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  1. Heilbronn is a major commercial and cultural center.
  2. Heilbronn is a city in northern Baden-W-rttemberg, Germany, near Stuttgart.
  3. Heilbronn is a former imperial city, surrounded by vineyards and situated on the Castle Road.
  4. Heilbronn is a port on the Neckar River.
  5. Heilbronn is a district ( Kreis) in the north of Baden-W--rttemberg, Germany.


  1. It was made of red Heilbronn sandstone.
  2. At first Heilbronn was governed by a regal advocate and an executor.
  3. The catastrophe for Heilbronn was the bombing raid on December 4, 1944.
  4. In 1225 Heilbronn was incorporated into the Hohenstaufen Empire as oppidum Heilecbrunnen.
  5. For Heilbronn a small shield with the letters H and B was used until 1556.


  1. As all free Imperial cities Heilbronn used the Imperial Eagle in its seals.
  2. This is how Heilbronn together with other formerly Imperial Free Cities became part of W--rttemberg in 1803.
  3. In 1631 Heilbronn was occupied by imperial troops but the same year the Swedes succeeded in conquering the city.


  1. Now Heilbronn needed to answer only to the Emperor and as such was an Imperial Free City.
  2. The city limits of present-day Heilbronn contain many sites of Bronze Age finds.
  3. As an Imperial Free City Heilbronn kept seeing itself threatened by the ambitious house of Wirtemberg (later, W--rttemberg).
  4. On September 9, 1802 the city of Heilbronn lost its status as Imperial Free City when the troops of Duke Frederick I of W--rttemberg marched into town.


  1. Tsar Alexander I of Russia met in Heilbronn with the Baltic Baroness Juliane von Kr--dener who talked him into founding the " Holy Alliance ".
  2. From 1644 through 1647, Heilbronn was again part of the Holy Roman Empire, but then French troops moved in and later those of the Palatinate.

Had Been

  1. According to State municipal laws, Heilbronn's flag was grandfathered as it had been in use prior to 1935.
  2. Heilbronn district leader of the NSDAP had been Richard Drauz since 1932 who had been born into a respected Heilbronn family.

Became Seat

  1. Heilbronn became the seat of an Oberamt (district), and the four Imperial Free villages became separate communities within the district.
  2. As the result of a district reform on October 1, 1938 Heilbronn became seat of the newly created Heilbronn County and regained independent city status.


  1. Jehovah's Witnesses built a first meeting room in Heilbronn in 1953 and many more have been added since then.
  2. As well a these new lines, additional stops will also be built in the inner city of Heilbronn.

Baden-W Rttemberg

  1. In the 1980s, Heilbronn hosted two major events ( Heimatttage and Landesgartenschau) staged by the State of Baden-W--rttemberg.
  2. For State elections to the Landtag of Baden-W--rttemberg Heilbronn makes up an electoral district (District 18) together with Erlenbach.


  1. This district-free city is completely surrounded by the district Heilbronn.
  2. It is completely surrounded by Heilbronn County and with approximately 120,000 residents, it is the sixth-largest city in Baden-W--rttemberg.
  3. After the demise of the Staufers King Rudolf I returned city status to Heilbronn in 1281 and installed a regal advocate to rule the city.


  1. The Age of Enlightenment brought Heilbronn freedom of religion.
  2. The eagle is the symbol for the imperial freedom enjoyed by Heilbronn until it was annexed by the Grand Duchy (and later Kingdom) of W--rttemberg.


  1. In the industrial part of Heilbronn the EnBW AG runs a large powerplant that is powered with coal.
  2. South of the steam power plant is located the conveyor tower of the S--dwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG (SWS). The SWS runs a salt mine in the Heilbronn area.


  1. As a result, many of the larger companies opened locations in Heilbronn.
  2. On July 28, 1935, the port was opened in a canal off the Neckar and 1936 saw the Autobahn between Heilbronn and Stuttgart completed.

Made Up

  1. Heilbronn is made up of ten boroughs.
  2. After the municipal elections of June 13, 2004 the city council of Heilbronn was made up of 40 seats.


  1. G--tz von Berlichingen spent three years in "knightly custody" in Heilbronn starting in 1519 and even spent a night in the tower of the bastion.
  2. Starting in 1942, the salt mines in and around Heilbronn were used to store art and artifacts from Germany, France and Italy.


  1. Heilbronn is located in the northern corner of the Neckar basin at the bottom of the Wartberg (308 m).
  2. Heilbronn ( IPA: [ha--l--b----n]) is a city in northern Baden-W--rttemberg, Germany.


  1. In 1998 Heilbronn was connected to the S-Bahn net with Karlsruhe.
  2. Although Heilbronn does not benefit from the Deutsche Bahn long-distance service the city is well connected by train.


  1. During the 18th century the citizens of Heilbronn witnessed a boom.
  2. After almost a century of economic boom and growth of the local industry Heilbronn's citizenry included a lot of labourers.


  1. The hotel Arkade resides just 5 minutes away from the city centre of Heilbronn and the shopping precinct.
  2. Economy and infrastructure were booming in W--rttemberg and Heilbronn was at the logistic centre of it all.


  1. To this day Protestants are in the majority in Heilbronn.
  2. Viticulture has a long tradition in Heilbronn and is an important part of its economy to this day.


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