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David Bowie

  1. David Bowie is the eponymously-titled debut album by rock musician David Bowie, released in 1967 by Deram Records, a Decca offshoot.
  2. David Bowie was among those attending the funeral and was reported to have wept throughout the service. (Web site)
  3. David Bowie was born David Robert Jones in the multi-cultural working-class city of Brixton, England on January 8, 1947. (Web site)
  4. David Bowie was released in the UK, in both mono and stereo, on June 1, 1967, the same date as The Beatles ' Sgt. (Web site)

David Crosby

  1. David Crosby is one of the best-known musicians of the Woodstock generation.


  1. Beck was born in Dallas, Texas, and attended Lincoln High School, where he received his only formal art training. (Web site)
  2. Beck was born in the Pomeranian town of Stolp, Greater German Empire (now S--upsk in Poland) in 1944.
  3. Beck was diagnosed as having stomach cancer in 1983, and died 18 months later at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City at the age of 60. (Web site)
  4. Beck was diagnosed as having stomach cancer in 1983, and died 2 years later at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City at the age of 60. (Web site)
  5. Beck was hired as the chief guitar gunner for his first solo album, She's The Boss (1985). (Web site)

Jon Brion

  1. Jon Brion is a genius.
  2. Jon Brion is a great and tremendous artist who I hope will continue to write and create beautiful music for years to come.
  3. Jon Brion is a great pop song craftsman.
  4. Jon Brion is a multi threat talent.
  5. Jon Brion is a true ARTIST. Not many of them anymore.

Darren Day

  1. Actor and singer Darren Day has been charged with drink driving, police confirmed today.
  2. Actor Darren Day pleads not guilty to drink-driving hours after performing on stage in Cardiff.
  3. The news that appears on Darren Day will appear there and be constantly updated.

Elton John

  1. He sang with many notable British musicians, with Rod Stewart and Elton John appearing in bands led by Baldry at various stages of the 1960s.
  2. He returned to blues and rock in 1971 on It Ain't Easy, for which Rod Stewart and Elton John shared the production duties. (Web site)
  3. In 1969, Elton John tried to commit suicide after having relationship problems with a woman he was engaged to.

Conway Twitty

  1. Castle began learning to play guitar from Charlie Archer, lead guitarist for Conway Twitty. (Web site)
  2. Having written continuously since 1968 and hot on the heels of a #1 cut for Conway Twitty, Earl decided to make the move to "singer" as Earl Conley. (Web site)
  3. In 1968, Jenkins-by then appearing as Conway Twitty and aspiring to switch from fledgling rock star to country crooner-drafted Hughey into his band.

Frank Sinatra

  1. The next year Frank Sinatra invited Celentano to the United States, but the latter declined the offer because of his fear of flying. (Web site)
  2. Warned by Miller not to imitate Frank Sinatra (who was just then leaving Columbia), Bennett began his career as a crooner singing commercial pop tunes. (Web site)
  3. Brian D. - Performs the timeless classics in the tradition of Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennet. (Web site)

Aaron Carter

  1. Aaron Carter is the younger brother of Nick Carter, one of the stars of the teen supergroup The Backstreet Boys.
  2. Aaron Carter is an American pop singer, dancer, and songwriter. (Web site)
  3. Aaron Carter was arrested Thursday for investigation of marijuana possession in Texas, reported.
  4. Aaron Carter was arrested in Kimble County, Texas with at least two ounces of weed.
  5. Aaron Carter was arrested yesterday in Kimble County, Texas after he was pulled over for speeding.

Adriano Celentano

  1. Adriano Celentano (born January 6, 1938) is an Italian singer, songwriter, comedian, actor, film director and TV host. (Web site)
  2. Friday afternoon ortica added Adriano Celentano to ortica---s library.
  3. Adriano Celentano - l'emozione non ha voce - very very live.

Aj Mclean

  1. AJ McLean Forever - Includes biography, pictures, and a separate BSB section.
  2. November 2, 2002 - VH1 is looking for AJ McLean's ultimate fan to be on their upcoming show.
  3. It is said that in several auditions, Nick met Backstreat Boys AJ McLean and Howie Dorough and they became friends.


  1. Alagna was born in Clichy-sous-bois, Paris, France.

Alan Jackson

  1. After Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson was the most popular male country singer of the '90s.
  2. Alan Jackson debuted on the Opry in 1990. (Web site)
  3. The Wire lists all the latest results that are categorized as Alan Jackson.

