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  1. Like many other stations built in the 1970s and 1980s, Domodedovskaya has a decorative theme related to the local surroundings.
  2. Modern Scania express buses travel from the airport to Domodedovskaya metro station (a shuttle service).
  3. Modern Scania busses go non-stop to Domodedovo airport from Domodedovskaya underground station (time of journey is 25-30 minutes).


  1. Photo: The daylit intermediate concourse of Southwark station (1999) by McCormac Jamieson Prichard architects.
  2. Photo: The platform of Kropotkinskaya station built in 1935.
  3. Photo: The entrance at Abbesses station, designed in 1910, is one of the larger ones.
  4. Photo: The large upper concourse hall of Syntagma station (opened in the year 2000) with its murals and lots of archaeological displays.

Park Pobedy

  1. Park Pobedy is the deepest station not only in Moscow and Russia but also in the world.
  2. Park Pobedy is a beautiful, quiet, large park, where students drink beer, families walk and pensioners sit on benches.


  1. Kantemirovskaya (----------------------------) is a station on the Zamoskvoretskaya Line of the Moscow Metro.
  2. For the tank division with this honorific, see 4th Guards Kantemirovskaya Tank Division.


  1. The station is a bilevel pillar-trispan with four footbridges above the platforms.
  2. The station is a single vault, which is significant engineering achievement and a step from the dictated 1960's typical functionality design.
  3. The station is a single vault, which was a significant engineering achievement and a change from the typical functionality design of the 1960s.
  4. The station is a vault-type design.
  5. The station is an unusual design, with side platforms that are slightly curved and three rows of octagonal columns.


  1. A Metro is a form of mass transit public transport system employing trains.
  2. The metro is one of the nicest ways to get around Moscow, and it is the most beautiful subway system in the world.
  3. Metro is the second largest grocer in Quebec, after Loblaw Companies Limited.
  4. The Metro was named after Kaganovich until the end of the Stalin era.
  5. The metro is only a few minutes walk from the hotel.

Moscow Metro

  1. The Moscow Metro is the most popular and therefore the most overcrowded public transport facility of the city.
  2. Moscow Metro is a state-owned enterprise .
  3. The Moscow Metro is a state-owned enterprise.
  4. The Moscow Metro is one of world's busiest metro system, serving more than seven million passengers daily.
  5. The Moscow Metro is one of world's busiest metro systems, serving more than seven million passengers daily.


  1. The architects were , , , and .
  2. The architects were considered to be among the elite of society.
  3. The architects were , , .


  1. History: The history of the east-west axis is one of the most complicated in the Moscow Metro, and is partly due to the politics change in priorities.
  2. History: The first museum-like institutions which stored relics and rarities were vestries in churches, monasteries and the Armory which already in the 17c.


  1. The line was 11 km long, and included 13 stations.
  2. The line was also the first one in Moscow to have a cross-platform transfer.
  3. The line was built in 1950-54 encircling the central Moscow, and became crucial to the transfer patterns of passengers.
  4. The line was initially opened as two separate radii lines in 1966 and 1972, and only in 1975 did they connect in the central section.
  5. The line was initially opened as two separate radii lines in 1966 and 1972, and only in 1975 did they connect in the centre section.

Outer Walls

  1. The outer walls are clad in incongruously dark corrugated metal which contrasts sharply with the bright white of the ceiling and pylons.
  2. The outer walls are faced with dark red Ural marble and the station is lit by three rows of cylindrical chandeliers.
  3. The outer walls are faced with panels of corrugated metal.
  4. The outer walls are grey marble.

Permanent Display

  1. Permanent display: a small but elegant apartment museum dedicated to the great Maly Theater actress of the end of the 19th century.
  2. Permanent display: a small display dedicated to the great painter known best for his landscapes of India.
  3. Permanent display: a small display dedicated to the poet who was the closest Russian literature had to a representative of the Romantic movement.
  4. Permanent display: a small display devoted to the author of -Crime and Punishment- and -The Brothers Karamazov- in the house where he was born.
  5. Permanent display: a small display of items and paintings of the Pushkin era.


  1. The pillars are clad in bluish marble and the walls are tiled in white with two stripes of blue at the base.
  2. The pillars are faced with dark green marble.
  3. The pillars are faced with pinkish marble and the platform is a matching shade of granite.
  4. The pillars are faced with red and white marble.
  5. The pillars are faced with white marble and the walls of the platform hall are lined with metal plates arranged in geometric patterns.


  1. The line is served by two depots, Kaluzhskoe (--- 5) and Sviblovo (--- 10). Respectively 42 and 38 eight carriage trains are assigned to them.
  2. Sviblovo ( rusky ----------------) je stanice moskevsk--ho metra.
  3. Nedaleko za stanic--, severn--m sm--rem ke stanici Babu--kinskaja se nach--z-- tak-- Depo Sviblovo, slou----c-- cel-- lince.


