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Aaron Hall

  1. Aaron Hall is a licensed attorney, admitted to practice law in Minnesota state courts.

Aaron Neville

  1. Aaron Neville is a Roman Catholic with a devotion to St. Jude, to whom he has credited his success and survival.
  2. Aaron Neville was born in New Orleans on January 24, 1941, the son of a merchant marine sailor. (Web site)

Acoustic Blues Musicians

  1. FolkLib Index - Acoustic Blues Artists - A very complete listing of links for acoustic blues musicians. (Web site)
  2. You get Little Toby Walker, without a doubt one of the very finest acoustic blues musicians alive today. (Web site)

Albert Ammons

  1. Albert Ammons was one of the big three of late-'30s boogie-woogie along with Pete Johnson and Meade Lux Lewis.

Albert King

  1. Albert King is a highly influential blues guitarist who has gained a huge amount of respect from his fans and peers alike.
  2. Albert King is a tough act to follow. (Web site)
  3. Albert King is the drummer on some of the earliest sessions, and Reed even plays slide guitar on Boogie in the Dark. (Web site)
  4. Albert King was a master of the single-string attack and was intrigued by Blues performers that he heard while growing up outside of Memphis. (Web site)
  5. Albert King was an influential American [i] Blues [i] guitarist [i] and singer [i]. (Web site)

Alexis Korner

  1. Alexis Korner was born in Paris to an Austrian father and Greek mother, and spent his childhood in France, Switzerland, and North Africa.

Ali-Ollie Woodson

  1. Woodson previously fronted an act called Ali-Ollie Woodson & the Emperors of Soul -- Emperors of Soul being the name of the 1994 Temptations boxed set. (Web site)
  2. Ali-Ollie Woodson (far right in middle row, in red shirt) on the cover of the 1984 Temptations LP Truly for You. (Web site)
  3. Dennis Edwards left The Temptations for the third and final time in late 1989, with Ali-Ollie Woodson re-joining the lineup.

Allen Toussaint

  1. The Neville Sounds eventually evolved into The Meters, which became the house band for the great New Orleans producer Allen Toussaint. (Web site)
  2. Helping to showcase the city's extraordinary musical heritage are legends Irma Thomas, Allen Toussaint, the Neville Brothers Band, and Snooks Eaglin.

Al Copley

  1. After playing in various bands and working for Guild guitars, he co-founded Roomful of Blues with pianist Al Copley in 1967.
  2. En el disco han participado muchos y buenos amigos suyos como, entre otros, Al Copley al piano o Johnny Mars a la arm-nica.
  3. It all began in Westerly, when guitarist Duke Robillard and keyboardist Al Copley started a band that played tough, no-holds-barred Chicago blues.

Al Hibbler

  1. Al Hibbler ( August 16, 1915 - April 24, 2001) was a vocalist with several pop hits.
  2. Al Hibbler (1915-2001) - Born August 16, in Little Rock, Al was a very popular baritone singer in the 40s and 50s.
  3. Also in 1955 a version by Al Hibbler went to #3 on the charts. (Web site)

Al Wilson

  1. Brenton Wood was speechless when he heard last week that his old pal Al Wilson, a longtime San Bernardino resident, died April 21.
  2. He had introduced Al Wilson, whom he knew from Boston, to Henry and Bob and Richard Hite.
  3. Tutored by Al Wilson (of Canned Heat), Son was back and resumed playing professionally.

American Blues Musicians

  1. Welcome to American Blues Musicians, a free music resource guide.
  2. By the 1960s, the British Invasion threw the spotlight to an onslaught of performers from the U.K. who had been inspired by American blues musicians.
  3. The Sylvia Pitcher Photolibrary contains a fine collection of American Blues musicians, Country artists, and a wide range of music related photographs.

Andre Williams

  1. Andre Williams is a bad bad man, this song os wicked right here.
  2. Andre Williams is a legend in Detroit.

Arnett Cobb

  1. During the late 1930s, he was a member of an incredible horn section in Milton Larkin 's orchestra, sitting next to Arnett Cobb and Illinois Jacquet.
  2. Throughout the seventies he worked high-profile blues and jazz sessions for Count Basie, Johnny Otis, Roomful of Blues, Arnett Cobb, and Buddy Tate.

Baby Huey

  1. Baby Huey was made by myself and Eli Dow on one Sunday afternoon, Sept 8, 2002, while waiting for some Gentoo ebuilds to be built on the COSI lab computers. (Web site)

Barbara Martin

  1. Barbara Martin is an African-American singer; a short-lived member of The Primettes, who later changed their name to The Supremes. (Web site)
  2. Originally known as the Primettes, they were a quartet (Barbara Martin was the fourth member) when they made their first single for the Lupine label in 1960.
  3. After signing to Motown Records in 1961 and replacing McGlown with Barbara Martin, they changed the name of the group to The Supremes.

