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Song Jiang

  1. Song Jiang is the leader of 108 heros in "Water Margins" novel. (Web site)
  2. Song Jiang was arrested and exiled to Jiangzhou , where he got into deeper trouble by writing a poem urging rebelion against the government.
  3. Song Jiang was arrested and exiled to Jiangzhou, where he got into deeper trouble by writing a poem urging rebellion against the government.
  4. Song Jiang was desperate and boarded Zhang Heng 's boat.
  5. Song Jiang was escorted as a prisoner to Qingzhou, but on the way the Qingfeng bandits attacked the guards and rescued him.

Li Kui

  1. Li Kui was a character in the Chinese folklore novel Water Margin. (Web site)
  2. Li Kui is a character that is very difficult to like, but also very difficult to not like.
  3. Li Kui was so impressed with Jiao Ting and asked for his name, then invited Jiao Ting to join the Liangshan band.
  4. Li Kui was no match with Zhang Shun in water, and was soundly defeated there. (Web site)
  5. Li Kui is a figure in the well-known novel called "The Marshland". (Web site)

Jiao Ting

  1. Jiao Ting was one of the 108 Liangshan heroes found in the epic Chinese tale, the Water Margin.
  2. Jiao Ting was unfazed by both Li Kui's bravado or his fearsome beastly appearance. (Web site)

Fang Jie

  1. Fang Jie is a character in the epic Chinese tale, the Water Margin. (Web site)

Gao Lian

  1. Gao Lian is a character in the epic Chinese novel, the Water Margin.
  2. Gao Lian was a master of sorcery and he defeated the heroes in the first battle by conjuring up a whirlwind.
  3. Gao Lian was also said to know the art of sorcery.
  4. Gao Lian was furious and had Chai Jin locked up in the prison, disregarding Chai Jin's power and status.
  5. Gao Lian was the cousin of Gao Qiu , the high-ranking, but corrupt, official in the Imperial Court and nemesis of the Liangshan heroes.

Fang La

  1. Fang La was a rebel in the Song Dynasty and nemesis of the 108 heroes of Liangshan in the epic Chinese tale, the Water Margin. (Web site)
  2. Fang La was by occupation a ------ or manual labourer.
  3. Fang La was eventually captured after an elaborate infiltration scheme involving Chai Jin and he was gagged and tied up by Lu Zhishen.
  4. Fang La was first defeated by Tong Guan's army, and then crushed by Liu Zhen's army.
  5. Fang La was one of them. (Web site)

Ding De-Sun

  1. Ding De-sun (---------) is a character in the epic Chinese tale the Water Margin.
  2. Gong Wang was Zhang Qing 's loyal servant alongside with Ding De-sun.
  3. Valeureux capitaine aux ordres de Zhang Qing, l'ultime adversaire des bandits, Ding De-Sun a le visage couvert de cicatrice. (Web site)

Dai Zhong

  1. Dai Zhong is a character in the epic Chinese tale, the Water Margin. (Web site)
  2. Dai Zhong was said to posses a method that allowed him to travel through great distances in a small amount of time.

Hua Rong

  1. Hua Rong is also a major character in the epics of Chinese tale called Water Margin.
  2. Hua Rong was actually a military commander of the Qingfeng Fort in the province of Qingzhou before he joined the Liangshan cause.
  3. Hua Rong was also a part of the various military campaigns which were organized against the imperial troops.
  4. Hua Rong was born with red lips and white teeth, a handsome and youthful face, with a narrow waist and broad shoulders. (Web site)
  5. Hua Rong was one of the last heroes standing after Liangshan was granted amnesty and fought against the enemies of the government.

Huang Wenbing

  1. Huang Wenbing was an official in the Chinese Water Margin who almost caused Song Jiang to be executed. (Web site)
  2. Huang Wenbing was an official in the Chinese novel Water Margin who almost caused Song Jiang to be executed.

Gu Dasao

  1. Gu Dasao was one of the rare female characters amongst the 108 Liangshan heroes in the Water Margin. (Web site)
  2. Gu Dasao was also his sister-in-law, of which Xie Zhen and Xie Bao were her cousins. (Web site)
  3. Gu Dasao was one of the rare female characters amongst the 108 Liangshan heroes in the epic Chinese tale, the Water Margin.
  4. Gu Dasao was one of the three female characters among the Liangshan heroes and was married to Sun Xin. (Web site)

Huyuan Zhuo

  1. Huyuan Zhuo is a greatly respected hero in Liangshan in the Water Margin.

Meng Kang

  1. Meng Kang was one of the 108 Liangshan bandits in the epic Chinese tale, the Water Margin. (Web site)
  2. Meng Kang was also in the ranks at this time. (Web site)
  3. Meng Kang was tall and had a pale complexion, thus earning him the nickname 'Jade flagpole' (玉幡竿).
  4. Meng Kang was trapped and eventually blasted into bits by cannon fire.
  5. Meng Kang was trapped and eventually killed by cannon fire (which hit his head).

