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  1. Graham was a dancer, choreographer, and teacher for more than 70 years, and during that time she changed the landscape of dance forever. (Web site)
  2. Graham was a galvanizing performer, a choreographer of astounding moves.
  3. Graham was the husband of Katherine Graham, today’s publisher of the Washington Post. (Web site)
  4. Graham is a contributor to the paper and geochemist at the University of Edinburgh. (Web site)
  5. Graham, the son of legendary evangelist Billy Graham, has been less diplomatic about Islam than his father has been.

American Dancer

  1. American dancer and choreographer Martha Graham was a revolutionary artist.

Graham Mcnamee

  1. The author, Graham McNamee, also used a lot of flashbacks in this book.
  2. From the start of his radio career in 1923 through the mid-1930s, if there was a big event, Graham McNamee was there.
  3. Post a question or answer questions about "Graham McNamee" at WikiAnswers. (Web site)

Heather Graham Pictures

  1. Heather Graham pictures,photo gallery of Heather Graham,Heather Offers Heather Graham photo gallery, pictures, images and wallpapers.
  2. Heather Graham pictures and biography. (Web site)
  3. Heather Graham pictures, Heather Graham picture gallery, gallery 1 of 14 and celebrity cards.

Billy Graham Crusade

  1. Billy Graham introduced John G. Bennett to thousands of people at a recent Billy Graham Crusade in Philadelphia in 1992. (Web site)
  2. Think of a Billy Graham crusade with a hip skateboarders' park and you've got Luis Palau, one of the most popular evangelical ministers in the world. (Web site)
  3. Post a question or answer questions about "Billy Graham Crusade" at WikiAnswers. (Web site)

Martha Graham Company

  1. Between 1937 and 1944 she was a leading dancer in the Martha Graham Company and created roles in Deaths and Entrances and Letter to the World.
  2. While dancing with American Ballet Theatre he was also dancing with the Martha Graham company. (Web site)

Graham Rahal

  1. Graham Rahal has nabbed a ride at the Indianapolis 500 - for his father.
  2. She led her first race, the first driver to do that since Graham Rahal two years ago.

Graham Dy

  1. Graham DY. Antibiotic resistance in Helicobacter pylori: implications for therapy.
  2. Graham DY. Helicobacter pylori: its epidemiology and its role in duodenal ulcer disease.
  3. Graham DY, Smith JL. The course of patients after variceal hemorrhage.

World Champion Graham Hill

  1. As the son of the late double Formula One world champion Graham Hill, he is the only son of a world champion to win the title. (Web site)

Graham Gooch

  1. During this magnificent run of form, Vaughan rose to the number 1 batsman in the world, the first Englishman to achieve this since Graham Gooch.
  2. Throughout his career, Graham Gooch had an almost masochistic zeal for facing the West Indian pacemen, and on this day he played one of his best innings.


  1. Agnes de Mille was a lifelong friend of modern dance legend Martha Graham. (Web site)

Hanya Holm

  1. We can thank Martha Graham, Hanya Holm, Helen Tamiris, Jack Cole, Agnes de Mille and many others for making modern dance acceptable to a wider audience. (Web site)
  2. There he performed in various stage productions and studied acting with Stella Adler and dance with Martha Graham, Hanya Holm, Charles Weidman, and others.
  3. Hanya Holm worked in a more varied range than either Graham or Humphrey did.


  1. The book features the value investing philosophies of Graham and Dodd and a foreword by Warren Buffett.
  2. The foreword to the book was written by Billy Graham. (Web site)

Graham Coxon

  1. In July 2006, Graham Coxon wrote and had published a foreword for a new edition of Herman Hesse 's novel, Narcissus and Goldmund.
  2. Graham Coxon is a musical genious, up there with the likes of Thom Yorke, capable of defining a whole style of music in brit-pop. (Web site)
  3. Graham Coxon at the Waterfront Former Blur guitarist and co-songwriter Graham Coxon is back on the road, but this time with his own band.

Graham Nelson

  1. Graham Nelson and his team have been working on Inform 7 for three years; and the effort has been well worth it. (Web site)

Graham Norton

  1. After this early success, Norton moved to Channel 4 and to host his own chat shows including So Graham Norton, V Graham Norton and The Graham Norton Effect. (Web site)
  2. Hot on the heels of Saturday night hit Any Dream Will Do, Graham Norton returns for a 13-week run of his new talk show on BBC Two, The Graham Norton Show.
  3. She tells U.K. TV host Graham Norton, "I think he has a totally different approach to fame, to celebrity - our work, our business.