Barbecue Bob

  1. Barbecue Bob (1902-1931), born Robert Hicks, was an acoustic guitar performer of early country blues.
  2. We plays and sings songs that my father, Blind Willie and Barbecue Bob and Buddy Moss made and Joshua plays them all so close.
  3. Charlie Patton, Bessie Smith, Barbecue Bob, and many other blues musicians wrote songs about the flood. (Web site)

Barry Goldberg

  1. No doubt Buddah Records will continue to turn out Barry Goldberg albums.
  2. Watch videos from the music artist Barry Goldberg on the official VH1 website.
  3. The CD, produced by Barry Goldberg includes 14 tracks with lead vocals rotating among Gravenites, Nelson, Lay and Siegel.

Bennie Smith

  1. Bennie Smith the St. Louis electric blues legend has died at age 72.
  2. For years, families of Dover, Deleware and beyond have trusted Bennie Smith Funeral Home to provide a broad range of personalized funeral care services.

Benny Benjamin

  1. Motown's first studio drummer, Benny Benjamin was noted for his dynamic style.
  2. Benny Benjamin died in 1969 of a stroke, and was inducted into the "Sidemen" category of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004. (Web site)
  3. Funk Brothers Drummer Benny Benjamin, whose recording career dated back to the 40s was familiarly known as Papa Zita. (Web site)

Bernard Allison

  1. Bernard Allison is an excellent live performer. (Web site)
  2. Bernard Allison is the guitar-playing, singing and songwriting son of the late, legendary blues guitarist Luther Allison. (Web site)
  3. Bernard Allison is the guitar-playing, singing and songwriting son of the late, legendary blues guitarist document.write(ad); Luther Allison. (Web site)

Betty Mcglown

  1. Betty McGlown was an African American singer, one of the founding members of The Primettes, later known as The Supremes. (Web site)

Big Bill Broonzy

  1. Big Bill Broonzy was one of the few country_blues_musicians of the '20s and '30s to find success when the music evolved into an electric, urbanized form.
  2. Big Bill Broonzy was one of the many who made the trek out of Mississippi to Chicago. (Web site)
  3. Big Bill Broonzy was one of the most, probably the most, internationally known country-based style of bluesman of the last century.
  4. Big Bill Broonzy was the leading bluesman in Chicago until his death in 1958 and the city was a very competitive market for a newcomer to become established.
  5. Big Bill Broonzy was the top cat in Chicago until his death in 1958 and the city was a very competitive market for a newcomer to become established. (Web site)

Big Bill Morganfield

  1. BIG BILL MORGANFIELD is simply one a great one; as the son of one of the most influential musicians of the 20 th century (Muddy Waters). (Web site)
  2. Big Bill Morganfield is a chip off the old block.

Big Jack Johnson

  1. Big Jack Johnson was a chip off the old block musically.

Big Jay Mcneely

  1. After that he played, and still does, with tenorsaxophone player Rinus Groeneveld and played with Big Jay McNeely. (Web site)
  2. In 1957 the "Deacon of the Blues," tenor sax honker Big Jay McNeely, arrived with his band from Los Angeles and settled into their gig at the Birdland.

Big Joe Turner

  1. Big Joe Turner was an American [i] blues shouter [i] from Kansas City, Missouri [i]. (Web site)
  2. Big Joe Turner was an accomplished and uncommonly versatile vocalist. (Web site)
  3. Big Joe Turner was posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987. (Web site)

Big Joe Williams

  1. You will also find Roosevelt Sykes on piano, Big Joe Williams and Henry Townsend on guitars in four tracks.
  2. By the age of fourteen, Honeyboy was on the road with guitarist, Big Joe Williams.
  3. Black Blues artists like John Barbee, Sleepy John Estes, and Big Joe Williams were just a few of the names to play there.

Billy Boy Arnold

  1. Billy Boy Arnold was about the same age when he approached Sonny Boy (John Lee) Williamson for harmonica lessons and then began playing on Maxwell Street.
  2. Billy Boy Arnold was also there during this great movement. (Web site)

Billy Branch

  1. Billy Branch is a true showman. (Web site)
  2. Billy Branch is a well-known Chicago harp player and singer.
  3. He has been to Chicago, where he could play in bars and blues clubs, sharing stage with important blues musicians such as Billy Branch and John Primer. (Web site)

Bill Gaither

  1. Buy your Bill Gaither concert ticket today.
  2. Bill Gaither (gospel singer) -- Gospel singer, born 1936. (Web site)
  3. Get deals on Bill Gaither tickets and other Concert tickets from TicketsNow.

Bill Sims

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  2. Bill Sims provides employee recognition gifts, suggestion reward programs and sales incentives to increase morale and more.
  3. Download Bill Sims Music - Unlimited access to a 1,300,000+ song library including all Bill Sims tracks.

