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James Florio

  1. In 1990, after 15-year incumbent James Florio resigned to take office as Governor of New Jersey, Andrews won a special election to succeed him.
  2. He defeated U.S. Representative James Florio in the closest election in New Jersey gubernatorial election history; Kean won by fewer than 1,800 votes.

Albio Sires

  1. Albio Sires is a big man in West New York, as those at the Casa Manito senior center already know.
  2. Albio Sires is a coward.
  3. Albio Sires is a guy who knows how to throw his weight around, and he has considerable weight.
  4. Albio Sires was born in Cuba and moved to the United States at age 11.
  5. Albio Sires was just finishing his first two-year term. (Web site)

Alex Decroce

  1. The latest news on Alex DeCroce, from thousands of sources worldwide.
  2. Samuel Adams "alex decroce is a" "politician"   Showing 1 - 10 of 164 MyStuff Options This page cannot be displayed at the current time.
  3. Lary Casha and Jay Webber both support Assemblyman Alex DeCroce are running for the open seat that belonged to retiring Assemblyman Joe Pennacchio. (Web site)

Alfred Steele

  1. Alfred Steele is a statesman.

Anthony Bucco

  1. Chris Christie is from Morris County, where Republican Senator Anthony Bucco has been holding up the appointment of a county prosecutor for months.
  2. Herbert, 76, is currently running a bare-bones state Senate campaign against entrenched incumbent Senator Anthony Bucco.
  3. Anthony Bucco (born May 7, 1946) has been serving in the New Jersey State Senate since 1998 where he represents the 25th Legislative District. (Web site)

Barbara Buono

  1. Sen. Barbara Buono, D-Middlesex, will be seeking her fifth term in office in November.
  2. Barbara Buono (D-Middlesex), said after the bills were discussed in the Democratic party meeting on Monday. (Web site)
  3. Barbara Buono said the increased state aid wouldn't help with property taxes.

Bernard Kenny

  1. Bernard Kenny, who is retiring after 20 years. (Web site)
  2. State Senate Majority Leader Bernard Kenny, also a Democrat, announced he was leaving the church. (Web site)
  3. Bernard Kenny, the Hudson County Democratic Chairman, who has been a long-time ally and go-to guy for Roberts.

Bill Baroni

  1. Bill Baroni is a well-known and popular guy.
  2. Bill Baroni is the greatest politician in the world.

Bob Menendez

  1. Bob Menendez is a hard line left-wing politician.
  2. Bob Menendez is a crook, plain and simple. (Web site)
  3. Bob Menendez is a crook.
  4. Bob Menendez is a self-serving politician who is in a dark cloud of ethical concerns.
  5. Bob Menendez is a whore who would sell his own mother.

Bob Smith

  1. Bob Smith is a fool.
  2. Bob Smith is a 65-year-old tall, stoop-shouldered political veteran.
  3. Bob Smith is a good person, and he occasionally acts from ulterior motives.
  4. Bob Smith is a good coach and a better friend to the players that he has coached over the years. (Web site)
  5. Bob Smith is a good man - and was a damn good Senator. (Web site)


  1. Bodine is a Republican Martin, don't kid yourself.
  2. Bodine was selected in February 1994 by the District Republican Committee to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Assemblyman Robert Shinn. (Web site)

Bonnie Watson Coleman

  1. Bonnie Watson Coleman is a Democrat who serves in the New Jersey General Assembly where she has represented the 15th legislative district since 1998. (Web site)

Brendan Byrne

  1. Bateman defeated Kean and won the nomination, though Bateman went on to lose the general election to Brendan Byrne.
  2. Torricelli was an assistant to the Governor of New Jersey Brendan Byrne from 1975 to 1977. (Web site)
  3. For nearly 15 years, it was officially the Brendan Byrne Arena.

Bret Schundler

  1. Bret Schundler is a 34 year old Harvard graduate who had to wash dishes, clean bathrooms and work as a security guard in order to pay his tuition.
  2. Bret Schundler is a Republican running for governor in New Jersey. (Web site)
  3. Bret Schundler is a Republican, but he's the kind of candidate the DLC can get behind.
  4. Bret Schundler is a politician who sometimes sounds more like a pastor.
  5. Bret Schundler is also a "real conservative".

