born's birth was in the Prussian Province of Silesia.
  2. Born was one of the 11 signatories to the Russell-Einstein Manifesto.

Bernhard Riemann

  1. Bernhard Riemann (1826-1866), mathematician known for Riemann hypothesis and Riemannian geometry.
  2. His father, Friedrich Bernhard Riemann, was a poor Lutheran pastor in Breselenz who fought in the Napoleonic Wars.
  3. Some of the most famous mathematicians in history, Carl Friedrich Gauss, Bernhard Riemann and David Hilbert were professors at G--ttingen.


  1. Brown is the ranking minority member on the House Energy and Commerce Committee's Health Subcommittee.
  2. Brown was the ranking minority member on the House Energy and Commerce Committee's Health Subcommittee.
  3. Brown was the subject of a misunderstanding by Rush Limbaugh on his radio program on February 14, 2006.
  4. Brown was tried for heresy in 1924-25, largely because of his outspoken support for Communism.

Bruce Willis

  1. Bruce Willis named honorary chief of cyberterrorism task force.
  2. Bruce Willis comes out fighting for Iraq's forgotten GI heroes.
  3. Bruce Willis hit it big in 1988 as a scrappy action hero John McClane in the terrorists-in-the-skyscraper film Die Hard.


  1. Bugenhagen was a logical choice to deliver one of the homilies.
  2. Bugenhagen was a name linked with Satan almost since the beginning of time.
  3. Bugenhagen was born in Eastern Pomerania in 1485.
  4. Bugenhagen was made superintendent general of the Electorate of Saxony in 1539.
  5. Bugenhagen was one of the great figures of the first generation of the Lutheran reformation.


  1. Bolton was a supporter of the Vietnam War, enlisting in the National Guard (and wearing his uniform in a 1970 Yale guide book picture [1]).
  2. Bolton was also a partner in the law firm of Lerner, Reed, Bolton & McManus.
  3. Bolton was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and raised as Lutheran.
  4. Bolton was nominated by President George W. Bush to become the Ambassador to the UN on March 7, 2005.

Byron Dorgan

  1. Byron Dorgan is a popular Democrat from a very "red" rural state.


  1. Bonds were issued to finance certain improvements and street paving.
  2. The bonds were sold off to out-of-town speculators by the original investors at a small fraction of their face value.

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

  1. Two of them--- Wilhelm Friedemann Bach and Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach ---became important composers in the ornate Rococo style that followed the Baroque.
  2. Haydn und Mozart meinten zun--chst Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, wenn sie von Bach sprachen.
  3. It was in Weimar that the two musically significant sons were born---Wilhelm Friedemann and Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.
  4. A complete edition entitled Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: The Complete Works is under way and scheduled to be completed by 2014.
  5. Two of these had musical careers of their own: Wilhelm Friedemann and the aforementioned Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.


  1. Bonhoeffer was also deprived of the right to preach and to publish, and in 1941 his works were proscribed.
  2. Bonhoeffer was arrested in April 1943 after money used to help Jews escape to Switzerland was traced to him.
  3. Bonhoeffer was born in Breslau, Silesia He and his sister Sabine were twins and the sixth and seventh of eight children.
  4. Bonhoeffer was born in Breslau, Silesia into a middle to upper-class professional family.
  5. Bonhoeffer was one of the first German Protestants to see the demonic implications of Nazism.

Charles Stenholm

  1. Charles Stenholm is a Democrat with more than a few Republican leanings.
  2. Charles Stenholm is a Populist Conservative (click for explanation).
  3. Charles Stenholm is a former Democratic representative from Texas.

Clara Maass

  1. Clara Maass was a brave nurse who gave her life in an experiment to find the cause of and a cure for the deadly yellow fever disease.


  1. Bridges is also a cartoonist.
  2. Bridges is also the older brother of actor Jeff Bridges , born in 1949.
  3. Bridges was born in Los Angeles, California, the son of actor Lloyd Bridges and his college sweetheart, Dorothy Dean Simpson.

Cole Gary

  1. In the cole gary guitar, vocals and outrage.
  2. Com December 28 cole gary 29 also a statement.
  3. Download from the Holiday Inn On his career cole gary with mean that I wanted.

Bud Olson

  1. Bud Olson is part of WikiProject Lutheranism, an effort to build a comprehensive and detailed guide to Lutheranism on Wikipedia.
  2. Bud Olson was first elected to the House of Commons in the 1957 election as a Social Credit Member of Parliament (MP) from Medicine Hat.

Conrad Burns

  1. Conrad Burns is a long-time friend and supporter of Shriners Hospitals.
  2. Conrad Burns is a piece of doody.
  3. Conrad Burns was born January 25, 1935 on a farm near Gallatin, Missouri.


  1. BUSH: The business pages of American newspapers should not read like a scandal sheet.
  2. Bush: The new leader of china.

Dale Earnhardt

  1. Dale Earnhardt was a legend of American auto racing, nicknamed "The Intimidator" for his competitive instincts and hard-driving style.
  2. Dale Earnhardt was a six-time champion of this race.
  3. Dale Earnhardt was a throwback to the days when his father, Ralph was the NASCAR Sportsman champion.

Dale Jarrett

  1. Dale Jarrett is a three- time champion while Jeff Gordon, Neil Bonnett, Ken Schrader and Tony Stewart are two-time winners.

Canadian Lutherans

  1. Anglican situation brings Canadian Lutherans to study same-sex blesings.
  2. Canadian Lutherans reject same-sex blessings from Christian Century in Reference provided free by Find Articles.

Darlene Hooley

  1. Darlene Hooley is a member of the Energy and Commerce committee, which oversees the CPSC. And Hooley has had enough.
  2. Darlene Hooley is a native of North Dakota and moved to Oregon when she was 8.
  3. Darlene Hooley was born on a family farm in Williston, North Dakota.
  4. Darlene Hooley was elected as a state representative in 1980, then re-elected to three more terms.

Carl Friedrich Gauss

  1. Carl Friedrich Gauss was born in 1777 into a poor family (his father was a gardener) in the German city of Braunschweig ( Brunswick).
  2. Carl Friedrich Gauss was born on April 17, 1777 to poor, working class parents in Brauschweig, Germany.

David Hasselhoff

  1. David Hasselhoff is a great man.
  2. David Hasselhoff is one of the best known tall actors, he stands at 6' 4" (193 cm).
  3. David Hasselhoff is a god.
  4. David Hasselhoff is one of those terrible performers that everyone feels sorry for.
  5. David Hasselhoff was born in Baltimore, Maryland, the only boy in a family that includes four sisters.

Dennis Rader

  1. Dennis Rader is a very polarizing figure: they either hated him or like him.
  2. Dennis Rader is a visiting professor at the University of Kentucky at Lexington .
  3. Dennis Rader was sentenced to and is serving 10 consecutive life terms in prison.
  4. Dennis Rader was a serial killer who murdered at least ten people between 1974 and 1991 near Wichita, Kansas.


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