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Boris Williams

  1. Boris Williams (drums) left the band, and was replaced by Jason Cooper (formerly with My Life Story), and Roger O'Donnell rejoined.
  2. The Cure revamped their lineup after his departure, adding drummer Boris Williams, guitarist Porl Thompson, and bassist Simon Gallup.
  3. Boris Williams (drums) left the band, and was replaced by Jason Cooper (formerly with My Life Story), and Roger O'Donnell rejoined.
  4. Jason is the replacement for Boris Williams.

Aaron Burckhard

  1. Aaron Burckhard is an American drummer who played with Nirvana in 1987.

Aaron Smith

  1. Aaron Smith is a Nashville based drummer and percussionist.
  2. The band had several drummers over the years, including Aaron Smith and Bruce Spencer, both also played drums for The 77s.
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Akira Jimbo

  1. One of Akira Jimbo's many Yamaha drumsets, with his signature 13"x7" beech snare drum.
  2. In 1999, Akira Jimbo was awarded 2nd place in the British drum magazine RHYTHM for most popular drummer.
  3. Akira Jimbo began drumming at the age of 18 when he joined the Keio University Light Music Society Big Band.

Albert Bouchard

  1. Albert Bouchard is a drummer, guitarist, singer and songwriter.
  2. With Blue Oyster, the original bass player was unavailable and his brother Albert Bouchard asked him to sit in with them.
  3. Albert Bouchard (born July 24, 1947 in Watertown, New York) is a drummer, guitarist, singer and songwriter.

Alex Van Halen

  1. Alex Van Halen = Alex was a big influence of mine when I was younger.
  2. Nobody has mentioned Alex Van Halen so far in the list of drummers.
  3. Lars Ulrich is always cool, as well as Alex Van Halen from back in the day.
  4. Alex Van Halen is a true ambassador of rock.
  5. I'm sure many will agree with me, he truly is the best 'EVER'! The ones that stand out in order: Alex Van Halen - I already explained that.

Alfredo Hernandez

  1. Alfredo Hernandez was the drummer for desert rock bands Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age and Che.

Amery Smith

  1. They were replaced by Mike Ball on guitar and Amery Smith on drums.
  2. It was a side project of Suicidal Tendencies guitarist Louie Mayorga (until 1987) and two drummers Amery Smith (until 1994) and R.J. Herrera (post-1994).
  3. Amery Smith (also known as AWOL) is a drummer, currently associated with the Beastie Boys.

Andols Herrick

  1. Andols Herrick is the drummer in the popular heavy metal band, Chimaira.
  2. Andols Herrick (born September 11, 1979) is the drummer in the heavy metal band, Chimaira.
  3. Recently Andols Herrick rejoined the band, and they've left Roadrunner Records.

Andy Anderson

  1. Andy Anderson filled in while he was also playing for The Cure, as did Robert Heaton prior to the rise of New Model Army.
  2. On some tracks Smith played all the instruments except the drums (played by Andy Anderson) and the saxophone (played by returnee Porl Thompson).
  3. When leader Andy Anderson left the group a short time later, Domingo took control of the band, and decided to re-name it.

Andy Burrows

  1. Sixty two drummers were auditioned in two days and the search resulted in Andy Burrows.
  2. Andy Burrows (born June 30 1979) is the current drummer for Razorlight, after joining the band in 2004.

Steve Smith

  1. Steve Smith was a member of Journey and went on to form the fusion band Vital Information.
  2. Steve Smith was originally drawn to the drums by hearing marching bands in parades as a child in his native Massachusetts.

Andy Newmark

  1. Andy Newmark is an American musician, best known as the drummer for influential funk band Sly & the Family Stone from 1973 to 1975.
  2. For side two of the album I got Andy Newmark to play drums.
  3. Andy Newmark Saxophone great Pat Rizzo approached a young drummer named Andy Newmark after a performance and invited him to audition with Sly Stone.