  1. The Tverskaya is a very nice hotel, smaller than the other two and not quite as many amenities, but cheaper and very nice.
  2. Tverskaya is a Moscow metro station on the Zamoskvoretskaya Line.
  3. Tverskaya is a nice, comfortable clean hotel, only 3 mins walk from belaruskaya metro station and tverskaya station.
  4. Tverskaya is the main Moscow Street (since the XIX century) & it is the center of business and culture life of the Russian Capital.
  5. Tverskaya is the main Moscow Street (since the XIX century, it is the center of the business and cultural life of the capital.

Aleksandrovskiy Sad

  1. Aleksandrovskiy Sad (Garden) and the building of the History Museum are the limits of the square on the other two sides.
  2. Der k--rzeste ist zwischen Aleksandrovskiy Sad und Arbatskaya (585 m), der l--ngste zwischen Volgogradskiy Prospekt und Tekstilshchiki (3,5 km).


  1. From there I would only have four stops to Alekseevskaya and my hot bowl of Borsch soup.
  2. Alekseevskaya -- uma das tr--s linhas do metro de Carc--via, na Ucr--nia.
  3. Daily 10-23; stb, ax, union, v; Alekseevskaya; Map L-Market Dutch cheese, juices, sausages, dairy products, confectionery, tea, coffee.


  1. Avtozavodskaya is one of the Moscow metro stations on the Zamoskvoretskaya line.


  1. Babushkinskaya is a single vault-type station, elliptical in cross-section with slightly canted, grey marble side walls.
  2. Babushkinskaya is a vault-type station, elliptical in cross-section with slightly canted, gray marble side walls.


  1. Barrikadnaya was the first station of Moscow metro where illuminated signs were applied.


  1. Baumanskaya (--------------------) is a station on the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya Line of the Moscow Metro, named after the revolutionary Nikolai Bauman.
  2. Mo-Sa 8-20 (14-15), Su 8-18 (14-15); Baumanskaya; Map At Tashkentskaya Fresh and frozen vegetables and fruits, gourmet, fish and meat.
  3. This fate will include all of the stations of the 1944 stage: Baumanskaya, Elektrozavodskaya and Partizanskaya.


  1. Stout, grim and bundled up against the cold, Marina Belolovskaya, 67, is almost a fixture outside the Begovaya metro station.
  2. Exit to: Begovaya ulitsa, Khoroshevskoe shosse, ulitsa Rozanova, 1 Khoroshevsky proyezd, Begovaya railway platform.
  3. The immediate vicinity to Begovaya Street, Khoroshevskoe Shosse and Third Ring Road provides good access to the building.

Biblioteka Imeni Lenina

  1. Originally the station was not included in the plans for the first stage due to its closeness to the Biblioteka Imeni Lenina station.
  2. During the mid- 1960s additional access to the subways under the crossroads as well as a second transfer corridor to Biblioteka Imeni Lenina were added.
  3. Then go by metro changing trains at the Biblioteka Imeni Lenina station (take the passage to the Arbatskaya station of the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya Line).

Botanicheskiy Sad

  1. Before he leaves to Botanicheskiy Sad, he gives Artem a quest - if he doesn-t return, he has to get to Polis and warn a person called Melnik.
  2. The Black (------------), a race of hostile telepathic mutants, attack from Botanicheskiy Sad.
  3. It is named for the Russian Academy of Sciences Botanical Garden, which is actually closer to Vladykino than it is to Botanicheskiy Sad.


  1. Bykovo is a regional airport located southeast from city centre.
  2. Bykovo is the oldest airport in the Moscow air hub.


  1. Cherkizovskaya is named the former village of Cherkizovo, now a district of Moscow.
  2. Of all the stations built in this period Cherkizovskaya remains one of the least popular with Muscovites, mainly due to its gloomy appearance.
  3. In the distant future, Cherkizovskaya is intended to become part of the planned "Big Ring" line, serving as a transfer point to the Sokolnicheskaya Line.

Chistye Prudy

  1. Chistye Prudy is finished with dark grey Ufalei and white Koelga marble, with a dark granite platform.
  2. Chistye Prudy's central hall was built in 1971 so that the station could become a transfer point to the Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya Line.
  3. From Yugo-Zapadnaya (Sokolnicheskaya line, colored red on the metro map) travel to Chistye Prudy, change to Turgenevskaya and travel on to VDNKh.


