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  1. Hansan Island is a historical site where Admiral Yi Soon-shin defeated the Japanese.
  2. Hansan Island was occupied by Japan, consolidating the Japanese hold on the west coast of Korea.
  3. The battle of Hansan Island was the most important battle of the Imjin War.

Famous Battle

  1. Considering this, I recommend Yi's most famous battle in Hansan Island.


  1. Wakizaka took the bait and his ships chased Yi's six panoksons through the channel and into the broad open sea in front of Hansan Island.


  1. It is considered as one of greatest victory of Koreans during the seven years of war with the Siege of Jinju and the Battle of Hansan Island.
  2. Hansan Island, known to Koreans as Hansando, is located across a relatively narrow strait from Choongmoo City, which was once known as Tongyeong.


  1. The next two battles, waged over a four-day period, are known together as the Battle of Hansan Island.
  2. It is clear from his tactics in the Battle of Hansan Island that Wakizaka threw all caution aside.

Japanese Fleet

  1. The Battle of Hansan Island not only annihilated the Japanese fleet, it destroyed the vital materiel needed by generals Konishi and Kato in the north.

July 3Rd

  1. The two fleets met at Hansan Island - where the Japanese had been organizing - on the morning of July 3rd.

Admiral Yi

  1. The Battle of Hansan Island began when Admiral Yi moved five or six kobukson in a tentative attack against the approaching Japanese.

Original Goal

  1. Admiral Yi's victory at Hansan Island effectively ended Hideyoshi's dreams of conquering Ming China, which was his original goal in invading Korea.

Important Battles

  1. The first battle of Jinju along with the Battle of Hansan Island and the Battle of Haengju are regarded as the three most important battles of the war.

Hansan Island

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  2. The battle of Hansan Island was the most important battle of the Seven-Year War.


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