Anthony Martinez

  1. Anthony Martinez was the last drummer for Black Flag.
  2. Anthony Martinez was the last drummer to play with Black Flag.
  3. Anthony Martinez was the last drummer to play with Black Flag.
  4. Anthony Martinez and C'el were taken on as the new drummer and bass player respectively and another shakedown of the United States was undertaken.
  5. Anthony Martinez was the last drummer for Black Flag.

Aynsley Dunbar

  1. If by "the drummer from Journey" you mean Aynsley Dunbar, I'd say yes, he's one of the very few real rock drummers who can also play real jazz.
  2. He also jammed with Retaliation and this is where,I believe, Frank developed a taste for Aynsley Dunbar.
  3. There is a band called Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation with a three albums (according to holonet).
  4. If by "the drummer from Journey" you mean Aynsley Dunbar, I'd say yes, he's one of the very few real rock drummers who can also play real jazz.

Benny Benjamin

  1. BENNY BENJAMIN BENNY BENJAMIN was the first and main drummer at Hitsville.
  2. Bassist James Jamerson was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2000, and drummer Benny Benjamin was inducted in 2003.
  3. Jones and Pete Allen on drums, and, the keys to the Motown sound, drummer Benny Benjamin , keyboardist Earl Van Dyke , and bassist James Jamerson .
  4. Motown's first studio drummer, Benny Benjamin was noted for his dynamic style.
  5. Funk Brothers Drummer Benny Benjamin, whose recording career dated back to the 40s was familiarly known as Papa Zita.

Billy Cobham

  1. He also listened to a great variety of music, growing to love the likes of Billy Cobham, Elvin Jones and John Bonham.
  2. In interviews he regularly cites Billy Cobham of The Mahavishnu Orchestra as his main drumming influence: "My all-time favorite drummer is Billy Cobham.
  3. On page 87, a reference to 'Billy Cobham's drums on Go Ahead John'.
  4. Billy Cobham - The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Billy Cobham, is the jazz band named “Mahavishnu Orchestra”.
  5. Billy Cobham is one of those few artists.

Dave Weckl

  1. Dave Weckl - One of the top American drummers of our time is Dave Weckl, who has helped set the standards for professional drummers of all styles.
  2. Dave Weckl is one of fusion's most acclaimed drummers, making his name during a six-year stint with Chick Corea.
  3. Dave Weckl is one of the most respected and talked about drummers on today's professional scene.
  4. Dave Weckl is the man, too.
  5. Dave Weckl was also great, and I had a super time hangin' at the Hudson booth and meeting alot of people.

Bill Berry

  1. Eventually Buck offered Rieflin the opportunity to sit in with R.E.M., who were missing a permanent drummer since the 1997 departure of Bill Berry.
  2. During a 2003 concert in Raleigh, North Carolina, Bill Berry made a surprise appearance, performing backing vocals on "Radio Free Europe".
  3. R.E.M. is a rock band formed in Athens, Georgia in early 1980 by drummer Bill Berry, guitarist Peter Buck, bassist Mike Mills, and vocalist Michael Stipe.
  4. Like Bill Berry in R.E.M., he could take one for the team when needed, or he could step up and drive a song.
  5. R.E.M. managed to carry on after Bill Berry departed the group, but only once they’d severely remade themselves.

Bill Bruford

  1. Bill Bruford was a guiding light in the so-called British Art Rock movement, - touring internationally with Yes and King Crimson from 1968-74.

Bill Ward

  1. Bill Ward was the drummer for the British heavy metal band Black Sabbath.
  2. Bill Ward was playing these phrases.
  3. Bill Ward was prematurely bailed out of rehab to play drums on the session as well, although he wasn't quite well enough to endure the world tour.

