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  1. Gouais Blanc is a Croatian grape, brought to Burgundy by the Romans, which used to be the most widely planted white grape in Germany and eastern France.
  2. Gouais blanc is a white grape variety that is seldom grown but is important as the ancestor of many French and German wine varieties.
  3. Gouais blanc was the grape of the peasantry, growing on the flat land next to the better slopes where the nobility grew Pinot.
  4. Gouais Blanc was grown by the peasants in the less favoured sites, next to the better vineyards growing Pinot for their masters.
  5. Gouais Blanc is not popular in its own right and is almost extinct.

Museum Curiosity

  1. As mentioned above, Gouais Blanc now survives only as a museum curiosity.


  1. Is one of the 16 known varieties possibly directly descended from the ancient Pinot cepage x Gouais Blanc cross.


  1. The varieties Aubin Blanc and the Champagne grape Petit Meslier are probably the result of a cross between Gouais Blanc and Savagnin Blanc.


  1. New evidence from DNA profiling possibly indicates a parentage of Gouais Blanc and an unknown variety (possibly Blauer Zierfandler).

Grape Variety

  1. Gouais Blanc is a white grape variety that is hardly grown any more.

Pinot Meunier

  1. Pinot Meunier) cépage clone variety and Gouais Blanc.


  1. The Gouais Blanc grape originated in Croatia and probably arrived in France with the Romans.


  1. Recent DNA analysis indicates that this variety is yet another offspring deriving from an ancient Pinot cepage x Gouais Blanc cross.
  2. Gouais Blanc, which is no longer grown in France, appears to be identical to Heunischweiss, a variety once widely grown in eastern Europe.
  3. AUBIN BLANC: Recently DNA checks have revealed this variety to possibly be the result of a Gouais Blanc x Traminer cross.

Chenin Blanc

  1. A recent research article from U.C. Davis in California demonstrated that this variety resulted from an ancient cross of Chenin Blanc with Gouais Blanc.
  2. A recent DNA check by the U.C. Davis team in California demonstrated that this variety possibly resulted from a cross of Gouais Blanc x Chenin Blanc.
  3. It is possibly the offspring of Gouais blanc and Chenin blanc.

Pinot Noir

  1. Both Gouais blanc and Pinot noir were grown extensively in Europe in the Middle Ages, particularly in northeastern France.


  1. The Pinot of the French aristocracy grew in close proximity to the Gouais Blanc, giving them ample opportunity to interbreed.

Pinot Family

  1. She also proved that Chardonnay grapes are a cross between the Pinot family and a very old and nearly extinct grape variety called Gouais Blanc.


  1. Recent DNA fingerprinting suggests that it is a cross between Gouais blanc and Pinot noir, the same ancestry as Chardonnay.
  2. This unique combination of events means that many grape varieties today have Gouais blanc as a parent, the most famous of which is Chardonnay.

Gamay Noir

  1. Several venerable grape varieties - including Chardonnay and Gamay noir - stem from crosses between Pinot noir and Gouais blanc.
  2. Some of their beloved grape varieties, including chardonnay and gamay noir, were the offspring of a third-rate parent, gouais blanc.

Eastern France

  1. It is believed that the Romans brought Gouais Blanc from the Balkans, where it was widely cultivated by peasants in Eastern France.

Gouais Blanc

  1. Recent DNA fingerprinting suggests that it is a cross between Gouais blanc and Pinot, the same ancestry as Chardonnay.
  2. Chardonnay, Gamay Noir and many other classic varieties can be traced back to this cross of Pinot and Gouais Blanc.
  3. DNA fingerprinting research at the University of California, Davis suggests that Chardonnay originated as a cross between Pinot and Gouais Blanc.


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