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Wireless Stubs

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Discontinuous Reception

  1. The discontinuous reception module 394 can enable a discontinuous reception based on detecting the unrecoverable radio block.
  2. The discontinuous reception module 394 can additionally enable a discontinuous reception by ignoring remaining bursts in the radio block.
  3. More particularly, the present disclosure is directed to enabling discontinuous reception based on detecting bad received bursts in a radio block.


  1. Fido is a registered trademark of Microcell Solutions Inc.
  2. Fido is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rogers Wireless.


  1. AirSnort is a Linux utility (using GTK+ ) for decrypting WEP encryption on an 802.11b network.
  2. AirSnort is a wireless LAN (WLAN) tool that recovers encryption keys.
  3. AirSnort is a wireless LAN (WLAN) tool which cracks encryption keys on 802.11b WEP networks. (Web site)
  4. AirSnort is a wireless LAN (WLAN) tool which recovers encryption keys.
  5. AirSnort is a wireless LAN tool which recovers encryption keys. (Web site)


  1. Alltel is a customer-focused communications company with more than 13 million customers in 27 states and $8 billion in annual revenues.
  2. Alltel is a customer-focused communications company with more than 15 million customers in 36 states and nearly $10 billion in annual revenues. (Web site)
  3. Alltel is a major sponsor of the #12 Dodge Charger driven by Ryan Newman in the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup series. (Web site)
  4. Alltel is the first cell phone company to make fun of other major companies through its advertising. (Web site)
  5. Alltel is the nation-s fifth-largest wireless company with 11 million customers in 35 states.


  1. AMBE is a speech coding standard developed by Digital Voice Systems, Inc.
  2. AMBE is based on Codebooks and works at a sampling rate of 8 kHz in frames of 20 ms.


  1. Amena is a member of the Starmap Mobile Alliance.
  2. Amena is a mobile telecom operator operating in Spain.
  3. Amena is a mobile telecommunications company in Spain.
  4. Amena is a provider of mobile telephony services that operates only in Spain.
  5. Amena is a unit of French telecommunications major France Telecom.


  1. AMPS is a first-generation cellular technology.
  2. AMPS was introduced in 1983.
  3. AMPS was the first analog system used for providing cellular phone service.

Am Stereo

  1. AM STEREO is a fabulous concept, but almost 97% of all radio listeners don't listen to AM STEREO. In and of itself, it's a great idea, but it never took off.
  2. AM Stereo is a robust analog system that has been optimized for high performance reception and audio quality even with weak, distant signals.


  1. AnchorFree is a privately held company based in Sunnyvale, California. (Web site)
  2. AnchorFree is a revolutionary location-based advertising network that reaches consumers on-line and on the go at wi-fi hotspots.
  3. AnchorFree is a revolutionary location-based advertising network that reaches consumers online and on the go at Wi-Fi hotspots.


  1. The article is a nice introduction to the television-to-cellular market, if you're new to the concept. (Web site)
  2. The article is a nice introduction to the television-to-cellular market, if you're new to the concept. (Web site)
  3. The article was a data survey conducted my Gomez - a company that measures the experiences of online shoppers.
  4. The article was written using on a box running Red Hat 9, but the same procedure should yield the same results on any Linux distro. (Web site)


  1. Asurion is a wireless insurance company that replaces your lost, broken or stolen phones. (Web site)
  2. Asurion is a leading provider of wireless equipment management and protection, with over 14 million customers.
  3. Asurion is a leading global provider of enhanced services to the mobile industry with over 50 million wireless subscribers.


  1. In Finland, car phone service was first available in 1971 on the zero-generation ARP (Autoradiopuhelin, or Car Radiophone) service.
  2. ARP ( Autoradiopuhelin, "car radio phone") was the first commercially operated public mobile phone network in Finland. (Web site)


  1. BandPlan is a simply Palm OS based application that lets an Amateur Radio operator consult the agreed upon Amateur Radio Band Plan.