Brian Stack

  1. Brian Stack was elected in his own right as Union City Commissioner for one term, serving from 1997-98, with responsibilities for Revenue & Finance.


  1. Brooks was also charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon, a class A misdemeanor; and possession of marijuana, less than two ounces, a class B misdemeanor.
  2. Brooks was charged with possession of controlled substance, less than one gram, a state jail felony.

Byron Baer

  1. Byron Baer is a longtime advocate for good government, which probably puts him at odds with the machine-politics oriented Ferriero.
  2. Byron Baer was a rarity in New Jersey politics: he served time in jail before he took public office, not after.
  3. Byron Baer was born in Pittsburgh to a well-to-do family.
  4. Byron Baer was devoted to doing the right things for the right reasons, almost always on behalf of those without power.


  1. Camden is one of America's most dangerous cities in the United States according to the Morgan QuitnoCorporation annual tally of crime statistics.
  2. Camden is the home of a branch campus of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.
  3. Camden is the home of one of Rutgers' three campuses, with the other two being in New Brunswick, and Newark.
  4. Camden is the place where the first drive-in theater opened, invented by Richard Hollingshead, on June 6, 1933.
  5. Camden is the poorest American city in the United States.

Caraballo Wilfredo

  1. As asm caraballo wilfredo as asm beck jennifer as asw mckeon.
  2. As asm caraballo wilfredo as sen carroll michael, patrick.


  1. Ceolwulf was king of Mercia in 819.
  2. Ceolwulf was king of Northumberland in 729.
  3. Ceolwulf was king of the West Saxons in 597.


  1. Charles is the best known of the Edison children because of his second career, in public service. (Web site)
  2. Charles was aged 20 years plus six months at that time based on the known date of birth for Charles.
  3. Charles was born in 30 June 1774.
  4. Charles was born in Maryland ca 1715.
  5. Charles was captured in Vicksburg in 1863.

Charles Edison

  1. In 1948, he established a charitable foundation, originally called "The Brook Foundation", now the Charles Edison Fund.
  2. As a politician without political ambition, Charles Edison is a unique figure in the history of New Jersey.
  3. What brought Der Karl into the open air was the bestowment upon him of the Charles Edison Memorial Award by the Conservative Party of New York State.


  1. Charlie was buried in Alamogordo, New Mexico, where he finished high school, and had passed many happy days in his youth.
  2. Charlie was injured during a gas attack, and died of gas gangrene related pneumonia four days after the armistice was signed. (Web site)
  3. Charlie was one of nine children and the youngest boy of the family.
  4. Charlie was only 19 years old when he died. (Web site)

Charlotte Vandervalk

  1. Assemblywoman Charlotte Vandervalk claims to be a "fiscal conservative", and she has nurtured an undeserved reputation as a health care advocate.
  2. Charlotte Vandervalk (born July 31, 1937) serves in the New Jersey General Assembly representing the 39th legislative district. (Web site)

Christopher Bateman

  1. Samuel Adams "christopher bateman is a" "politician"   Showing 1 - 10 of 1,960 MyStuff Options This page cannot be displayed at the current time.
  2. Other names that are being tossed about include Assemblyman Christopher Bateman, former Congressman Bob Franks. (Web site)

Chris Smith

  1. Chris Smith is a big advocate of veterans.
  2. Chris Smith is a class act.
  3. Chris Smith is a guy that some critics have described as "human" and "male.
  4. Chris Smith is a member of the rap music duo Kris Kross.
  5. Chris Smith is a successful politician and not a 'great man.

Chuck Hardwick

  1. Chuck Hardwick is a former state legislator in New Jersey.


  1. The Committee was visiting hospitals, and it witnessed the problems there.
  2. The committee is a bipartisan group of members of the Legislature.
  3. The committee was behind the two "dossiers" in which Blair government claimed Saddam Hussein was a threat.

Connie Myers

  1. Our two representatives in the state legislature are Connie Myers and Mike Doherty.
  2. Pasquarelli has been discussing the Highlands act with Connie Myers, a Republican who represents the area in the state Assembly.
  3. There were even critics yesterday, such as Assemblywoman Connie Myers (R-Hunterdon), who said the bill didn't go far enough.

