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Srilankan Airlines

  1. SriLankan Airlines is the national airline of Sri Lanka.
  2. SriLankan Airlines is the official national carrier, partly owned and operated by Emirates Airline.
  3. SriLankan Airlines is the official national carrier, partly owned and operated by Emirates.


  1. Badulla is a nice city in Sri Lanka.
  2. Badulla is a hilly region, but it's in the dry zone, and depends a great deal on the northeast monsoon for water.
  3. Badulla is a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic District which is home for Sinhalese Muslims and Tamils.
  4. Badulla is a plantation district.


  1. Batticaloa is a city in eastern Sri Lanka.
  2. Batticaloa is a Tamil majority area.
  3. Batticaloa is a killing field as in all other regions but in Batticaloa it is a case of guerilla warfare against guerillas.
  4. Batticaloa is a town of harthals.
  5. Batticaloa is one of three warmest cities in Sri Lanka; the others are Trincomalee and Vavuniya.

Cultural Triangle

  1. The cultural triangle is a fantastic experience.
  2. The cultural triangle is a must - Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Dambulla and Sigirya.
  3. The cultural triangle is a traditional feature of the most token island tour.


  1. Hambantota is a district in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka.
  2. Hambantota is a derivation from the word Sampantota.
  3. Hambantota is a district of Sri Lanka located in the far South.
  4. Hambantota is a natural harbour with a depth to take in any large ship a few metres from the coastline.
  5. Hambantota is a rural town in southern coastal area of Sri Lanka.


  1. HIKKADUWA is a very popular beach destination just a few hours (98 Km's) from Colombo on the Southwestern coast of Sri Lanka.
  2. Hikkaduwa is a backpackers--- haven jammed with signboards advertising Loretta---s Bar and Grill, Casalanka Beach Resort and other haunts.
  3. Hikkaduwa is a fun and busy town, there are numerous and varied restaurants, bars, clubs and cafés.
  4. Hikkaduwa is a place on the south coast of Sri Lanka.
  5. Hikkaduwa is a popular beach destination on the south west coast of Sri Lanka, about 20km to the north west of Galle.


  1. Kegalle is a city in Sri Lanka .
  2. Kegalle is a district of Sri Lanka .
  3. Kegalle is a town situated about 60km s to the east of Colombo on the Colombo --- Kandy main highway.
  4. Kegalle is the Capital City of the Kegalle District and is one of the two districts belonging to Sabaragamuwa province.


  1. Kurunegala is a central city in Sri Lanka and is directly connected to a large number of major cities and towns of the island.
  2. Kurunegala is a city in the Wayamba Province of Sri Lanka .
  3. Kurunegala is a district of Sri Lanka.
  4. Kurunegala is a major paddy-producing.
  5. Kurunegala is a picturque city with a lake in the middle of the city and the huge Aetha Gala ( Elephant Rock) in the background.


  1. This category is for stub articles relating to Sri Lanka.
  2. The result was a time of hardship, compounded by foreign invasion, making this a grey region of Sri Lanka 's history.
  3. Sri Lanka - Find deals on top destinations.

List of Cities In Sri Lanka

  1. The following is a list of cities in Sri Lanka.
  2. This is the list of cities in Sri Lanka where you can book hotels with

List of Towns In Sri Lanka

  1. The following is a list of towns in Sri Lanka.
  2. Please search for List of towns in Sri Lanka in Wikipedia to check for alternative titles or spellings.
  3. Start the Talk: List of towns in Sri Lanka page; Search for " List of towns in Sri Lanka " in existing pages.


  1. Mannar is a district of Sri Lanka.
  2. Mannar is a prdominantly Catholic Christian area.
  3. Mannar is part of the 'Catholic Belt' extending from Negombo to Jaffna.


  1. Nugegoda is a highly residential area which is very much sought after Nugegoda can be reached by train on the Kelani Valley Railway.
  2. Nugegoda is a bustling suburb---one of the busiest and most important, but the amenities available to its residents are woefully inadequate.
  3. Nugegoda is a collection of densely packed shops and affluent residential areas.
  4. Nugegoda is a consumer hotspot especially during the festive seasons.
  5. Nugegoda is a middle class suburb.


  1. The party was formed following a split in the Lanka Sama Samaja Party.
  2. The Party was banned and its leaders imprisoned or forced to go underground.
  3. The party was formed after a former commander of the Tigers broke away from the main group in 2004.
  4. The party was founded ahead of the 2002 municipal elections.
  5. The party was later disbanded.

