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  1. The Gospel of Peter is a second-century gospel known, like the Gospel of Thomas, from two separate discoveries.
  2. The Gospel of Peter is a fragmentary gospel discovered in 1886 in Egypt.
  3. The Gospel of Peter was a prominent passion narrative in the early history of Christianity, but over time passed out of common usage. (Web site)
  4. The Gospel of Peter was probably composed in the second half of the first century, most likely in western Syria. (Web site)

Gospel of Peter

  1. However, the Gospel of Peter was condemned as heretical after the time of Eusebius, for its alleged docetic elements.
  2. It is quite possible that he was referring to another Gospel Of Peter which perhaps is evidenced by two papyrus fragments: P.Oxy 4009 and P.Oxy 2949.


  1. Two non-canonical gospels that are considered to be among the earliest in composition are the sayings Gospel of Thomas and the narrative Gospel of Peter. (Web site)
  2. AD 50---140. Gospel of Peter, mostly lost anonymous Synoptic narrative; written c.
  3. This work and the Gospel Of Peter should be kept quite distinct, with the Gospel Of Peter a source only on the Passion narrative.


  1. Discovered in a monk's grave in 1886, the Gospel of Peter is a fragmentary gospel, meaning that we do not have the complete text.
  2. The opinion that the Gospel of Peter is dependent upon the canonical gospels directly is also a common one. (Web site)
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