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Vivid Phrase

  1. Be able to reduce that benefit to its essence in one vivid phrase or sentence.
  2. One result, in Akhil Reed Amar's vivid phrase, is a judicial lottery.
  3. Its just a rather good vivid phrase giving a graphic impression of heavy rain.

Vivid Picture

  1. The Vivid Picture is a collaborative project, striving to create a vision of a healthy food system for California.

Vivid Ideas

  1. Vivid ideas are typically placed in melody while less vivid motives are used in background patterns.

Distinct Writing

  1. Offerings include individual coaching, writing circles, and three distinct writing programs, all designed to help people overcome their writing hurdles.
  2. Certain American judges are known for their distinct writing styles.
  3. Choose from 4 distinct writing programs.

Vivid Sentences

  1. Now have students help to create more vivid sentences (showing sentences) to replace the ones on the board (telling sentences).


  1. A metaphor is a symbolic comparison used to illustrate a characteristic more vividly.
  2. A metaphor is a form of direct comparison, where one thing is said to be another, directly, by using the verb "to be".
  3. A metaphor is a comparison.
  4. A metaphor is a figure of speech or rhetorical figure.
  5. A metaphor is a figure of speech that uses one thing to mean another and makes a comparison between the two.


  1. Metaphors are defined as comparisons without the use of the words "like" or "as", in the average classroom; these comparisons would be called similes.
  2. Metaphors are comparisons that show how two things that are not alike in most ways are similar in one important way.
  3. Metaphors are especially powerful when used to help understand a concept that is unfamiliar or unapproachable.
  4. Metaphors are a matter of cognition as opposed to language, and are fundamental to conceptualising the world.
  5. Metaphors are a way to describe something.

Descriptive Words

  1. Making lists of descriptive words is a fantastic way of focussing the mind.
  2. Using adverbs and extra descriptive words is a simple and incredibly effective way to add to your post.
  3. Most often a video may be appropriate but does contain descriptive words that are not.

Clever Wordplay

  1. Clever wordplay is a bit of an art.
  2. Clever wordplay is a strong point in their songwriting - akin to Elvis Costello without all the sarcasm.

Lovely Sentences

  1. If I am creating lovely sentences, the cat is going to have to like it or lump it, although she will certainly lump it.
  2. It sounds like you're stretching, trying to find some fancy way to say something, and that's after you've written two lovely sentences.
  3. I like to begin by looking at what makes Welty seem simple (her lovely sentences, her homey metaphors, her "impulse to praise").

Vivid Melodies

  1. This collection contains the more accessible pieces which still have vivid melodies and lush harmonies.
  2. The album is propelled by unconventional rhythms and beats that skitter around vivid melodies.
  3. I kept coming up with these vivid melodies and great ideas for new songs kept coming to me.

Thoughtful Questions

  1. Asking insightful and thoughtful questions is a close second.
  2. The shaping of thoughtful questions is a recurring activity in inquiry-based learning.
  3. Asks few but thoughtful questions.

Literary Techniques

  1. The language and literary techniques used in William Shakespeare's Othello enrich the settings, plot, characters, and themes.
  2. English III The literary techniques used in the short poem First Lesson and the short story Charles are very different.
  3. Each movie has a storyline and contain most of the literary techniques also.

Exact Phrases

  1. That's another reason to bid separately on important exact phrases.
  2. Using quotation marks to match exact phrases is a remarkably effective technique.
  3. The search engine supports the search of exact phrases.


  1. Blogging is a community and a very open and accepting one.
  2. Blogging is a wonderful tapestry of creative artistry from many different artists.
  3. Blogging is like a county fair.
  4. Blogging is like dancing on top of an iceberg, and other Metaphors « J.T’s Productivity Blog 4.
  5. Blogging: The look of your blog is determined by the theme, design layout, art and colors.

Vivid Phrases

  1. Roosevelt's inexhaustible vitality and enthusiasm, aided by his ability to dramatize himself and to coin vivid phrases, made him a popular president.
  2. The pap of predictable platitudes smothers original vivid phrases.
  3. Birkerts is a good writer and tosses off some very vivid phrases in telling this fairly ordinary story.

Deft Phrases

  1. With a few deft phrases she can paint a clear picture of the scene, the person, the politics at play.
  2. In this book, it's not hard to pick out a six good descriptions of a snowfall or a dozen deft phrases for the sunset.
  3. With those few deft phrases, Obama has basically absolved himself of actually having to deliver on any promises what-so-ever if he becomes President.
  4. Right at the beginning, with deft phrases, Furet invokes the revolutionary passions that have guided so much of modern European history.

Vivid Quotations

  1. Using vivid quotations from her interviews, Deutsch tells the story of couples who share parenting equally, and some who don't.
  2. Gracefully written, sparkling with vivid quotations and insightful analysis, The New Imperial Presidency will reward both specialists and students.
  3. It is very well written and brought to life with vivid quotations.

Emotional Language

  1. Emotional language is a preventative tool that every child needs to be gifted with.
  2. Emotional language is a wordless form of communication that everyone, regardless of gender, race, or nationality, understands and responds to.


  1. Informative is a Basotho owned newspaper with the intent and aim of seeing to the growth of Lesotho .
  2. Informative is a marketing software company with offices in countries spread across the globe.

Active Phrases

  1. Use short, active phrases and save the wordy sentences.
  2. These are called passive and active phrases respectively.
  3. We are running about 45K active phrases for this client on each major search engine.


  1. Lojban is designed to be culturally neutral.
  2. Lojban is designed to be used by people in communication with each other, and possibly in the future with computers.
  3. Lojban was designed as a human language, and not as a computer language.

