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  1. Hangul is the Korean syllabic script.
  2. Hangul: The native name for the Korean language.


  1. Which Hangul code is used for Web? KSC5601 is used for most of official telecommunication purposes.
  2. The Hanja and Hangul blocks are arranged phonetically.
  3. It'll be moved to /hangul/code/hcode at CAIR archive.
  4. This provides a maximum of 11,172 precombined Hangul characters.
  5. Korean Language Software ReadWrite Korean ReadWrite Korean teaches the Korean alphabet ("Hangul").


  1. This encoding must be treated as a 16-bite entity because the bit array of the medial hangul element spans the first and second byte.
  2. Of these 21204 are ideographic characters used in Chinese, Japanese and Korean, and 6656 are Korean Hangul syllabograms.
  3. Korean Hangul is similar. It is phonetic even though most Koreans still use Korean Kanxi (Chinese equiv of Kanji).
  4. However, it is usual that CJK ideograms, Japanese Hiragana and Katakana, and Korean Hangul occupy two columns in console or X terminal emulators.

Hangul Syllables

  1. However, the precomposed Hangul syllables (11,172 of them) are also provided.
  2. The Korean name for a single letter of the Hangul script. Jamos are used to form Hangul syllables.
  3. Composition of Hangul syllables with Hangul Conjoining Jamos can be used to represent both Middle Koeran Hangul syllables and Modern Korean Hangul syllables.


  1. The unified Han ideographs are followed by the complete set of modern Hangul.
  2. However this adds to the variety of the shape of Hangul (this is for Han and Kong code, not for Johab code).


  1. The Korean script has in addition to the Chinese characters also it's own alphabetic script, the Hangul.
  2. The hangul script only has 24 letters (10 vowels and 14 consonants), so it would seem that processing it on a computer would be a relatively easy matter.


  1. The Hangul Jamo Block.
  2. The Hangul Compatibility Jamo Block.


  1. For instance, the Hangul syllable "" can be entered as "ac00" using the "UTF-8" encoding, as "b0a1" in "EUC-KR" encoding, or as "8861" in "Johab" encoding.
  2. Johab is an encoding whose character set is identical with UHC, i.e., ASCII, KSX 1001, and all other Hangul character.


  1. Note: Hangul syllable decomposition is considered a canonical decomposition.
  2. Hangul decomposition is also used to form the character names for the Hangul syllables.


  1. Compared to Kana, Hangul has both alphabetic and syllabic characteristics.
  2. Example: Korean Hangul combines symbols for phonemes into square syllabic blocks.


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