Point Pedro

  1. Point Pedro is a northern Sri Lankan town on the Bay of Bengal.
  2. Point Pedro is a few kilometres east of Palaly.
  3. Point Pedro is a few km (miles) east of Palaly.
  4. Point Pedro is a few km east of Palaly.
  5. Point Pedro is a relatively smaller city of Northern Sri Lanka, where Srilankan tamils live in majority.


  1. The airline was closed down by the Government of J.R. Jayawardene in 1978.
  2. The airline was formerly known as Air Lanka, and replaced Air Ceylon as the national carrier in 1978.
  3. The airline was formerly known as Airlanka and Air Ceylon .

Air Ceylon

  1. Air Ceylon was Ceylon 's (later Sri Lanka's) national carrier that began as Ceylon Airways in 1947, and was fully state-owned.
  2. Air Ceylon was closed down in 1978 by the government of President Jayawardene.

Amarasiri Dodangoda

  1. A memorandum in this regard was submitted by Justice and Law Reforms Minister, Amarasiri Dodangoda.
  2. Wikipedia: Amarasiri Dodangoda This article is orphaned as few or no other articles link to it.


  1. Americans are advised to avoid military installations and should comply with all instructions from security forces and police when traveling in Sri Lanka.
  2. Americans are advised to avoid these areas and plan their travel accordingly.
  3. Americans are advised to be on alert if visiting government facilities and public venues.
  4. Americans are advised to be on alert when visiting government facilities and public venues.
  5. Americans are advised to cooperate fully with Sri Lankan security forces as they implement these increased security measures.

American Citizens

  1. American citizens are therefore urged to avoid the area of demonstrations and to exercise caution if within the vicinity of any demonstrations.
  2. American citizens are warned against travel to northern and eastern areas of Sri Lanka.

Anura Bandaranaike

  1. Anura Bandaranaike is a Sri Lankan politician and Speaker of the 11th Parliament.
  2. Anura Bandaranaike is a leading member of the UPFA Government.
  3. Anura Bandaranaike is a member of a political dynasty going back 50 years and was already a cabinet minister.
  4. Anura Bandaranaike was at his best then in Parliament, almost singlehandedly taking on the powerful UNP at the time.

Arul Pragasam

  1. His name is sometimes rendered A.R. Arudpragasam, sometimes Arul Pragasam; his nom de guerre is Arular.
  2. Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam, the daughter of a Tamil activist-turned militant, Arul Pragasam, was born in Hounslow, London.


  1. Ayubowan is a customary greeting of the people of Sri Lanka to show respect, devotion, welcome, loyalty in accordance with the occasion.
  2. Ayubowan is a traditional Sri Lankan way of greeting someone.


  1. Bracegirdle was born in Chelsea, and was educated in Kennington.
  2. Bracegirdle was on hand with other LSSPers to meet Mrs Chattopadhyaya on her arrival in Colombo.
  3. Bracegirdle was seen striding towards the platform.


  1. The British were embarrassed by the boycott of the General Election in the North.
  2. The British were not deterred by this action of the Sinhalese.

Caste In Sri Lanka

  1. The system of Caste in Sri Lanka is a division of society into strata, differing somewhat from the classic Varnas of India.
  2. Many Sinhalese castes (see Caste in Sri Lanka) derive from South Indian immigrants who have happily assumed Sinhala Buddhist identity.


  1. Expulsion-The first expulsion was in Chavakacheri, of 1,500 people.
  2. Chavakacheri (en tamoul : ------------------------------) est la deuxi--me ville de la p--ninsule de Jaffna, au Sri Lanka.


  1. The city is a demographic microcosm of the country, with Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslims living together in roughly equal numbers.
  2. The city is a large commercial and industrial centre, and is known for its cultural heritage and temple architecture.
  3. The city is a popular fashion center in South East Asia today.
  4. The city is like most other coastal townships that were under Portuguese and Dutch rule.
  5. The city is the main administration center for the Tamil rebel movement, the Tamil Tigers.


  1. Clarke is the man feeding the pigeons to the left of the shot.
  2. Clarke was a distinguished vice-president of the H. G. Wells Society, being strongly influenced by H. G. Wells as a science-fiction writer.
  3. Clarke was born in England on December 16, 1917 to a farming family, and served as a radar specialist in the Royal Air Force during World War Two.
  4. Clarke was born in Minehead, Somerset, England.[12] As a boy he enjoyed stargazing and reading old American science fiction pulp magazines.
  5. Clarke was knighted in 1998.[11] He emigrated to Sri Lanka in 1956 largely to pursue his interest in scuba diving,[12] and lived there until his death.

