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Grand Union Canal Company

  1. The Regent's Canal was never very successful and merged with the Grand Junction and other companies in 1929 to form the Grand Union Canal Company.

Former Grand Junction Canal

  1. At Braunston we turn right and shortly join the former Grand Junction Canal before climbing the 6 locks of the Braunston flight to reach the summit level.


  1. An autopsy is planned on the body of a woman found on an embankment along the Main Line Grand Valley Canal in Grand Junction.


  1. In 1829 Locke was George Stephenson’s assistant, given the job of surveying the route for the Grand Junction Railway.

Grand Union Canal

  1. Here it used to meet the Paddington arm of the former Grand Junction canal, both are now part of the Grand Union Canal.


  1. In 1801 an arm was opened from the Grand Junction at Hayes to a large basin at Paddington. (Web site)

Main Line

  1. Grand Junction began to thrive when the main line of the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad came into the area in 1887. (Web site)
  2. Despite pressure from local people, the Grand Junction Railway refused to run its main line from Crewe to Stafford via Stoke.


  1. The Oxford Canal, opened in 1790, follows the Cherwell north from Oxford and ultimately connects.with the Grand Junction and Warwick canals. (Web site)


  1. Railways arrived in Birmingham in 1837 with the arrival of the Grand Junction Railway, and a year later, the London and Birmingham Railway.
  2. The line had been planned to open at the same time as the Grand Junction Railway which entered Birmingham from the north. (Web site)

Grand Junction Canal

  1. Hanwell Top Lock in west London, on the main line of the Grand Junction Canal.
  2. In 1929, the Regent's Canal acquired the assets of the Grand Junction Canal and, as a result, the Grand Union Canal Company was formed.


  1. It is joined by canals (including the Oxford, Thames and Severn, and Grand Junction) that cover a wide area.
  2. The need for the Grand Junction By 1790, an extensive network of canals was in place in the Midlands, or under construction. (Web site)


  1. A much more direct route between London and the Midlands, the Grand Junction Canal, was completed in 1805.
  2. The Grand Junction Canal was to be a quicker and more direct route from London to Birmingham. (Web site)
  3. Southall is located on the Grand Union Canal (formerly the Grand Junction Canal) which first linked London with the rest of the growing canal system. (Web site)

Grand Union

  1. The local canal, the Grand Union (formerly the Grand Junction), is considered in detail, as is traditional narrowboat decoration. (Web site)
  2. The canals passed around Daventry, although the Grand Junction Canal (now Grand Union) passed a few miles north. (Web site)
  3. The completion of the Grand Junction Canal (later Grand Union) from the Thames at Brentford (1798 onwards) provided a more convenient route. (Web site)


  1. This, the Grand Junction Canal, ran from Braunston on the Oxford Canal, near Daventry, to Brentford, west of London and on the Thames. (Web site)
  2. The canal began as the Grand Junction Canal, opened in 1805 to link the river Thames with the Oxford Canal at Braunston.
  3. At Braunston the Oxford connects with the Grand Junction section of the Grand Union Canal and heads west.


  1. Between 1808 and 1811 the W&N built a reservoir at Ashby St Ledgers 7 miles (11 km) from Napton to feed both the Oxford and the W&N via the Grand Junction.

Grand Junction

  1. The Grand Junction, Warwick & Napton, and Warwick & Birmingham canals came together to form today's main line from London to Birmingham.
  2. Traffic from Birmingham had to use five miles of the Oxford Canal to get from Braunston to join the Grand Junction at Napton. (Web site)
  3. Concerns began to develop about the state of repair of the canal via Warwick to Birmingham, on which the Grand Junction was reliant for a through route. (Web site)


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