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  1. The Henderson-Hasselbalch equation is used for the calculation of the pH or composition of a buffer solution.
  2. The Henderson-Hasselbalch equation is a form of the acid-dissociation equilibrium expression.
  3. The Henderson-Hasselbalch equation is a convenient.
  4. The Henderson-Hasselbalch equation is a rearrangement of equation 4.3: (Eq. (Web site)

Henderson-Hasselbalch Equation

  1. Limitations There are some significant approximations implicit in the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation. (Web site)
  2. Karl Albert Hasselbalch later re-expressed that formula in logarithmic terms, resulting in the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation [1].
  3. Henderson-Hasselbalch equation -- a formula for calculating the pH of a buffer solution such as blood plasma. (Web site)
  4. Henderson-Hasselbalch equation (redirected from Henderson-Hasselbach equation) Also found in: Medical 0.03 sec. (Web site)
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