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  1. DRACULA - The most amazing home videos are here See this BBC piece of news on the dispute over Bran Castle.
  2. Dracula is a fictional character often associated with the historical figure of Vlad Tepes (The Impaler).
  3. Dracula was a sedistic and harsh ruler.Vlad is best known today in the West for the many cruel actions that have been attributed to him.
  4. Dracula was about 13.
  5. Dracula was also a religious man (the divine and the demonical in one) who believed that constructing churches and monasteries atoned for his sinfulness.

Adrian Ilie

  1. Adrian Ilie scored the only goal with a fine chip in their first match against Colombia at Lyon 's Stade Gerland.
  2. Adrian Ilie (born April 22 , 1974 in Craiova ) is a Romania n football (soccer) forward , a key part of the Romanian national team for over 10 years.
  3.'s Soccernet player profile for Adrian Ilie of Valencia.

Adriean Videanu

  1. Adriean Videanu is the current mayor of Bucharest, Romania.
  2. Adriean Videanu is the mayor of Bucharest.


  1. Albanians are seen as not very technologically advanced during communism times.
  2. Albanians are seen as not very technologically advanced.

Alex Mihai Stoenescu

  1. Alex_Mihai_Stoenescu is a Romanian historian, writer, and journalist.
  2. Alex_Mihai_Stoenescu is a Romanian historian, writer, journalist and politician.

Alexandru Averescu

  1. He left the PNR to join General Alexandru Averescu 's People's Party (PP), a populist movement created upon the war's end.
  2. Vaida-Voevod ran the government until 1920, when the king named General Alexandru Averescu premier.
  3. Alexandru Averescu ( April 3, 1859 — October 2, 1938) was a Romanian marshal and populist politician.

Alexandru Papadopol

  1. Alexandru Papadopol (born 20 April 1969 in R--mnicu V--lcea) is a Romanian actor.
  2. A biography and related information about Alexandru Papadopol.
  3. Ioana Ginghin-- --i Alexandru Papadopol au p----it --mpreun-- spre altar, s--mb--t--, 13 octombrie, unde --i-au unit destinele --n fa--a lui Dumnezeu.

Alma Gluck

  1. Alma Gluck was the mother of popular television actor and part-time composer Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., and her daughter is the writer Marcia Davenport.

Amza Pellea

  1. Amza Pellea - a great actor in great role: MICHAEL THE BRAVE (english for Mihai Viteazul).

Ana Aslan

  1. Ana Aslan is a Romanian biologist, physician, and inventor who developed Aslavital.
  2. Ana Aslan is a most persistent woman.
  3. Ana Aslan is the Ambassador of Gerontology and a brilliant woman.
  4. Ana Aslan is the original contributor in the basic research concerning cellular and molecular aging, and researching her product reaction in the body.
  5. Ana Aslan was born in Bucharest in 1899.

Andrei Alexandrescu

  1. Andrei Alexandrescu used to be a sky diver.
  2. Andrei Alexandrescu: Of course it may be scary.
  3. Andrei Alexandrescu: (laughing) I was afraid of such a question.

Andrei Pavel

  1. Andrei Pavel is a Romanian tennis player, who turned professional in 1990.
  2. Andrei Pavel is a solid player, I enjoy watching him play.


  1. Anna was born about 1900 in Pablowitz.
  2. Anna was born on 30-10-1672 in Dittersbach, daughter of Mathias F. FIEDLER. Anna died on 06-11-1738 in Dittersbach, at the age of 66 years.

Antioh Cantemir

  1. The Russian literature recognizes that the modern Russian poetry started with Antioh Cantemir.
  2. Iar Antioh Cantemir, fiul domnitorului Dimitrie Cantemir se invata in scolile din Rusia si in ziua de astazi ca unul dintre poetii lor clasici.
  3. Maria Brancoveanu, in 1693 and Antioh Cantemir with Catrina in 1696, by the patriarch of Tarigrad, Iacov.


  1. Antonescu was a supporter of Romanian Fascism and was close to the Iron Guard.
  2. Antonescu was born into a bourgeois family with some military tradition.
  3. Antonescu was born into a upper-middle class family with some military tradition.
  4. Antonescu was tried (1946) for war crimes and executed.

