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  1. Gordy, an admirer of the Matadors, took the song to the group, and got them a deal with End Records.
  2. Gordy was the seventh of eight children born to the middle class family of Berry Gordy, Sr.
  3. Gordy was also responsible for Tammi changing her stage name to Tammi Terrell to commemorate her fresh start with Motown.
  4. Gordy was impressed by Marvin's talent as a piano player and drummer and signed him as a session drummer for Motown.
  5. Gordy was brought up in a tight-knit family with strong morals.

Kennedy Gordy

  1. Kennedy Gordy born March 15, 1964 is the son of Berry Gordy and Berry's ex-girlfriend Margaret Norton.

Jackie Wilson

  1. In the late- 1950s, he and collaborator Berry Gordy wrote a number of hit songs for Jackie Wilson.

Michael Hayes

  1. Michael Hayes joined Gordy and Roberts at the ring.

Terry Gordy

  1. He had just teamed with Terry Gordy and Buddy Roberts as the "Blackbird" in their feud with Michael Hayes.

First Time

  1. Also on the card, Terry Gordy and Steve Williams become the first time to win All-Japan's annual tag team tournament in consecutive years.


  1. Mable John Mable John (born November 3, 1930) is an American blues vocalist who was the first female signed by Berry Gordy to Motown's Tamla label.


  1. Gordy and his colleague Billy Davis had written a song called "Got a Job" as an answer song to "Get A Job", a recent hit by The Silhouettes.

Former Member

  1. Gordy recruited a former member of The Velvelettes, Betty Kelly, to replace her.

Big Time

  1. Crestfallen, Gordy and Sean track King down to convince him to take another shot at the big time.

Country Singers

  1. A host of country singers perform, as well as a surprise speech from President Bill Clinton (just an impersonator) who unveils a new stamp of Gordy.

Motown Sound

  1. Dominated by Berry Gordy 's Motown empire and often referred to as the " Motown Sound ", Detroit soul is strongly rhythmic and influenced by gospel.

Smokey Robinson

  1. Gordy some how convinced Rick James to give song writer credits to Smokey Robinson.
  2. Gaye played golf in the 1960s with a Motown clique that included Smokey Robinson and Berry Gordy Jr., both accomplished golfers.


  1. During his travels, Gordy meets a group of country singers, becomes a model and saves the grandson of a millionaire.
  2. When The Jackson 5 left Motown, Jermaine left the group and stayed at Motown, as he was married to Hazel Gordy, the daughter of Motown owner Berry Gordy.


  1. If Berry Gordy had a good song every act on the label might record it, until HE liked it.


  1. A year later, Gordy would have his head slammed by the cage door from Fritz Von Erich, in retaliation.
  2. The Bass Brothers also head a Detroit record label called Web Entertainment, home to both rock artists (The Romantics) and hip-hop acts (King Gordy).
  3. R&B legend Smokey Robinson wrote it specifically for the group in collaboration with Barry Gordy, head of Motown Records.


  1. Gordy turned to a song writer by the name of Rick James to update the Motown sound.


  1. Without Wilson and Gordy, the Holloway girls penned 'Bah-Bah-Bah', a track that appeared on Diana Ross and the Supremes' 1968 album 'Reflections'.
  2. Under advisement from Berry Gordy, Wilson declined to reunite, and the idea was scrapped.


  1. As a groggy Hayes had Luger pinned, Luger put his foot on the ropes trying to negate the pin but Gordy removed his foot.


  1. In 1957, Wilson recorded Reet Petite, a song Gordy had co-written with his sister Gwen and writer-producer Billy Davis.
  2. Through his sister Gwen, Gordy met a local manager named Al Green; when one of his new acts, Jackie Wilson, needed a song, Berry was the man who provided it.
  3. Instead of buying the song for Wilson, Gordy offered Wells a contract as an artist.


  1. Hayes and Gordy won the Mid-South tag titles for the first time on November 24, 1979, defeating Bill Watts and Col.
  2. The Freebirds were last together when Hayes, Gordy, and Garvin worked for the Global Wrestling Federation in 1994, ending the group after 15 years.
  3. Hayes feuded with Luger and won the U.S. Title from him after Terry Gordy surprised everybody and interfered in the match.

Berry Gordy

  1. In the 1980s, he became head of the Motown Records Group and worked with Berry Gordy, Jr.
  2. In late 1963, Berry Gordy chose Diana Ross as the official lead singer of the group.
  3. Berry Gordy got his start as a songwriter for local Detroit acts such as Jackie Wilson and The Matadors.


  1. When Whitfield presented "Grapevine" to Berry Gordy, the producer was stunned when Gordy turned it down sensing the song "wasn't a hit" and that "it sucked".
  2. Thanks to the intercession of a friend, Wonder was introduced to Berry Gordy, president of Detroit-based Motown Records, and Gordy 's producer Brian Holland.
  3. Although he was named "Berry Gordy, Jr.", Gordy is technically "Berry Gordy III", because his paternal grandfather was also named Berry Gordy.


  1. In 1958, Robinson met songwriter Berry Gordy, who co-wrote for them the single "Got a Job", an answer song to the Silhouettes' hit single "Get a Job".
  2. Robinson is one of the primary figures associated with Motown, second only to the company's founder, Berry Gordy.


  1. Setting up a publishing company, Gordy met a young singer named William "Smokey" Robinson, who fronted a group called the Miracles.
  2. The original record label credits Bill "Smokey" Robinson as the writer, with Berry Gordy as producer.


  1. Gordy subsequently requested an entire album of similar tracks from Gaye.
  2. After a concert in Detroit, Michigan, Gaye was recruited for a solo career by Berry Gordy, Jr.
  3. While working out the song, Gaye mentioned he had his first "major" power struggle with Motown head Berry Gordy over its composition.


  1. Ballard was replaced in the Supremes by Gordy with Cindy Birdsong, a member of Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles.
  2. Gordy gave Ballard a list of names to choose from; she chose The Supremes, which both Wilson and Ross disliked at first, thinking it too masculine.

Diana Ross

  1. In early 1967, it was announced that Gordy would be changing the group's name to "Diana Ross & the Supremes".
  2. Beginning in 1968, Berry Gordy commissioned a number of collaborations for the Temptations with Diana Ross & the Supremes.
  3. Rhonda Ross Kendrick is the daughter of Gordy and his most successful female Motown artist, Diana Ross, with whom he had a five year relationship.


  1. Gordy said he immediately wanted to bring Gaye to Motown after seeing him perform, impressed by his vocals and piano playing.
  2. Shortly afterwards, the Temptations met with Smokey Robinson and Berry Gordy, and the group re-signed with Motown in 1980.
  3. Quiet a few years ago I saw a television show in celebration of either diana ross, berry gordy or just a Celebration of Motown.


  1. Gordy instead had the song released as the final Diana Ross & the Supremes single, though neither Mary Wilson nor Cindy Birdsong sang on the record.
  2. Gaye refused to record any more until Gordy gave in and the song became a surprise hit in January 1971.
  3. In 1961 Reeves was hired as a secretary at Motown and by 1962 had convinced Gordy to record her group.


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