Blackberry Thumb

  1. BlackBerry thumb is a colloquialism for a specific type of repetitive strain injury (RSI) affecting the thumb.
  2. Blackberry Thumb is the repetitive ailment that is caused by overuse of the handheld. (Web site)
  3. Blackberry thumb is a real affliction, and there are ways to prevent it from happening.
  4. Blackberry thumb is the name for a new malady afflicting thousands of Americans, and probably millions around the world, each day. (Web site)


  1. LoveGety was the inspiration for countless bluetooth -enabled matchmaking services for mobile phones, see Bluedating.
  2. Wireless dating, Widating or Bluedating (from Bluetooth) is a form of dating which makes use of mobile phone and Bluetooth technologies. (Web site)
  3. It uses material from the "Bluedating". (Web site)

Boost Mobile

  1. Boost Mobile is a lifestyle-based youth brand focussing on offering communications products and services. (Web site)
  2. Boost Mobile is a lifestyle-based youth brand presently focused on offering premium communications products and services.
  3. Boost Mobile is a prepaid cell phone company operating on Nextel's nationwide network. (Web site)
  4. Boost Mobile is a product of Sprint Nextel that focuses on offering premium Pay-As-You-Go wireless phones and services.
  5. Boost Mobile is the only pay-as-you-go wireless phone service that offers the unique Boost 2Way walkie-talkie feature.

Broadband Wireless Access

  1. Broadband wireless access is a next-generation technology that is quick to install, cost-effective, fast, and reliable. (Web site)
  2. Broadband wireless access is a technology aimed at providing wireless access to data networks , with high data rates.


  1. The BUC is a very dumb device compared to a transceiver.
  2. Buc is a graduate of Brown University and the University of Virginia School of Law.
  3. Buc is a partner in the Washington, D.C. law firm Buc & Beardsley.


  1. Celcom is a cellular phone Network in Liberia.
  2. Celcom is a subsidiary of the TM Group.
  3. Celcom is a trailblazer when it comes to forming strategic MVNOs.
  4. Celcom is a wholly-owned company of Telekom Malaysai and a mobile communications provider in Malaysia.
  5. Celcom is the country's most experienced and largest mobile cellular telecommunications company.


  1. China is the world’s largest cell phone market and is using CDMA 1x and UMTS (W-CDMA) standards. (Web site)
  2. China is the world's largest mobile market, with 340 million subscribers at the end of January, about a quarter of the country's 1.3 billion people.

Cordless Telephone

  1. A cordless telephone is a combination of a telephone , and a radio transmitter and receiver.

Cricket Communications

  1. Cricket Communications - A subisdary of Leap Wireless, Cricket Communications provides mobile phone services to residents of the United States.
  2. Cricket Communications is a leading provider of innovative and value-driven wireless communications services.
  3. Cricket Communications is the affordable wireless carrier, with great cell phone deals and low-priced wireless service plans.


  1. Datacasting is a method for allowing preparedness and response agencies to communicate over a secure wireless network.
  2. Datacasting is a still largely speculative technology and service.
  3. Datacasting is a technology that allows KET to transmit information to computers statewide. (Web site)
  4. Datacasting is a term which can be used to describe the transmission of data using the radiofrequency spectrum. (Web site)
  5. Datacasting is the broadcasting of data over a wide area via radio waves. (Web site)


  1. Debitel is a German mobile phone operator that has filed a complaint with Germany---s telecoms regulator about T-Mobile---s iPhone deal.

Dewayne Hendricks

  1. Dewayne Hendricks was 12 years old when a friend’s father in his middle-class Detroit neighborhood showed him a ham radio. (Web site)


  1. DiGi is a fully-fledged member of the global Telenor Group and plays an important role in the Group's future plans.
  2. DiGi is a subsidiary of the Norwegian Telenor Group.
  3. DiGi is a successful company.
  4. DiGi is the first telco to launch the prepaid concept for mobile services in Malaysia and till today; DiGi remains the market leader.
  5. Digi is a registered trademark of Digi International, Inc.


  1. Digicel is a leading wireless services provider in the Caribbean region.
  2. Digicel is a major partner of football in the region. (Web site)
  3. Digicel is a mobile phone network provider in the Caribbean region. (Web site)
  4. Digicel is a pioneering mobile company that has revolutionised the wireless sector in Jamaica and beyond. (Web site)
  5. Digicel is a proud sponsor of Fiji Rugby and is title sponsor of the Digicel Pacific Islanders Team, and of the Digicel Fiji Sevens Team. (Web site)

Dobson Cellular

  1. Dobson Cellular is a wireless telecommunications (i. (Web site)
  2. Dobson Cellular is a wireless telecommunications (i.e.


  1. DoJa is a trademark of NTT DoCoMo in Japan and other countries.
  2. DoJa is a version of Java designed by NTT DoCoMo.
  3. DoJa is the Java profile used by NTT DoCoMo for their i-mode--- service.


  1. As a result, varying power relations to the dedicated uplink channels (DPCCH and DPDCH) are obtained. (Web site)
  2. E-DPCCH shall not be transmitted in a slot unless DPCCH is also transmitted in the same slot. (Web site)
  3. The E-DPDCH slot formats, corresponding rates and number of bits are specified in Table A. The E-DPCCH slot format is listed in Table B. (Web site)


  1. The DPDCH is a channel that includes actual data of a user.
  2. The DPDCH is used for transmitting a dedicated channel (hereinafter referred to simply as DCH).

