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  1. Greg Errico was the drummer previously for Sweetnighter and the ensuing tour, but declined an invitation to be a permanent member of the band.

Greg Errico

  1. Greg Errico withdrew from the group in 1971 and was eventually replaced with Andy Newmark.
  2. Greg Errico later collaborated with bands such as Santana and the Grateful Dead.
  3. The group was rounded out by Cynthia Robinson (trumpet), Greg Errico (drums) and Jerry Martini (sax).
  4. By the time the album was done, the group's brilliant drummer, Greg Errico, had left, and Graham was not far behind. (Web site)
  5. Growing tension within the band led to the replacement of Larry Graham and Greg Errico. (Web site)


  1. A rift developed between Sly and the rest of the band, and drummer Greg Errico was the first to leave the band for other ventures in early 1971. (Web site)
  2. Around the same time, his Freddie founded a band called Freddie & the Stone Souls, which included Greg Errico on drums. (Web site)
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