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  1. Steve Marcus had spent twelve years touring and recording with Buddy, and was also part of the early jazz-rock scene with Larry Coryell and Herbie Mann.


  1. Herbie Mann began on clarinet when he was nine but was soon also playing flute and tenor.


  1. While I'm not a fan of jazz flute, Herbie Mann adds dimension to the album (and is used sparingly), and he stays away from pyrotechnics. (Web site)

Various Times

  1. Names as big as Cannonball Adderley Charlie Parker and Herbie Mann also played or recorded with Machito at various times.


  1. Herbie Mann helped popularize the flute, particularly with his Latin jazz recordings of the 1960s and his later pop-oriented efforts.


  1. Pace was backed on the album by the Chet Baker quintet, featuring such major talents as flautist Herbie Mann and drummer Philly Joe Jones. (Web site)

Stan Getz

  1. He also recorded with Baden Powell, Stan Getz and Herbie Mann, among others, and recorded for film and television.

Herbie Mann

  1. Among the select group who legitimately can is Herbie Mann, a seminal figure in the American jazz scene of the 1960s and 70s. (Web site)
  2. We don't know if Herbie Mann with Buddy Collette is a person, group or record label.
  3. The first jazz album on which the leader solely played bass clarinet was Great Ideas of Western Mann (1957) by Herbie Mann, better known as a flautist. (Web site)


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