Anton Pann

  1. His poem De--teapt---te, rom--ne!, sang to a tune composed by Anton Pann, became the hymn of the revolutionaries.
  2. In 1945, Lucian Blaga authored a three-act play named Anton Pann, centered on the poet's --chei period.
  3. Another notable native is Anton Pann who composed the Romanian national anthem.

Aurelia Dobre

  1. Aurelia Dobre is a choreographer and dance coach at her husbands gym in Maryland.
  2. Aurelia Dobre is an Romanian ex-gymnast who, in 1987 at the age of 14, became the youngest-ever world gymnastics champion.
  3. Aurelia Dobre is the 1987 World Champion, the first and only Romanian gymnast to win an All-Around World Championship title.

Aurel Popovici

  1. This specific plan was proposed by Aurel Popovici - a Romanian, by the sound of his first name - in 1906.
  2. This specific proposal was conceived by Aurel Popovici in 1906.
  3. But the most interesting case is that of Aurel Popovici, a Romanian from Transylvania, who provided Romanians with a race-based definition of the nation.

Aurel Vlaicu

  1. Aurel Vlaicu is a metro station in the north of Bucharest , named after Romanian airplane constructor and early pilot Aurel Vlaicu .
  2. Aurel Vlaicu was born in Bin--in--i (now Aurel Vlaicu), near Or----tie, Transylvania, which was part of Austria-Hungary at the time.


  1. Averescu was an honorary member of the Romanian Academy.
  2. Averescu was born in Ozyornoye (previously known as Babele, and subsequently renamed Alexandru Averescu), a village near Izmail, now part of Ukraine.
  3. Averescu was born in Ozyornoye (previously known as Babele, and subsequently renamed Alexandru Averescu), a village northwest of Izmail, now part of Ukraine.

Avram Iancu

  1. Avram Iancu is a fairly large commune (1865 inhabitants according to 2002 census) in Bihor county, in the western part of Transylvania, Romania.

Baba Novac

  1. Baba Novac was a commander of Mihai Viteazul 's army.
  2. Baba Novac was a commander of Serbian origin of Mihai Viteazul's army.
  3. Baba Novac was a courageous general in the army of the Mihai Viteazul.

Barbu Bellu

  1. It is located on a plot of land donated to the local administration by Baron Barbu Bellu.
  2. Barbu Bellu ( 1825 - 1900) was a Romanian baron, minister of culture, and minister of justice.
  3. That car had been imported in 1889 by Barbu Bellu from Bucharest.

Barbu Catargiu

  1. Barbu Catargiu was a conservative Romanian journalist and politician.

Basarab Ii

  1. Basarab II was a ruler of the principality of Wallachia , ( 1442 - 1443 ).


  1. Bogdan was assassinated and Vlad, taking a gamble, fled to Hungary.
  2. Bogdan was assassinated by Petru Aron, and Vlad, taking a gamble, fled to Hungary.
  3. Bogdan was assassinated.


  1. The book is a compilation of patristic and biblical sources, with many moral and political reflections, on an ascetical background.
  2. The book is one of which I am truly proud.
  3. The book was ahead of its time and only now is its full significance being realized.

Camelia Potec

  1. Camelia Potec is a Romanian swimmer who won a gold medal for the women's 200m freestyle final in the 2004 Summer Olympics.
  2. Camelia Potec was closing fast and slipped to the front as the three went under the flags.


  1. Campbell was a Marine during World War II, an FBI agent, and speaker of the New Mexico state House.
  2. Campbell was elected city councillor in 1984 and mayor in 1986.

Carol Davila

  1. Carol Davila is an excellent medical scool founded in 1857.


  1. Chucho is a Romanian hip-hop artist.
  2. Chucho is the nickname of George Onea, a Romanian hip-hop artist.


  1. Cluj-Napoca is an important economic centre in Romania.
  2. Cluj-Napoca is one of the most important academic centres in Romania.