Alex Band

  1. Alex Band is the son of director and producer Charles Band. (Web site)

Anders Colsefini

  1. Anders Colsefini was unhappy for this change so he quit the band leaving Corey for the vocals position.

Andrea Bocelli

  1. Andrea Bocelli is a classical (pop classical) singer. (Web site)
  2. Andrea Bocelli is an opera and classical singer, and has sold more than 60 million albums worldwide.
  3. Andrea Bocelli was blinded at the age of him under his wing.Andrea Bocelli has sold an astonishing 20 million recordings worldwide.
  4. Andrea Bocelli was blinded at the age of twelve, whilst playing football.
  5. Andrea Bocelli was born in Italy in 1958, and began to sing as a child. (Web site)

Aristide Bruant

  1. Aristide Bruant died in Paris and was buried in the cimeti--re de Subligny, near his birthplace in the d--partement of Loiret. (Web site)
  2. La plupart des chansons d'Aristide Bruant ont --t-- publi--es dans un recueil intitul-- -- Dans la rue -- (1889-1895). (Web site)
  3. Last check: 2007-11-05) singer Aristide Bruant (1851-1925) was the very embodiment of the Montmartre café-concert scene. (Web site)

Arthur Brown

  1. Arthur Brown is an award winning rock 'n roll legend.
  2. Arthur Brown was a British rock and roll singer in the late 1960s, known for outlandish performances.

Art Alexakis

  1. The story of Everclear begins with the story of front man Art Alexakis.
  2. OnlineSeats offers premium unique Art Alexakis tickets.
  3. Artist Biography - Art Alexakis In 1992, within a single month, Shindig went bankrupt, Colorfinger disbanded, and Art's girlfriend Jenny became pregnant. (Web site)


  1. Avant is a relative to the famed R&B singer, R. Kelly, who is his cousin.

Balavoine Daniel

  1. Comprehensive archive of Balavoine Daniel lyrics at
  2. BALAVOINE DANIEL vinyl, cd, maxi, lp, ep, buy it on CDandLP.

Big Bopper

  1. BIG BOPPER was most frequently remembered for his untimely death with Richie Valens and Buddy Holly in a plane crash. (Web site)

Billy Joel

  1. Similarly, Brooks was influenced by the operatic rock of the 1970s-era Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen. (Web site)
  2. The label heavily promoted the record, and DeGraw was cast as an heir to Billy Joel - another pop piano man.
  3. Ropin' the Wind's music was a melange of pop country and honky-tonk; hits included Billy Joel's "Shameless", "What She's Doing Now", and "The River".

Bill Callahan

  1. Ticket Nest guarantees one of the lowest prices for Bill Callahan tickets anywhere. (Web site)
  2. Ticket Nest pledges to do it's utmost to provide our customers with Bill Callahan's Tickets.
  3. Web Results for: bill callahan 1-10 of about 110,900 results Search took 0.10 seconds. (Web site)

Bill Dees

  1. Roy Orbison and Bill Dees wrote a different "She" for a 1967 single, which was not successful for Roy.
  2. Later, Roy wrote many songs with writer Bill Dees including "Oh Pretty Woman" which is, arguably, the most well-known song of Roy's career.

Bing Crosby

  1. Bing Crosby was a fan of Thoroughbred horse racing and bought his first racehorse in 1935. (Web site)
  2. Bing Crosby was a staunch Catholic and at first refused to sing the song because he felt it tended to commercialize Christmas. (Web site)
  3. Bing Crosby was also starred in a series of films said to be the most successful film franchise prior to the James Bond series. (Web site)
  4. Bing Crosby was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1998.
  5. Bing Crosby was mostly interested in playing the drums and singing with a local band.

Bles Bridges

  1. Web Results for: bles bridges 1-10 of about 363 results Search took 0.26 seconds. (Web site)
  2. There are no dictionary entries for bles bridges, but bridges is spelled correctly.

Blind Lemon Jefferson

  1. See also Blind Lemon Jefferson, perhaps the first country blues star. (Web site)
  2. During the mid 1920s, the unexpectedly strong sales of Blind Lemon Jefferson's Paramount 78s sent record scouts scrambling to sign male blues artists. (Web site)

Blind Blake

  1. Blind Blake was an influential blues singer and guitarist known as the "King of Ragtime Guitar".
  2. Blind Blake was an influential blues singer and guitarist.
  3. Blind Blake was drinking heavily in his later years.
  4. Blind Blake was one of the most accomplished guitarists of his era, and probably the most versatile of them all. (Web site)
  5. There is also an entirely different artist who recorded multiple LPs under the name "Blind Blake". (Web site)

Bobby Darin

  1. Bobby Darin was born into a poor working class family during the Great Depression.
  2. Bobby Darin was in the process of making a comeback when he died at the age of 37, following open-heart surgery. (Web site)
  3. Bobby Darin was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990. (Web site)

Bob Crosby

  1. It was Corky O'Keefe who suggested Bob Crosby when Gil Rodin decided that he wasn't cut out to be a front man.
  2. Both the Bob Crosby Orchestra and the smaller Bob Cats group specialized in Dixieland jazz, presaging the traditional jazz revival of the 1940s.
  3. Bob Crosby started singing with Anson Weeks (1931-34) and the Dorsey Brothers (1934-35).