Cocos Islands Mutiny

  1. The Cocos Islands Mutiny was crushed, although they killed one non-mutinous soldier and wounded one officer.


  1. Dharmapala was hounded out of the country by a press campaign by the Lake House group of the press baron D.R. Wijewardena.
  2. Dharmapala was hounded out of the country by a press campaign by the group of the press baron .


  1. Disclaimer: The comments contained within this website are personal reflection only and do not necessarily reflect the views of the LankaWeb.
  2. Disclaimer: The information in this circular relating to the legal requirements of specific foreign countries is provided for general information only.

Don Stephen Senanayake

  1. Don Stephen Senanayake was born on 20th October 1884, at Botale, a village in the Hapitigame Korale of the Negombo district in the Western Province.
  2. Don Stephen Senanayake was the Sinhalese leader and in 1919 formed the United National Party (UNP) to demand independence.

Dondra Head

  1. Dondra Head is a cape on the extreme southern tip of Sri Lanka , in the Indian Ocean , near the small town of Dondra .
  2. Dondra Head was once the capital of the country.


  1. The economy is based on the export of tea, textiles, and rubber.
  2. The economy was crippled, the democratic values of the country threatened, and the national memory scarred.
  3. The economy was very shaky.

Edmund Samarakkody

  1. Edmund Samarakkody was a leading Trotskyist in Sri Lanka and at one time a member of that country's parliament.
  2. Edmund Samarakkody was a leading Trotskyist in Sri Lanka and at one time a member of that countrys parliament.

Elephant Pass

  1. Elephant Pass is a strategic causeway that guards the entrance to the Jaffna peninsula.
  2. Elephant Pass is a symptom of the disease and unless something is done immediately, the nation is doomed.
  3. Elephant Pass was fought to be an impregnable military complex.
  4. Elephant Pass was in many ways a military debacle for Colombo.


  1. EPRLF is a paramilitary that operates with the Sri Lankan armed forces.
  2. The EPRLF is a former militant group with an independent position on the Tamil question.
  3. The EPRLF is a former rebel group turned political party.
  4. The EPRLF is a political group that has representatives in the Sri Lankan parliament and the Razeek group functioned as its de facto military wing.

European Radicals In Sri Lanka

  1. The European Radicals in Sri Lanka were Europeans (or Americans) who went against the colonial system prevailing in Ceylon, as Sri Lanka was then known.

Foreign Relations of Sri Lanka

  1. Pages in category " Foreign relations of Sri Lanka " There are 7 pages in this section of this category.
  2. Wikipedia: Foreign relations of Sri Lanka This article is missing citations or needs footnotes.


  1. A 'hartal' is a mobilisation of mass protest, a total shutdown of workplaces, offices, shops, courts of law etc.
  2. A hartal is a form of general strike , which attempts to bring all commercial activity to a standsstill for a limited period.
  3. Hartal is a destructive action against national interest and economy.
  4. Hartal is a term in many Indian languages for strike action, used often during the Indian Independence Movement.
  5. Hartal is an Indian term for strike action, used often during the Indian independence movement.

Hedi Stadlen

  1. While Hedi Stadlen never rejoined the Communist Party, she never renounced her socialist convictions.
  2. At Cambridge he met his wife, Hedi Stadlen who became one of the leading European Radicals in Sri Lanka.


  1. JAFFNA: AN LTTE TERRORIST, WHO TRIED to cause injuries to troops at POINT PEDRO area Saturday (29) afternoon 2.30 p.m.
  2. Jaffna is a Tamil-majority area controlled by the government, but is cut off from the rest of the island by Tamil Tiger territory.
  3. Jaffna is a city in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka.
  4. Jaffna is a correct point of reference to study the Vellalar history of last 1000 years.
  5. Jaffna is a ghost town.

Jaffna Youth Congress

  1. Jaffna Youth Congress leader K. Balasingham calls for a federation with India to safeguard democratic principles.
  2. The Jaffna Youth Congress rejected the Donoughmore Commission proposals and demanded -Poorana Swaraj,- or complete self-rule.
  3. The first of these organisations was the Jaffna Students--- Congress, founded in 1924 and renamed the Jaffna Youth Congress (JYC) in 1926.


  1. The Japanese were in secret contact with two junior Sri Lankan politicians, JR Jayawardene and Dudley Senanayake.
  2. The Japanese were prepared to arm 16,000.


  1. Katunayake was not a former Prime Minister.

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