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  1. Glossaries are collections of definitions related to the topics contained in the main document(s).


  1. English language -- Glossaries, vocabularies, etc.
  2. English-German glossaries on a variety of topics. (Web site)


  1. Terminology Collection Multilingual glossaries for specialized fields from the University of Vaasa, Finland.
  2. There are also valuable glossaries about personnel terminology and a list of commonly used acronyms. (Web site)


  1. Directory of monolingual, bilingual, and multilingual dictionaries and glossaries, arranged by language.
  2. - Searchable Directory of Glossaries and Topical Dictionaries on hundreds of subjects.
  3. Searchable directory of glossaries and topical dictionaries containing terms and definitions on hundreds of subjects.


  1. Following are glossaries from performance improvement practitioners.
  2. Covering all forms of model making. Articles, glossaries, club listings and full discussion pages.
  3. To use the free public glossaries you must first download and install Babylon.
  4. You don't have permission to access /sites/Recreation/Collecting/Books/Glossaries on this server.
  5. Syndicate Home Glossaries Below are the defined categories, which can all be used as glossaries.

Glossaries Dictionaries

  1. Collection of more than 2000 links to glossaries and dictionaries.
  2. Marjorie Chan: Word Lists & Online Glossaries / Dictionaries.
  3. - Dictionary of Financial Scam Terms Glossaries' mailing list for translators, interpreters, terminologists and technical writers.
  4. Category Index: Abbreviations Genealogy Dictionaries & Glossaries Mailing Lists, Newsgroups & Chat Miscellaneous Other Online Dictionaries, Glossaries, Etc. (Web site)
  5. My main goal in this version is to remove the artificial distinction I've made between glossaries, dictionaries and encyclopedias. (Web site)

Dictionaries Glossaries

  1. Web links for dictionaries and glossaries. (Web site)
  2. Dictionaries and glossaries of words and abbreviations related to dogs. Some content available in downloadable format.
  3. Guide picks Geographic dictionaries and glossaries to help you determine the meaning of geographic, earth, and GIS related terms and acronym.


  1. More than 1682 separate glossaries, linked by topic and by ISO 6392 language codes.
  2. To nominate other terms for our glossaries, please contact Argos Press.
  3. Microsoft's glossaries are their translation glossaries no English definitions. (Web site)
  4. Links to the Microsoft Glossaries in multiple languages are included in this reference site.


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