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  1. A Glyph is the visual representation of a character in a font.
  2. A glyph is a representation of a character.
  3. A glyph is an element of writing.
  4. A glyph is a fancy word for a shape.
  5. A glyph is a graphical representation of a character.


  1. Conversely, the ascent spans the distance between the baseline and the top of the glyph that reaches farthest from the baseline.
  2. In graphonomics, the term glyph is used for a non-character, i.e: either a sub-character or multi-character pattern.
  3. Such a packaged glyph is called a glyphlet.
  4. It did not yet support contextual alternates, positional forms, nor glyph reordering as handled by Microsoft's Uniscribe library on Windows.
  5. In the MMORPG MapleStory there's a quest item called "Hyper Glyph".


  1. For Indic scripts, the only features that are necessary are glyph re-ordering and substitution.
  2. This is a particular win for documents that use ideographic scripts, where the glyph complement of the base font can be very large.


  1. If , for example, the font does have an alternative glyph for the sequence lam yeh reh , then a kashida should not be inserted between them.
  2. Within `gtroff', all glyph names of a particular font are defined in its font file.
  3. This was because TeX natively uses bitmap fonts A bitmap font is one that stores each glyph as an array of pixels (that is, a bitmap).


  1. AAT features do not alter the underlying characters, but do affect their representation during glyph conversion.
  2. AAT font features do not alter the underlying typed text, they only affect the characters' representation during glyph conversion.
  3. Text fonts with extended glyph sets and advanced typographic OpenType features.


  1. Multiple master fonts lacked the controls for alternate glyphs and languages provided by OpenType, but provided more control over glyph shape.
  2. Glyph substitution is just one way OpenType Layout extends font capabilities.
  3. OpenType Layout fonts contain a table that provides a client with information about possible glyph substitutions.
  4. OpenType Layout fonts include information to support features for two-dimensional positioning and glyph attachment.


  1. A proportional typeface displays glyphs using varying widths, while a non-proportional or fixed-width or monospaced typeface uses fixed glyph widths.
  2. A simple proportional font will specify the right and left boundaries, called sidebearings, of each glyph.


  1. Few modern typefaces or fonts include a glyph for the interrobang character.
  2. Wikipedia: glyph variant glyphs representing the character a (allographs of a) in the Zapfino typeface.
  3. Consider the following translation: .tr e'E' This maps input character `e'' onto glyph `E'', which is identical to glyph `char201'.


  1. Smartfont systems are font rendering systems that have advanced typographic features such as choosing the proper glyph automatically.
  2. TrueType systems include a virtual machine that executes programs inside the font, processing the "hints" of the glyph s.


  1. Glyph (1) The actual shape (bit pattern, outline) of a character image.
  2. These distort the control points which define the outline, with the intention that the rasterizer produces fewer undesirable features on the glyph.


  1. This displays correctly only if your Unicode font includes the U+0329 glyph and your browser supports combining diacritical marks.
  2. In versions of Unicode up to and including 5.0, -- iotified shared codepoints with --, the actual glyph being dependent upon the font.


  1. Advanced features, such as ligatures, glyph variations, kerning information and small caps, could be used by any GX enabled application.
  2. An alternative is to have ligatures for common glyph combinations, such as the French L'., or the combinations ff, fi and ffi.


  1. This is the descriptor for the number of the glyph representation widths.
  2. Certainly one could think of a Unicode font with several thousand glyphs where each glyph is directly a representation of a syllable.


  1. The OpenType font format includes features for associating multiple glyphs with a single glyph, used for ligature substitution.
  2. In Middle East Windows 95, the operating system itself handles glyph substitution, using data in the GSUB table of each font.

Zero Width

  1. Among the three, the middle glyph has zero width, with the corresponding ligature drawn on the left of the vertical axis.
  2. If one uses zero width glyphs in a font, the same final result can be obtained but only by specifying a code for each glyph.


  1. A character or grapheme is a unit of text, whereas a glyph is a graphical unit.
  2. In typography, a glyph is the shape given in a particular typeface to a specific grapheme or symbol.


  1. Number sign is one name for the symbol #, and is the preferred Unicode name for the codepoint represented by that glyph.
  2. An asterisk ( *) is a typographical symbol or glyph.
  3. In archaeology, a glyph is a carved or inscribed symbol.
  4. For the punk rock band, see Double Dagger (band).A dagger (---, †, U+ 2020) is a typographical symbol or glyph.


  1. Also see character encoding, glyph, keyboard layout.
  2. To retrieve glyphs, the client uses information in the "cmap" table of the font, which maps the client's character codes to glyph indices in the table.
  3. A TrueType font is a collection of several tables that contain different types of data: glyph outlines, metrics, bitmaps, mapping information, and much more.


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