  1. Columns are faced with stainless steel and pink rhodonite, floors and walls are finished in four different shades of granite and marble.
  2. The columns are covered with lightgreen mosaic tiles with white marble tiles near the bottom.
  3. The columns are faced with "gazgan" marble archways (reminding a viaduct).
  4. The columns are faced with pink Baikal marble and the walls are tiled.
  5. The columns are faced with white marble and the floor is reveted with grey granite.


  1. Dobryninskaya (------------------------) is a station on the Kol'tsevaya Line of the Moscow Metro.
  2. Exit to: Lyusinovskaya ulitsa and Dobryninskaya ploshchad.
  3. Mo-Fr 8-16:30; Dobryninskaya; Map Print Computer type-setting, multicolor offset printing, stitching and binding.


  1. Downstairs is the gay club Kazarma.
  2. Downstairs is a casino with black jack, poker, roulette, slot machines and a number of bars.


  1. Elektrozavodskaya was closed in May 2007, and is planned to reopen in 2008.


  1. The food is a mixture of European and Russian, ranging from grilled veal to Russian-style rib-eye steak with porridge and mushroom sauce.
  2. The food was excellent.


  1. As the radius follows the bend of the Moskva river, the whole segment had to be built very deep (42 metres for Frunzenskaya).
  2. Frunzenskaya povernut' nalevo, vdol' ogrady projti do konca parka, ne perehodya ulicy povernut'sya napravo - magazin pered Vami (na drugoj storone ulicy).
  3. Sportivnaya and Frunzenskaya metro stations are within 7 minutes walk from the complexx.


  1. Hotel is one of the biggest in Moscow.
  2. Hotel is one of the largest 3* hotels in Moscow and the first opened hotel of new group of Maxima Hotels.
  3. Hotel was built 1976 and it is located --.
  4. Hotel was built 2006 and it is located Neglinnaya Str.
  5. Hotel was built by modern atrium style.


  1. The house is a masterpiece of the art-nouveau style of architecture.
  2. The house was greeted with bewilderment and even ridicule, and it was called the Spanish Town House or the Spanish Castle.


  1. Kalininskaya was closed to passengers and its undergroud section was deeply reconstructed.
  2. Kalininskaya was closed to passengers and its underground section was sealed.
  3. The Kalininskaya is a line of the Moscow Metro.


  1. It originally existed as two separate radial lines, Rizhskaya and Kaluzhskaya opened in 1958 and 1962, respectively.
  2. Kaluzhskaya Oblast: Kaluzhskaya Oblast is located in Central Russia adjacent to Moscow Oblast and just 180 km south of Moscow.
  3. Please search for Kaluzhskaya (closed) in Cassiopedia to check for alternative titles or spellings.


  1. Operated as a branch of Line 2 from Kashirskaya to Kakhovskaya until 1995.
  2. The Kashirskaya transfer is a cross-platform one.
  3. The station was opened as a part of line section from Kashirskaya to Orekhovo stations.


  1. From this station it is possible to transfer to Kievskaya on the Filyovskaya Line and the Kievskaya-Koltsevaya on the Ring.
  2. The station shares the vestibule with Kievskaya-Koltsevaya which is located in Kiev Railway station.


  1. The entrances to Konkovo are located at the intersection of Profsoyuznaya and Ostrovityanova streets.
  2. Konkovo ( rusky ----------------) je stanice moskevsk--ho metra.
  3. Konkovo se nach--z-- na Kalu--sko-Ri--sk-- lince, v jej-- ji--n-- ----sti.


  1. For booking and reconfirmation: British Airways, Krasnopresnenskaya naberezhnaya 12, #1905, use entrance #3, tel.
  2. Opened on December 17, 1975, along with Kuznetsky Most as the segment which linked the Zhdanovskaya and Krasnopresnenskaya Lines into one.
  3. From this station passengers can transfer to Barrikadnaya on the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya Line.


  1. Part of the first Metro line, it is located under Krasnoprudnaya street, east of the intersection with Krasnoselskaya street.
  2. Construction work on Krasnoselskaya began in spring, 1933, and the station opened along with the rest of the line on May 15, 1935.
  3. The red-painted vestibule sits at the intersection of Krasnoprudnaya and Upper Krasnoselskaya streets.


  1. Kropotkinskaya is a 2 liquid tight conduit neighbourhood jeepers along the Prechistenka Street and the Moskva River.
  2. Kropotkinskaya is a abyss dj taka neighbourhood taka v for extreme along the Prechistenka Street and the Moskva River.
  3. Kropotkinskaya is a alisonangel big dildo neighbourhood macworld announcements along the Prechistenka Street and the Moskva River.
  4. Kropotkinskaya is a az lottery neighbourhood micro center along the Prechistenka Street and the Moskva River.
  5. Kropotkinskaya is a belinda gavin neighbourhood iphone update along the Prechistenka Street and the Moskva River.

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