Corodemus Steve

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  2. As sen corodemus steve as asm chivukula.
  3. As sen michigan legislature corodemus steve as sen bark.

Craig Stanley

  1. Craig Stanley is a politician.


  1. Crump was an early supporter of Franklin Roosevelt for the Democratic nomination for President. (Web site)
  2. Crump was fond of and adroit at writing political advertisements. (Web site)
  3. Crump was instrumental in the election of Gordon Browning as governor. (Web site)
  4. Crump was not able to recover from the second mistake so effectively. (Web site)
  5. Crump was opposed to this sales tax and used his influence to defeat it in the Tennessee Legislature. (Web site)

David Roberts

  1. He has been the voice of David Roberts on the City Council from the day David Roberts had him appointed to The Hoboken City Council. (Web site)
  2. No one has been more loyal to David Roberts and his policies than Christopher Campos for the six years he has been in public office. (Web site)

David Russo

  1. Kevin O’Toole, David Russo and Scott Rumana are an accomplished team of pragmatic conservatives who will change the course in New Jersey.
  2. Assemblyman David Russo, who lost the 2002 GOP primary to Garrett, actively considered a rematch two years later, but eventually declined. (Web site)
  3. Assemblyman David Russo won renomination, even though he had been dumped from the Bergen County Republican Organization line.


  1. Delaware is a pretty small state to be divided into two civilizations, and in fact it seems safe to predict that division will soon be meaningless.
  2. Delaware was a plantation state, and a slave state.
  3. Delaware was once part of Pennsylvania, as the lower three counties.
  4. The Delaware is the only major river on the East Coast that doesn't have a dam between the ocean and the spawning grounds.

Dennis Mcnerney

  1. In 2002, McNamara ran for County Executive of Bergen County, losing to Dennis McNerney in the general election.
  2. Bergen County Executive Dennis McNerney has said the county would place the detention center within a 40-acre tract it owns in Rockleigh. (Web site)
  3. Samuel Adams "dennis mcnerney is a" "politician"   Showing 1 - 1 of 1 MyStuff Options This page cannot be displayed at the current time.

Diane Allen

  1. Diane Allen is a Human Resources Consultant for RSI, a leading insurance brokerage and benefits outsourcing firm located in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. (Web site)
  2. Diane Allen is a certified business and life coach.
  3. Diane Allen is a little to liberal for my taste.
  4. Diane Allen is a possible successor to retiring Rep.
  5. Diane Allen is a potential replacement on the ballot.


  1. The district is also an anomaly in normally solid-blue Massachusetts.
  2. The district is an L-shaped district comprising the rural northern and western parts of New Jersey.
  3. The district was already heavily Democratic, but had been redrawn with a Hispanic majority after the 1990 census.


  1. Districts are barely through the pre-site application process. (Web site)
  2. Districts are carved to protect incumbents.
  3. Districts are redefined after each decennial U.S. Census.

Donald Payne

  1. DONALD Payne is a study in persistence.
  2. Donald Payne is a favourite target.
  3. Donald Payne is the first Black from New Jersey to be elected to Congress.
  4. Donald Payne was elected to the U.S. House in 1988 with 86 percent of the vote, defeating Republican Michael Webb.


  1. Doria was the founding chair of the Assembly Higher Education Committee and chaired the Assembly Education Committee.
  2. Doria was the sponsor of laws giving New Jersey's public colleges and universities greater autonomy.


  1. Eagler is a local guy.
  2. Eagler is a very long shot.
  3. Eagler was not given the nod to run for re-election as freeholder.
  4. Eagler was not without supporters.


  1. Edward was 72 at that time.
  2. Edward was a farmer until his death.
  3. Edward was a gregarious man who enjoyed joking.
  4. Edward was born 1850 and died March 6, 1900.
  5. Edward was forty-five.

Edward Forchion

  1. Edward Forchion (3) This candidate received no contributions large enough to generate this list.
  2. Used by member's of the Rastafarian faith of which defendant Edward Forchion is a member. (Web site)
  3. R. Edward Forchion (Born July 23, 1964), also known as NJWEEDMAN, is a perennial candidate for various New Jersey elected offices.

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