Bobby Rondinelli

  1. After the recording of the album, Cozy Powell left again and was replaced for the tour by a returning Bobby Rondinelli.
  2. Danny Miranda and Bobby Rondinelli also play in a band called "Pyramid" with George Cintron on guitar and vocals.
  3. John Miceli also filled in for Chuck Burgi for a few dates in late 1996 and early 1997, and was replaced by BOC's current drummer, Bobby Rondinelli (b.
  4. Bobby Rondinelli is a rocking drummer with a pretty solid history.

Bob Bert

  1. Bob Bert is a rock drummer.
  2. Bob Bert is a rock drummer; he was once the drummer of Sonic Youth.
  3. Richard Edson left to be replaced by Bob Bert, and for an interim, Jim Sclavunos.

Rock Drummers

  1. The event brought together one of today's most influential rock drummers and one of his biggest heroes.
  2. Living Colour's Will Calhoun was easily one of the most talented rock drummers to emerge during the late '80s.
  3. One of the most in-demand (and well-respected) hard rock drummers remains journeyman Tommy Aldridge.

Bob Bryar

  1. A Tsunami is water running away from Bob Bryar Bob Bryar doesnt get brain freeze.
  2. Also well, this fanlisting comes to you thanks to me really liking Bob Bryar, and My Chemical Romance.
  3. The band members hail from Belleville and Kearny, New Jersey, except drummer Bob Bryar, who is from Chicago, Illinois.
  4. Gerard brought together Ray Toro, Matt Pelissier (later replaced by Bob Bryar), Frank Iero, and his brother Mikey to play gigs along the East Coast.

Gene Krupa

  1. Gene Krupa was a true drums legend.
  2. Gene Krupa was a true legend.
  3. Gene Krupa was born in Chicago, Illinois on January 15, 1909 and was the the youngest of Bartley and Ann Krupa's nine children.
  4. Gene Krupa was definately my idol.

Brad Hargreaves

  1. Brad Hargreaves started playing drums at eight years old, and studying jazz shortly thereafter.
  2. THE VIJAY IYER TRIO (bassist Jeff Brock, drummer Brad Hargreaves, and myself) has served as a laboratory for my often clumsy ideas since the summer of 1994.
  3. Brad Hargreaves, barely in his mid-twenties, had leaped to success beyond his expectations.

Brann Dailor

  1. Brann Dailor is a drum-hero.
  2. Brann Dailor is a standout i think.
  3. Brann Dailor is a standout i think.A great drummer.
  4. Brann Dailor is an American drummer, best known as a member of Mastodon, a heavy metal band based in Atlanta, Georgia.
  5. Brann Dailor is the drummer for Mastodon, an American heavy metal band based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Tony Williams

  1. Tony Williams was one of the great Post Bop drummers who delved deep into the rhythmic vocabulary established by Max Roach.
  2. His drumming influences at this time came to include such notables as Tony Williams, Billy Cobham, Lenny White and Steve Gadd.
  3. Tony Williams: "Alan Dawson was one of the best drummers in the world.

Brant Bjork

  1. On a gig on April 18th 2005 at the Mudd Club in Berlin-Mitte, Brant Bjork was playing a Fender guitar and used a Marshall JCM 900 amplifier.
  2. Brant Bjork hails from Palm Desert, California where he began gigging at the age of 13.
  3. For their first three-and-a-half albums, Kyuss (the pride of Palm Desert, California) were powered by the nucleus of Josh Homme and drummer Brant Bjork.
  4. The future is now and Brant Bjork and The Bros are here.
  5. I bought some Ludwig Vistalites a few years ago, and I used them on the Brant Bjork and the Operators record.

Brian Mantia

  1. Brian Mantia is a drummer.

Buddy Rich

  1. Buddy Rich is the best drummer ever ever ever; without a doubt.
  2. Buddy Rich - The legacy of Buddy Rich will live on forever, as he is known to be one of the best drummers to ever sit behind a drum set.
  3. Buddy Rich was great, really.
  4. Buddy Rich is a great jazz drummer.
  5. Buddy Rich was certainly amongst the most technically gifted, as were Cozy Powell and Henry Spinetti.

