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  1. Hans Schlegel is an astronaut who was born on August 3, 1951, in Oberlingen, Germany.
  2. Hans Schlegel was one of a number of astronauts from European national space programmes being integrated into ESA's single European astronaut corps. (Web site)

Hans Schlegel

  1. Seinem Kontaktmann Hans Schlegel gegenüber erklärte Ewald, daß er sich gut fühle und wohlauf sei.
  2. Hans Schlegel has been awarded the Order of Friendship of the Russian Federation, as well as the German Verdienst Kreuz 1.
  3. ESA - Hans Schlegel Personal data, spaceflight experience and education for the astronaut born in +--berlingen, Germany.

Astronaut Hans

  1. En route to the ISS, Eyharts will be accompanied by five National Aeronautics and Space Administration crewmates and ESA astronaut Hans Schlegel of Germany.
  2. Atlantis will deliver the ESA-s Columbus Laboratory to the space station, and the shuttle crew will include ESA astronaut Hans Schlegel.
  3. Hans Schlegel link 3 flew aboard the space shuttle Columbia in 1993.
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