Dual Band

  1. Dual Band is a digital cellular technology. (Web site)
  2. Dual band is a better product.


  1. Enfora is a global leader in enabling wireless communications across a myriad of industries and applications.
  2. Enfora is a leader in enabling wireless data solutions to enhance mobility and data access from remote locations for public and corporate sectors.
  3. Enfora was formed as an independent company in 1999 as a result of a spin-off of the wireless division of Inet Technologies, Inc.
  4. Enfora was formed as an independent company in 1999.

Ericsson Mobile Platforms

  1. Ericsson Mobile Platforms are proven and tested to secure final product quality and interoperability.
  2. Ericsson Mobile Platforms is a business unit within the Ericsson Group. (Web site)
  3. Ericsson Mobile Platforms is a leading platform provider offering complete solutions for GPRS, EDGE and WCDMA products. (Web site)
  4. Ericsson Mobile Platforms is a leading provider of state-of-the-art platforms for mobile phones and other wireless devices.
  5. Ericsson Mobile Platforms is the world's leading 3G-platform provider. (Web site)


  1. Etecsa, controlled 73% by the government and 27% by Telecom Italia, holds a monopoly in both fixed and mobile services. (Web site)
  2. At a later date, Telecom Italia will integrate its 29 per cent investment in Cuban operator, Etecsa, into Cable & Wireless West Indies.
  3. Welcome to ETECSA [products page].


  1. FOMA is a modified version of UMTS Release 99 with an initial data rate of 64 Kbps.
  2. FOMA is a registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo Inc.
  3. FOMA is a registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo.
  4. FOMA is a trademark or registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
  5. FOMA was the world's first W-CDMA 3G service when launched in 2001.

Fractal Antenna

  1. Fractal antenna is a new member in the family of antennas. (Web site)

Frequency Allocation

  1. Sagem claims to have developed a GSM direct mode, not currently recognised in the GSM-R specification, and has no frequency allocation. (Web site)
  2. These are the parts of the radio spectrum, and not its frequency allocation. (Web site)


  1. GSM-R are typically implemented using dedicated base station towers close to the railway.
  2. GSM-R is a GSM based communications platform and is currently being adopted as the new European standard for railway communications. (Web site)
  3. GSM-R is a GSM-based communications platform which is currently being introduced as the European standard for railway communications. (Web site)
  4. GSM-R is a communications platform based on GSM which is currently being introduced as the European standard for railway communications.
  5. GSM-R is a communications system for railway networks based on GSM technologies.


  1. HICAP was established as part of a Farhan Commercial expansion program and as an answer to servicing the various technical needs of its growing client base.
  2. Hicap is a mobile technology developed by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone as a higher capacity alternative to their NTT mobile solution.

Hidden Node Problem

  1. Hidden node problem is a hard problem because it is difficult to detect hidden nodes in a wireless network, esp., in a multi-hop mesh network.
  2. The hidden node problem is a special case of the type I collision.
  3. The hidden node problem is a well known WiFi issue. (Web site)


  1. HomeRF is a personal area network (PAN) standard which was compared to Bluetooth in its early days.
  2. HomeRF is a wireless networking specification (Shared Wireless Access Protocol-SWAP) for home devices to share data.
  3. HomeRF is an open industry specification that works in the unlicensed 2.4 GHz frequency band and uses frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology.
  4. HomeRF was developed by the HomeRF Working Group, a consortium of mobile wireless companies that includes Siemens AG and Motorola .

Houston Cellular

  1. Houston Cellular is a Houston -born and Houston -based company with a truly global point of view. (Web site)
  2. Houston Cellular is a partnership owned by AT&T and BellSouth.
  3. Houston Cellular was a Houston -based cell phone company which provided AMPS and D-AMPS (TDMA) service in the Greater Houston area. (Web site)
  4. Houston Cellular was part of AT&T in some way but recently the name changed to Cingular. (Web site)

Htc Wizard

  1. The HTC Wizard is a Windows Mobile 5.0 cellular phone with a sliding QWERTY keyboard and a great little form factor.
  2. The HTC Wizard is a brilliant Pocket PC with advanced features and capabilities.

Ice Wireless

  1. ICE Wireless is the first GSM carrier in Yukon and the Northwest Territories , in the extreme north of Canada .
  2. Ice Wireless is a partnership between New North Networks in Inuvik and development corporations in the Yukon.

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