Bob Dylan

  1. Bob Dylan is an unabashed borrower from the tradition, and rarely credits his sources. (Web site)


  1. Bono is also an active and successful leader in global politics and development policy. (Web site)
  2. Bono is an incredible singer, a great musician and a great person. (Web site)
  3. Bono is the lead singer and co-founder of U2, one of the most successful bands in the history of the recorded music industry. (Web site)
  4. Bono is the lead singer and front man for the Irish rock band U2, one of the most successful bands of the 1980s and 1990s. (Web site)
  5. Bono was a champion of the Salton Sea in south-eastern-southern California where a park was later named in his honor.

Boris Christoff

  1. Boris Christoff was a Bulgarian opera singer, one of the greatest basses of the 20th century.
  2. Boris Christoff was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria on 18 May 1914 of a Bulgarian father and a Russian mother. (Web site)

Bounty Killer

  1. Bounty Killer was one of the most aggressive dancehall stars of the '90s, a street-tough rude boy with an unrepentant flair for gun talk.

Boxcar Willie

  1. Boxcar Willie was perhaps the most successful invented character in the history of country music.

Bo Bice

  1. Bo Bice is a force to behold. (Web site)
  2. Bo Bice was the American Idol runner up who lost to country singer Carrie Underwood in 2005.
  3. Bo Bice was the surprise second-place finisher to Carrie Underwood on the 2005 edition of the TV talent show American Idol. (Web site)

Brian Asawa

  1. Brian Asawa is at the forefront of the current generation of countertenors.
  2. Brian Asawa, who is a countertenor (sopranist, actually), is wonderfully skilled and enjoyable in his role as 'Farnace', the elder son of Mitridate.
  3. Web Results for: brian asawa 1-10 of about 560 results Search took 0.09 seconds.

Bruce Springsteen

  1. Often referred to as "the Latin Bruce Springsteen," Blades provided a musical voice for the middle class of Central America.
  2. In 2004, Browne was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by fellow American musical artist and good friend, Bruce Springsteen. (Web site)

Bryan Adams

  1. Bryan Adams was just 17 when he got his first perk as a musician.
  2. Bryan Adams was the self-titled debut solo album by Canadian rock singer Bryan Adams released in February 1980 on A&M Records.

Buju Banton

  1. Buju Banton was born near Kingston, Jamaica in a poor neighborhood called Salt Lane. (Web site)
  2. Buju Banton was one of the most popular dancehall reggae artists of the '90s.

Burning Spear

  1. Burning Spear is a Jamaican roots rock reggae singer and musician.
  2. Burning Spear is a peace loving man. (Web site)
  3. Burning Spear is also an able percussionist and his understated contributions on the congas and woodblocks emphasized the subtlety of his music. (Web site)
  4. Burning Spear is an undisputed musical legend.
  5. Burning Spear is one of reggae music's chief architects. (Web site)


  1. Butler is also an American politician.
  2. Butler was born in Glasgow, Scotland, the son of Margaret and Edward Butler. (Web site)
  3. Butler was cast in the role of Nim's father, Jack, and as Nim's imaginary hero, Alex Rover.
  4. Butler was dubbed the "Iceman" by WDAS Philadelphia disc jockey Georgie Woods while performing in a Philadelphia theater. (Web site)
  5. Butler was mentioned in the gossip columns in 2004 and 2005 as a leading contender to replace Pierce Brosnan as James Bond.


  1. Calogero is a bass player but he also plays keyboards and guitar. (Web site)
  2. Calogero was born in Echirolles, near Grenoble, on July 30, 1971, and by the age of six had already taken an interest in music. (Web site)


  1. Carreras was born in Barcelona and exhibited musical talent from a young age.


  1. Caruso was also the most popular singer in any genre in the first twenty years of the twentieth century and one of the pioneers of recorded music. (Web site)
  2. Caruso was baptized in the Church of San Giovanni e Paolo on February 26, 1873, having been born in Naples, Italy, one day earlier.
  3. Caruso was eventually found guilty before appeal, and fined 10 dollars.
  4. Caruso was one of the first star vocalists to make numerous recordings. (Web site)
  5. Caruso was portrayed by Mario Lanza in a highly fictionalized 1951 Hollywood film biography, The Great Caruso.