Shi Jin

  1. Shi Jin is the first hero to appear in the novel. (Web site)
  2. Shi Jin was impressed and was willing to be Wang’s disciple, learning martial arts from the instructor. (Web site)
  3. Shi Jin was moved and he released Chen.
  4. Shi Jin was touched and he released Chen Da. (Web site)
  5. Shi Jin was touched by their strong sense of brotherhood and immediately released Chen.

Zhou Tong

  1. Zhou Tong was a master archer. (Web site)
  2. Zhou Tong was also master of an ancient art known as "Elephant Style".<ref In Chinese, elephant is pronounced Xi--ng (---).
  3. Zhou Tong was also master of an ancient art only known as " Elephant ". (Web site)
  4. Zhou Tong was ambushed by Lu Zhishen and given a good beating.
  5. Zhou Tong was impressed and agreed to give up his position and allow Li Zhong to be the new chief, which Li agreed.

Water Margin

  1. The Water Margin was a successful Japanese television adaptation of the story, which was sold to many other countries.
  2. The Water Margin was in fact written by Shi Nai Yan and edited by Luo Guan Zong as mentioned in a symposium for the Water Margin. (Web site)
  3. Water Margin is a classic text; there are some at most 200 characters in Water Margin. (Web site)
  4. Water Margin is a well known novel from China, featuring about 108 heroes gathered at Mount `Liang Shang`.
  5. Water Margin is generally based upon the historical bandit Song Jiang (------) and his 36 companions. (Web site)
  6. The Water Margin is one of the four greatest Chinese novels in history and is a folk legend very similar to ‘Robin Hood’. (Web site)
  7. The water margin are a 4 piece heavy metal band from a small town called pontefract. (Web site)

Jiang Jing

  1. Jiang Jing (------), nicknamed the 'Magic Mathematician' (---------), was a figure in the epic Chinese tale, the Water Margin. (Web site)
  2. Then, Jiang Jing went back to Tanzhou and lived peacefully as a commoner.
  3. Jiang Jing became an accountant in Liangshan, and was in charge of making records of their exports and imports of provisions.

An Dao-Quan

  1. An Dao-quan was one of the two physicians amongst the 108 Liangshan heroes in the classic Chinese tale, the Water Margin.

Bai Sheng

  1. Despite facing severe torture, Bai Sheng refused to disclose the names of the other people who robbed the birthday gifts.
  2. Chao Gai and his friends then later bought the wine which was not drugged from Bai Sheng and drank it, showing the guards that the wine was alright.
  3. Huangni Ridge was located near Anle Village, so Chao and his friends stayed at Bai Sheng's house and waited.


  1. Bandits are find in the southeast of the lake in WSC(after the snakes).
  2. The bandits are always portrayed in an excellent light no matter what they do.

Bao Xu

  1. Bao Xu was originally a bandit king on Kushu Mountain in Kouzhou.


  1. The brothers were born in a wealthy family in Jieyang Town. (Web site)
  2. The brothers were bribed by Lu's servant to kill Lu, but the intervention of Chai Jin saved the day.
  3. The brothers were ferrymen on the Yangtze River, though Zhang Shun later became a fish market owner. (Web site)
  4. The brothers were later reunited after a long period of time.
  5. The brothers were well-known in the town and had a great influence on the people.

Cai Fu

  1. Cai Fu was from Beijing and served as an executioner in the prison.

Cai Jing

  1. Cai Jing was furious when he heard that his birthday gifts had been robbed and ordered the local government to arrest the robbers.

Cai Jiu

  1. Cai Jiu was furious and had Dai Zong arrested as well and both Song and Dai were to be executed.
  2. Cai Jiu was furious and had Dai Zong arrested as well.

Cai Qing

  1. Cai Qing was one of the survivors after the deadly battle against Fang La .
  2. Cai Qing was the younger brother of Cai Fu, and served as an executioner and jailer in Damingfu, Beijing with his brother.

Chai Jin

  1. Chai Jin was always willing to help those in need, and got to know many heroes, thus he was greatly respected and loved by the people.
  2. Chai Jin was appointed one of the two treasurers. (Web site)
  3. Chai Jin was born with eyebrows like those of a dragon, eyes like a phoenix's and red lips with white teeth. (Web site)
  4. Chai Jin was rescued after being hidden in a dry well by Gao Lian for days.

Chao Gai

  1. Chao Gai was drinking wine with Wu Yong, Gongsun Sheng and Liu Tang beneath a grape arbor in the rear garden. (Web site)
  2. Chao Gai was elected leader of the Liangshan bandits.
  3. Chao Gai was then elected to be the new leader.

Chen Da

  1. Once, Chen Da ignored Zhu Wu's warnings and went to attack Shi Jin 's village, but was caught by Shi Jin.
  2. Chief of a gang with Chen Da and Yang Chun, he will first fight against Shi Jin.
  3. When Chen Da wanted to lead the bandits to rob a county for food, Zhu Wu and Yang Chun warned Chen Da about Shi Jin, but Chen Da went anyway.