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

  1. Mr. Graham is president of the international relief organization Samaritan's Purse and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. (Web site)
  2. No longer can the work of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association be called New Testament evangelism. (Web site)
  3. Each year, he conducts at least five Graham Festivals around the world as an evangelist associated with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Graham Hancock

  1. Graham Hancock is a controversial "alternativist" writer based in Britain, but constantly on the move all around the globe (and beyond?).
  2. Graham Hancock is a fantastic writer, and i love his work.
  3. NARRATOR: Graham Hancock is still scouring the oceans of the world for a lost civilisation. (Web site)

Graham Turner

  1. Graham Turner had quit in March 1994 to make way for former England manager Graham Taylor.

Modern Dance

  1. Winning ardent devotees, the Graham and Humphrey-Weidman companies dominated modern dance for 20 years; the former continues as a major company today. (Web site)
  2. He trained in modern dance with Hanya Holm and Martha Graham. (Web site)
  3. Cunningham studied modern dance with Martha Graham and ballet at George Balanchine 's School of American Ballet. (Web site)

Choreographer Martha Graham

  1. Founded in 1926 by dancer and choreographer Martha Graham, the Martha Graham.
  2. Dancer and choreographer Martha Graham is regarded as one of the pioneers of modern dance.
  3. If you know Noguchi's work from this time period, you'll be familiar with his collaborations with a different dancer: dancer and choreographer Martha Graham.

Evangelist Billy Graham

  1. The conference was called by a committee headed by U.S. evangelist Billy Graham and brought together religious leaders from 150 nations.
  2. Evangelist Billy Graham spoke at the service, saying he believes the stage has been set for a new spirit in the nation. (Web site)
  3. Ruth Bell Graham was the wife of evangelist Billy Graham and mother of five children. (Web site)

Franklin Graham

  1. Franklin Graham, to discuss remarks that Mr. Graham, an evangelist, made describing Islam as evil. (Web site)
  2. Since 1989, Franklin Graham has held an average of seven Festivals each year as an evangelist for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. (Web site)
  3. Franklin Graham is a true man of God who proclaims the gospel as a natural outpouring of a life spent everyday with Jesus Christ.

Graham Nash

  1. I was gonna post that it sounds like CSNY and then just read that graham nash produced it.

Graham Chapman

  1. It was at this audition that Cleese met Graham Chapman, and the two immediately formed (as it turned out) a very successful writing partnership. (Web site)
  2. He is most noted for his work with Graham Chapman of Monty Python fame as well as his collaborations with Peter Cook and Douglas Adams. (Web site)
  3. John Cleese and Graham Chapman also wrote episodes of Doctor in the House. (Web site)

Juilliard School

  1. In 1951, Graham was a founding member of the dance division of the Juilliard School, also directed by Martha Hill. (Web site)

Martha Graham Dance Company

  1. Terese Capucilli is an American modern dancer best known for her work with the Martha Graham Dance Company. (Web site)
  2. Martha Graham, martha graham dance company, choreographer.
  3. He joined the Martha Graham Dance Company in the summer of 1981, and was a principal dancer with the company until 1991.

Graham Taylor

  1. While I believe Graham Taylor is a decent chap, I also believe he put English football back 10 years during his reign as manager. (Web site)
  2. Post a question or answer questions about "Graham Taylor" at WikiAnswers. (Web site)
  3. During that season he made his 90th and final appearance for the England team, who by this stage were being managed by Graham Taylor. (Web site)

Graham Greene

  1. Major authors have compared his best-selling writing with the work of Graham Greene, John Le Carre, Georges Simenon and Henning Mankell. (Web site)
  2. After landing a part in the film Lost in the Barrens with Graham Greene, he decided to pursue acting as a career.
  3. We live in a world that could only have been dreamed up by Graham Greene and Franz Kafka on a weekend bender, with George Orwell along to write slogans. (Web site)

Value Investing

  1. Security Analysis by Ben Graham and David Dodd is a must read for anyone serious about value investing. (Web site)
  2. Although there may be empirical support for techniques within value investing, Graham founded a school of thought that is highly logical.
  3. Graham later wrote The Intelligent Investor, a book that brought value investing to individual investors. (Web site)

Benjamin Graham

  1. You are lead editor of the new edition of Security Analysis, the bible of value investing by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd, first published in 1934. (Web site)
  2. Buffett learned his craft from his mentor, Benjamin Graham, author of the legendary tomes Security Analysis and The Intelligent Investor.
  3. Benjamin Graham offered Buffett a job at his partnership with a starting salary of $12,000 a year. (Web site)


  1. In their study, Graham and his colleagues sampled three widely separated locations with well-developed desert pavement in the Mojave Desert. (Web site)
  2. As Governor and Senator, Bob Graham was a centrist, committed to bringing his colleagues together behind programs that served the broadest public interest. (Web site)


  1. Such is the amazing story told here of Graham and his involvement with presidents from Truman to current. (Web site)
  2. We're gonna take a look at Katherine Graham, her relationship with CIA, and her involvement with Ms. [magazine], in just a couple of minutes.
  3. Also steadfast were her involvement with the Martha Graham Ensemble and her frequent setting of Graham works on other companies. (Web site)


  1. This son of an opera singer never managed to lay hands on a car that could do full justice to his talents in an era dominated by Jim Clark and Graham Hill.
  2. Some go so far as to call the plain-talking Warren, a bear of a man who prefers bluejeans to business suits, the Billy Graham of his era.