Joe Morello

  1. Joe Morello was 16 when he started taking lessons from Mr. Stone.

Carl Palmer

  1. Carl Palmer was the powerhouse drummer in rock super group Emerson, Lake and Palmer.
  2. Carl Palmer is a cornerstone of progressive music.
  3. Carl Palmer is a drummer ---s drummer.
  4. Carl Palmer is a marvel on Tarkus, carrying these complex songs with true aplomb.
  5. Carl Palmer is the most turbo charged dynamic drummer in the world.

Carmine Appice

  1. Carmine Appice is a drumming legend.
  2. Carmine Appice is a legendary drummer who has developed a superb career along many years.
  3. Carmine Appice is a world class drummer and a pleasure to work with again.
  4. Carmine Appice is to be found on here also who most of you will know is the ex-stickman of the Rod Stewart band and Vanilla Fudge.
  5. Carmine Appice was another one.

Carter Beauford

  1. Carter Beauford is a student pilot.
  2. Carter Beauford is a truly ambidextrous drummer who plays left-hand lead on a right-handed kit -- la Billy Cobham.
  3. Carter Beauford is one of the most influential drummers in popular music.
  4. Carter Beauford was a drummer for the band Secrets, where he played most of his shows in a bar in Charlottesville.
  5. Carter Beauford is the man.

Chad Butler

  1. Chad Butler (born March 24, 1974) is currently the drummer for the band Switchfoot.
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Chad Channing

  1. Crover, Dale - drummer of the Melvins who took the drummer position temporarily for several months until Chad Channing joined the band.
  2. Peters, Dan - drummer of Mudhoney, one of two temporary drummers that played in Nirvana in between Chad Channing and Dave Grohl.
  3. Soon Chad Channing left, leaving the drummer spot open to temporaries Dan Peters of Mudhoney and Dale Crover.
  4. Chad Channing is a teenage mutant in a future where superheroes are outlawed and there is a Sentinel on every street corner.
  5. Chad Channing is also known as one of Nirvana's early drummers.

Jim Keltner

  1. Jim Keltner is a god.

Chad Smith

  1. Chad Smith is a Red Sox fan, as he often wears the team's most common baseball cap in concert.
  2. Chad Smith is a drummer in the rock band the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Charlie Watts

  1. Charlie Watts is one of the best drummers ever.
  2. On April 18, 2007, Darby Conley in his comic strip Get Fuzzy coined the term "Charlie Watts" as the unit of measurement of coolness.

Chester Thompson

  1. Genesis members Phil Collins and Chester Thompson perform a flawless drum duet.
  2. After brief experiments with 'Yes' drummer Bill Bruford, 'Weather Report' drummer Chester Thompson became Phil's supplement during live shows.
  3. Rutherford added that there will be more of an emphasis on Collins playing drums alongside Chester Thompson.

Christoph Schneider

  1. Christoph Schneider was born on May 11th, 1966.

Chris Curtis

  1. The CD, simply titled Thrill Deluxe, was recorded at Modern Man Productions by Chris Curtis and will be released in August 2005.
  2. SL: Chris Curtis, thanks very much for your time.
  3. By December 1997, I still hadn-t interviewed Chris Curtis but then, nor had anyone else.
  4. In his first interview since the 1960s, Chris Curtis talks frankly and exclusively to Spencer Leigh about his years with the Searchers.

Chris Cutler

  1. Chris Cutler was born in Washington, D.C., but was raised in England.
  2. Chris Cutler is known as an improviser (in many contexts), in the experimental rock world, at jazz festivals, and in the world of contemporary music.

Chris Mars

  1. Former Replacements drummer Chris Mars has a chip on his shoulder that's as big as his talent.
  2. Paul Westerberg (guitar, lead vocals and songwriter); Tommy Stinson (bass); Bob Stinson (Tommy-s older half-brother, guitar) and Chris Mars (drums).
  3. Chris Mars: Actually, that's just a joke.


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