Castle Jeremy

  1. Web Results for: castle jeremy 1-10 of about 75,000 results Search took 0.05 seconds.
  2. Welcome to our growing collection of Castle Jeremy bass and guitar tabs.
  3. There are no dictionary entries for castle jeremy, but castle, jeremy are spelled correctly.


  1. Cave was 19 when his father was killed in a car accident. (Web site)
  2. Cave was born in the small town of Warracknabeal in the state of Victoria, Australia, to Dawn and Colin Cave. (Web site)

Charles Aznavour

  1. Charles Aznavour is a star of immense proportion, unique in his ability to emote in song what other artists cannot. (Web site)
  2. Charles Aznavour was an actor.
  3. Charles Aznavour was appointed as "Officier" (Officer) of the L--gion d'honneur in 1997. (Web site)
  4. Charles Aznavour was slow to achieve success even in his native France. (Web site)
  5. Charles Aznavour: The public always prefers the old standards.

Charles Ray

  1. Charles Ray was an actor.

Charlie Chaplin

  1. Charlie Chaplin was an actor.
  2. Charlie Chaplin was in the first part of his creative peak in the 1916 - 1917 era that is represented in this collection.

Charlie Daniels

  1. Charlie Daniels is a very popular country singer.
  2. Charlie Daniels was awarded the Secretary of Defense Medal during a recent visit to the Pentagon, for his exceptional public support of the armed forces. (Web site)
  3. Charlie Daniels was born and raised in North Carolina, playing fiddle and guitar in several bands during his teenage years. (Web site)

Christopher Atkins

  1. Christopher Atkins is an American actor, writer and film director. (Web site)
  2. Christopher Atkins is an actor.

Chris Barnes

  1. Six Feet Under (often abbreviated as SFU) was formed initially as a side project of lead singer Chris Barnes (then of Cannibal Corpse).
  2. Six Feet Under, the death metal band fronted by ex-Cannibal Corpse singer Chris Barnes, will release their new album, 13, on Tuesday.

Chris Bell

  1. Chris Bell is a master liar.
  2. Chris Bell is a British writer and musician resident in Germany whose current book is published by a New Zealand firm.
  3. Chris Bell is a man with a passion for the English language; each paragraph, each sentence being finely crafted.
  4. Chris Bell is also a singer, songwriter and guitarist born on January 25, 1951 in Memphis, Tennessee. (Web site)
  5. Chris Bell is one of the most energetic, happy and enthusiastic guys I have met in a long time. (Web site)

Chuck Berry

  1. Chuck Berry was 29 years old, in May of 1955, when he got his big break on a trip to Chicago. (Web site)
  2. Chuck Berry is an actor.
  3. Chuck Berry is an immensely influential figure, and one of the pioneers of rock & roll music. (Web site)
  4. Chuck Berry is an influential figure and one of the pioneers of rock and roll music.
  5. Chuck Berry is one of rock & roll's great lyricists and developed some of its earliest trademark guitar licks; represented by CMG Worldwide.

Chuck Billy

  1. In 2001, Exodus reformed again, initially to play the Chuck Billy benefit, the Thrash of the Titans mega concert. (Web site)
  2. Chuck Billy (Born June 23, 1962), U.S. vocalist, best known for his work with the thrash metal band Testament. (Web site)
  3. In 2001, Chuck Billy was diagnosed with throat cancer. (Web site)

City And Colour

  1. City and Colour is an acoustic side-project fronted by Dallas Green, rhythm guitarist and singer for the Canadian post-hardcore band Alexisonfire.
  2. City and Colour is the solo project of Ontario-native Dallas Green, founding member of the Canadian band Alexisonfire. (Web site)

Collins Phil

  1. Author collins phil et al. (Web site)
  2. We feature 0 collins phil albums and 6 collins phil lyrics. (Web site)
  3. Extractions: Accurate and complete Collins Phil tabs for guitar and bass. (Web site)


  1. The colon is 5 ft (1.5 m) to 6 ft (1.8 m) long.
  2. These test use different scopes look at different sections of the colon.
  3. Proctoscopy usually requires the use of enemas or laxatives to empty the colon before the test is done.


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