  1. Rather, Graham, considered the father of modern security analysis, tells us about his life, career, and his intellectual passions.
  2. Throughout most of her career, Graham maintained a position as the foremost figure in American modern dance.
  3. Charles began his career on Wall Street, where he was personally acquainted with Benjamin Graham, the originator of value investing.


  1. When the chorus of critics grew too loud, Graham finally left the stage.
  2. Currie Graham (born February 26, 1967 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) is a stage, film and television actor.
  3. At its peak, luminaries like Martha Graham and Shostakovich came to its stage.


  1. Allen replaced Larry Graham, who was forced out of the group and went on to start his own band, Graham Central Station.
  2. Before moving to WVU, Graham was a highly successful high school coach and athletic director at Allen (Texas) High School for six years (1995-2000). (Web site)
  3. Larry Graham, the bass player for the Family Stone, was quoted as saying that if he ever left the group, he wanted Allen to replace him.


  1. Two rounds later, Damon Hill did something his father, Graham, never did, which was winning the British Grand Prix.
  2. Graham Turner took Shrewsbury Town into the Second Division for the first time by winning the Third Division title. (Web site)
  3. Graham Hill is the only driver to have completed the Triple Crown, by winning all three races. (Web site)

Bill Graham

  1. March 18 — Paul Martin resigns the leadership of the Liberal party, handing the post to Bill Graham for the interim.
  2. Since then Bill Graham has been appointed interim leader and the process has begun for selecting a new party leader.
  3. Bill Graham was appointed interim party and parliamentary leader and the process to select a new party leader began. (Web site)


  1. Paul Martin formally resigns as leader and Bill Graham is appointed interim leader of the party until the convention. (Web site)
  2. Graham retired as head of the association in 2000; Franklin Graham, his son, succeeded him as its leader. (Web site)
  3. The Martha Graham Dance Company has been a leader in the development of contemporary dance since its founding in 1926.


  1. In the 4x200 m freestyle relay, he won a silver along with Wenden, Rogers and Graham White just 1.4s behind the Americans.
  2. Rogers testified that Gatlin, who once shared the world record in the 100 meters, secretly recorded several telephone calls with Graham.


  1. In a later interview, Graham stated that Prince was in need of Biblical answers and advice and that Graham was glad to answer.
  2. A Duncan dancer—or Rudolf Nureyev or Martha Graham—looks perfectly at home moving to music by Prince or Wuorinen.
  3. Khan also appeared on new CDs by Prince and Larry Graham for the New Power Generation Label, and she toured in support of the projects.


  1. I dropped Graham off at the entrance to the Rugby Arm to walk up to Willow Wren to fetch the car. (Web site)
  2. We passed Horseshoe Island, which sits at the entrance to Square Bay, along the western shore of Graham Land. (Web site)
  3. Tohlka, on the north coast of Graham Island just west of the entrance to Masset Inlet.


  1. The Baltimore crowd was split on who their favourite was, and a lot of confusion came when Graham used the ropes to pin Sammartino. (Web site)
  2. He was brought into the wrestling world by Eddie Graham and learned the ropes not through formal training, but by constant experience.


  1. GRAHAM HANCOCK: I think that what Robert Schoch needs to do is a lot more diving. (Web site)
  2. And finally we have completely overt bias like this section: "Graham Poll had a lot to answer for after his poor performance in this match.
  3. Benjamin Graham was a legendary investor who helped pioneer the ways of value investing and taught Warren Buffett a lot of what he knows today. (Web site)


  1. Pettigrew testified that Graham encouraged him in 1997 to inject human growth hormone and the oxygen-boosting drug EPO, both banned in track.
  2. Graham has been a constant and outspoken critic of the organisational split between trains and track that came with privatisation 10 years ago.
  3. Graham Parker had one track, "Back to Schooldays", released on the compilation album, A Bunch of Stiff Records for Stiff Records. (Web site)


  1. A biography of dancer and choreographer Martha Graham.
  2. The book should be titled: Biography of Benjamin Graham.
  3. Book review of a biography of Graham Greene.


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