Black Ace

  1. The Hawaiian guitar influence can be heard to good effect in the playing of Casey Bill Weldon, Oscar Woods and the Black Ace.
  2. But Texas musician Babe Karo Lemon Turner took it to another level when he took the name of the prettiest card in the deck: the Black Ace.
  3. Turner took his nickname from the 1936 recording “Black Ace.”Rambling Thomas was the brother of Jesse Thomas. (Web site)

Blind Boy Fuller

  1. Blind Boy Fuller was an American [i] blues [i] guitarist [i] and vocalist [i]. (Web site)

Blind Joe Reynolds

  1. These were recorded under the name "Blind Joe Reynolds" and released as two 78rpm records by Paramount Records. (Web site)

Blind Lemon Jefferson

  1. Blind Lemon Jefferson is an influential blues singer of the 1920's and the history of American music.
  2. Blind Lemon Jefferson is the featured musician on a State of Texas license plate. (Web site)
  3. Blind Lemon Jefferson was a groundbreaking artist on many levels, and is the undisputed father of Texas blues. (Web site)
  4. Blind Lemon Jefferson was an influential blues singer and guitarist. (Web site)
  5. Blind Lemon Jefferson was born in Wortham, Texas, about 60 miles south of Dallas, in 1897 but it is possible that the year could be a decade or so earlier. (Web site)

Blind Willie Mctell

  1. Blind Willie McTell was a Country Bluesman and started his recording career in 1927 for Victor records.
  2. Blind Willie McTell was one of the great blues musicians of the 1920s and 1930s. (Web site)

Blind Blake

  1. Blind Blake was an influential blues singer and guitarist known as the "King of Ragtime Guitar".
  2. Blind Blake was born in Jacksonville, Florida, and developed an inner vision which allowed him to see things in a positive way.
  3. Blind Blake was known for his accomplished Piedmont blues style guitar playing, which combined ragtime, jazz, and elements of vaudeville show tunes. (Web site)
  4. Blind Blake was the premier ragtime blues guitarist of the 1920s.
  5. There is also an entirely different artist who recorded multiple LPs under the name "Blind Blake".

Blues Musicians

  1. Blues musicians were some of the best observers of their own lives and the changes in the world around them. (Web site)
  2. He is also the actual father of blues musicians Big Bill Morganfield and Larry 'Muddy Junior' Williams.
  3. By age 13, he was playing in local clubs in and around New York City with Blues musicians who helped instill in him his sense of timing and groove. (Web site)

Bobby Byrd

  1. Bobby Byrd was raised in the relative security of a church going family in Toccoa, Georgia in 1934.
  2. Bobby Byrd was an essential component in the development and evolution of the James Brown sound and legend.
  3. Bobby Byrd was the original leader and founder of 'The Famous Flames,' the vocal group with which James Brown first became famous. (Web site)

Bobby Freeman

  1. One of the Sylvester Stewart-produced Autumn singles, Bobby Freeman's "C'mon and Swim," was a national hit record.
  2. Dance crazes Bobby Freeman's Do You Wanna Dance (1958) summarized the mood of young people after the deluge of rock'n'roll.

Bobby Parker

  1. Bobby Parker (born August 31, 1937) is a blues rock guitarist. (Web site)
  2. Env--enme un mensaje antes de que los boletos para Bobby Parker salgan a la venta.
  3. Born in Louisiana, Bobby Parker was raised in southern California after his family moved to Los Angeles when he was six. (Web site)

Bobby Rush

  1. Bobby Rush is a joke and isn't a Blues artist.
  2. Bobby Rush is one of the real deals left.
  3. Bobby Rush: A gentleman called and asked if I'd do an interview.

Bob Babbitt

  1. Bob Babbitt is a American bassist, most famous for his work as a member of Motown Records' Funk Brothers house band.
  2. Benny Benjamin died the next year, and Bob Babbitt began to replace James Jamerson on many recording dates. (Web site)

Bonnie Raitt

  1. He won his first Grammy Award for this album, which featured guest appearances from Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt.[4] .
  2. Brown recorded with Eric Clapton, Ry Cooder, Bonnie Raitt and others, but he took a dim view of most musicians - and blues guitarists in particular.
  3. Bonnie Raitt talks about the contributions of some of her peers in keeping the blues tradition alive.

Bo Carter

  1. Bo Carter was and still is one of the more popular early blues musicians, who often played in his brother's band The Mississippi Sheiks. (Web site)
  2. Charlie McCoy (not to be confused with Charlie McCoy, a later American musician) played later, when Bo Carter and Sam Chatmon ceased playing full time.
  3. Two of Sam's brothers, fiddler Lonnie Chatmon and guitarist Bo Carter, performed with guitarist Walter Vinson as the Mississippi Sheiks.

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