Communist Party

  1. The Communist Party was dissolved and its assets transferred to the state.
  2. The Communist Party was initially outlawed by Ion Iliescu, but he soon revoked that decision; as a consequence, Communism is not outlawed in Romania today.
  3. The Communist Party was outlawed, and Ceauşescu's most unpopular measures, such as bans on abortion and contraception, were repealed.
  4. The Communist Party was outlawed, and Ceausescu's most unpopular measures, such as bans on abortion and contraception, were repealed.
  5. The Communist Party was outlawed, and Ceau-escu's most unpopular measures, such as bans on abortion and contraception, were rolled back.


  1. The community was actually quite polarized in terms of wealth and standing.
  2. The community was first mentioned as a body in 1780.

Constantine Ypsilanti

  1. His son, Constantine Ypsilanti, 1760-1816, was hospodar of Moldavia (1799-1801) and became hospodar of Walachia in 1802.
  2. Hospodars Constantine Ypsilanti and Alexander Mourousis were dismissed by the Sultan because Russia had too much influence upon them.
  3. Constantine Ypsilanti encyclopedia article on

Constantin Noica

  1. Constantin Noica was in a continuous search for the gifted young philosophers, which he discovered and trained.

Constantin Silvestri

  1. The piece is led by Romanian conductor Constantin Silvestri, who had a particular flair for Russian music.
  2. Definition of Constantin Silvestri in an online ecyclopedia or dictionary.

Corneliu Coposu

  1. Corneliu Coposu was a strong supporter and collaborator of King Michael.


  1. The crisis was finally settled in favor of the Moldavian princes under Alexandru cel Bun Alexandru cel Bun was the ruler of Moldavia 1400-1432.
  2. The crisis was finally settled in favor of the Moldavian princes under Alexandru cel Bun.

Cristian Tudor Popescu

  1. Cristian Tudor Popescu is a Romanian journalist, essayist and short-story writer.
  2. Cristian Tudor Popescu is a highly respected Romanian journalist, widely popular in Romania.
  3. Cristian Tudor Popescu is for the idea, by any means: ---You can feel the need of strong trade unions for journalists.
  4. Cristian Tudor Popescu is for the idea: -You can feel the need to have strong trade unions for journalists.

Cristian Vasile

  1. Cristian Vasile was a Romanian , well-known tango singer between 1928 and 1949 .
  2. Cristian Vasile was to be remembered as "the last troubadour".

Cristi Minculescu

  1. This state culminates with the album's third track, "Floare de Iris" ("Iris Flower"), a "musical testament" written by Cristi Minculescu.
  2. Cristi Minculescu (born January 9, 1959 in Bucure--ti, Romania) is the lead singer of hard rock band IRIS (since 1980).
  3. Pe scurt. La 20.15, Cristi Minculescu a salutat publicul in maniera binecunoscuta: "Buna seara, prieteni!" dand tonul "nebuniei".


  1. Dada was an informal international movement, with participants in Europe and North America.
  2. It has also been suggested that the word "dada" was chosen randomly from the Larousse dictionary.
  3. It is speculated that the word "Dada" comes from the Romanian "Yes, yes" and is thus originated from Tzara and Janco's contributions.

Dan Voiculescu

  1. Dan Voiculescu is a Romania n politician and former businessman.
  2. Dan Voiculescu is a Romanian politician and businessman.
  3. Dan Voiculescu is a Romanian politician and former businessman.
  4. Dan Voiculescu is a politician and businessman.
  5. Dan Voiculescu was seen as a former General of the Security.


  1. The Goth Jordanes in his Getica ( The origin and deeds of the Goths), gives account of Dicineus ( Deceneus), the highest priest of Buruista ( Burebista).
  2. His succesor, the high priest Deceneus, failed to keep the tribes in line.

Dimitrie Ghica

  1. Dimitrie Ghica was born in the Ghica family, as the son of the Wallachian Prince Grigore IV Ghica by his first wife, Maria Hangerly.

Doina Cornea

  1. Doina Cornea is a Romanian human rights activist and professor of the French language.

Ecaterina Teodoroiu

  1. Ecaterina Teodoroiu guided a patrol of Scouts and Guides and she died as a heroine.
  2. Some of these were later used in the film Ecaterina Teodoroiu, produced in 1930.
  3. The Romanian heroine Ecaterina Teodoroiu was killed at the end of this battle, on September 6, by machine-gun fire.

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