Attention-Getting Words

  1. Some of these attention-getting words are: secret, big, profit, and money.
  2. The title of this article contains at least two attention-getting words.
  3. Other attention-getting words are sale, quick, bargain, and last chance.


  1. Love is an object to be placed on display.
  2. The LOVE IS A JOURNEY metaphor is also closely linked with the LIFE IS A JOURNEY metaphor that influences one's ways of narrating one's life in an analysis.


  1. Lyrics are equally inspired and painfully hokey, oft times rambling incoherently, but sometimes embarrassingly bad.
  2. Lyrics is a very simple piece of software that just shows the lyrics that iTunes is playing in a window.
  3. The lyrics are still great as always have been.
  4. The lyrics are written above.


  1. Information is any type of sensory input.
  2. Information is a quality of a message from a sender to one or more receivers.
  3. Information is any represented pattern.
  4. Information is any type of pattern that influences the formation or transformation of other patterns.
  5. Information is the state of a system of interest.

Deeper Allegories

  1. Read individually, each painting is reflective of the subject matter it portrays, and also deeper allegories, as well as odes to painting and to art history.
  2. Yes, the writers room was thumbing their proverbial "nose" at the audience in one sense but I highly doubt any deeper allegories are at play.
  3. Most have been complimentary but often superficially so, like somebody reading a Camus novel for only its story line and missing deeper allegories.


  1. Marketing is an investment in your company, which is why Vivid Ideas focuses on practical marketing approaches with quantifiable performance measurements.
  2. Marketing is a risky business.


  1. Music is a sound, and can actually echo.
  2. The music was made up on the spot --- I would work out a good setting for a particular line, record it and move on.


  1. A Readable is a source of characters.

Seed Ideas

  1. Seed Ideas is a think tank of experienced individuals from a variety of backgrounds.


  1. Shopping is the best place to comparison shop for Emotional Language: - Myint Oo Book.
  2. Shopping is the best place to comparison shop for Rudhyar Collection of Seed Ideas: - D. Rudhyar Book.
  3. Shopping is the best place to comparison shop for Rudhyar Collection of Seed Ideas: - D. Rudhyar Book.


  1. Sibilance is a natural phenomenon of spoken language.
  2. Sibilance is a one man ambient-drone-prepared-guitar-musique-concrete project and involves an amazing array of instrumentation and techniques.
  3. Sibilance is a problem that every recording engineer dreads -- the singer whose every S and T is accompanied by a burst of high-frequency noise.
  4. Sibilance is a quarterly queer audio magazine, edited and compiled by the folks at Trip Records and Baby Rhino Press.
  5. Sibilance is a situation in which consonants like S's and T's are unduly prominient in speaking or singing.


  1. Roosevelt was a Progressive reformer who sought to move the dominant Republican Party into the Progressive camp.
  2. Roosevelt was a Republican activist during his years in the Assembly, writing more bills than any other New York state legislator.
  3. Roosevelt was a man of great paradox.
  4. Roosevelt was afflicted with asthma as a boy but built himself up with exercise.
  5. Roosevelt was also active generally in world affairs.

Lovely Phrases

  1. An appealing screensaver that has a red background and flowers in each scene with lovely phrases.
  2. This is one of those lovely phrases that lends itself to improvisation.
  3. Ultimately though, it is the sense of site that gives songs of the dancing chicken its alluring cohesiveness and lovely phrases.


  1. The speech was well written and outstandingly delivered.
  2. The speech was well written, but McCain lacked the ability to deliver it the way it was written.


  1. The theory was not merely taken to be true, but came to be taken as definitional.
  2. The theory was that reducing rates on the rich would generate benefits not only for the rich, but also for everyone else.

Lyrical Expressions

  1. Despite the onslaughts and political upheavels, the arts and crafts of the region continued to develop and found lyrical expressions.
  2. His lyrical expressions are baseline from the Last Poets to Arrested Development to Fugees in representing the marginalized.
  3. These lyrical expressions are easier to deal with because through them!.!.!.!.you allow what ails you to become!.!.!.universal in a way!.

Vivid Images

  1. Vivid Images is a family owned and operated business.
  2. Vivid Images is a self sufficient company eager to handle any task you or your company may have.
  3. Vivid Images is a small boutique wedding business.

Original Phrases

  1. This style of rhyming has spread through many English-speaking countries, where the original phrases are supplemented by rhymes created to fit local needs.
  2. Here's an offering that means as much as the original phrases.
  3. The choir gets a shot at singing phrases as well, original phrases.


  1. Words are a poets paint.
  2. The words are nearly the same but the melodies… and the harmonies are rich and full.
  3. The words are prompts for us to map from one conventional image to another.
  4. Words are extremely important to my design process.

Specific Phrases

  1. Around the forums - I can rank for specific phrases but not general ones.
  2. Many sites can rank for very specific phrases but not for the more general phrases.
  3. General phrases such as "real estate" can become extremely costly and unproductive so do not forget to try various long tailed and specific phrases.

Vivid Quotes

  1. More detailed descriptions and vivid quotes from the witnesses can be found in the individual witness testimonies.
  2. Period images and vivid quotes draw readers into each meticulously researched tale.
  3. The book also features vivid quotes from players, caddies, and fans, as well as striking photography, including many images that have never been seen before.


  1. The mapping is a correspondence between features of the source and target domain which can never be perfect.
  2. The mapping is the set of correspondences.


  1. Times are oriented with their fronts in their direction of motion.
  2. Times were tough.


  1. A vehicle is a constructed object.
  2. A vehicle is a superordinate category that includes such basic-level categories as car, train, boat, and plane.
  3. The vehicle is the love relationship itself.
  4. The vehicle is the subject from which the attributes are borrowed.


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