  1. An Daoquan was from Jiankangfu, and inherited medical skills passed down by his ancestors.
  2. An Daoquan was then forced to join Liangshan.

Deng Fei

  1. Deng Fei was Yang Lin 's friend, and once Yang Lin and Dai Zong passed by Yinma River, they met Deng Fei and his gang, then became fast friends.
  2. Deng Fei was furious and tried to avenge Suo, but Shi Bao was faster than him, and eventually Deng Fei was sliced into two by Shi Bao.

Dong Ping

  1. Dong Ping is the military commander of DongPing.

Duan Jing-Zhu

  1. Because of his red hair and yellow beard, Duan Jing-zhu is called the Golden Dog.
  2. Duan Jing-zhu, also known as the Golden Dog wishes to offer a beautiful white-haired horse to Song Jiang because he heard of his worth and sense of justice.
  3. This wonderful horse belongs to a prince of the Jing Kingdom but, on his way back, Duan Jing-Zhu has been stolen away by the 5 sons of Zeng family.

Du Qian

  1. Du Qian was one of the pioneers of Liangshan.

Du Xing

  1. Du Xing happened to be the housekeeper of Li Ying, the master of the Li Family Village.
  2. Du Xing spent his time in prison by chatting with the chief jailer Yang Xiong about martial arts, and they became good friends.
  3. Du Xing also decided to resign and he went back with Li Ying, where he enjoyed a peaceful and luxurious life till the end of his days.

Fang Xi

  1. Fang Xi was by occupation a lumberjack.
  2. Fang Xi was by occupation a ------ or manual labourer.
  3. Fang Xi was eventually captured after an elaborate infiltration scheme involving Chai Jin and he was gagged and tied up by Lu Zhishen.
  4. Fang Xi was one of them; the others being Tian Hu and Wang Qing.


  1. The fight was later stopped by Zhang Qing who returned home and he became sworn brothers with Wu Song as well.
  2. The fight was probably fought by local rules rather than London rules. (Web site)

Gao Qiu

  1. Gao Qiu is also the cousin of Gao Lian, an equally corrupt government official. (Web site)
  2. Gao Qiu was furious with Lu and ordered the temple abbot to chase Lu out.

Gongsun Sheng

  1. Gongsun Sheng was ranked fourth, Guan Sheng fifth, while Lin Chong was ranked sixth. (Web site)

Gong Wang

  1. Gong Wang is called the Flowery Necked Tiger because he has a tiger tattoed all over his body, with its head decorating his neck.
  2. Gong Wang was Zhang Qing 's loyal servant alongside with Ding De-sun.


  1. The governor was delighted and despatched Li Yun with another thirty men to escort Li Kui back to the county office.
  2. The governor was shaken, but Dong Ping calmed him down and suggested killing the envoys.

Guan Sheng

  1. Guan Sheng is a Taiwan-based telescope manufacturer.
  2. Guan Sheng is a leader in optical telescopes and accessories and their products have established a proven reputation in the Amateur Astronomy community.
  3. Guan Sheng was some sort of -police-chief.- Xuan Zan was a low ranking officer because he fell out of favor with his father-in-law, the Jun-Prince.
  4. Guan Sheng was tricked into a trap by Huyuan Zhuo and was caught.

Guan Yu

  1. Guan Yu is a playable character in the Koei game Dynasty Warriors. (Web site)
  2. Guan Yu is a playable warrior with his own pack of support cards in the second set of Anachronism (game). (Web site)
  3. Guan Yu is also a playable character in the game Sangokushi. (Web site)
  4. Guan Yu is the guardian of the temple and the garden in which it stands. (Web site)
  5. Guan Yu was also a year older than Liu Bei, not younger. (Web site)

Guo Sheng

  1. Song Jiang managed to persuade Lu Fang and Guo Sheng to join the Liangshan band.
  2. After Song Jiang had obtained amnesty from the emperor, Guo Sheng followed the heroes on their campaigns.
  3. In Jinyong 's Legend of the Condor Heroes, Guo Sheng was said to be the ancestor of the protagonist Guo Jing.

Han Tao

  1. Han Tao was from Dongjing and proved to be excellent in martial arts.
  2. Han Tao was from Dongjing(not Tokyo ), and proved to be excellent in martial arts.

Hao Si-Wen

  1. Only 30-odd heroes survived the brutal war, and many of them were killed by Fang's men in gruesome ways, such as Qin Ming and Hao Si-wen.
  2. Fang is best known as one of the southern rebel Fang La 's officers, and he was the one who killed Liangshan 's Hao Si-wen in battle.
  3. Chaudement recommandé par Hao Si-wen, il prendra les commandes de son avant-garde aux côtés de Han Tao. (Web site)

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