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  1. Herbie Nichols is a perennially neglected jazz pianist and composer.
  2. Herbie Nichols is a celebrated contemporary of Thelonious Monk.
  3. Herbie Nichols is a giant and his recognition is long overdue.
  4. Herbie Nichols was unable to earn a living from his music. (Web site)
  5. Herbie Nichols is one of the archetypal tragedies of jazz. (Web site)

Herbie Nichols Project

  1. The Herbie Nichols Project has recorded modern renditions of compositions by late pianist Herbie Nichols for the Soul Note and Palmetto labels.


  1. Other people like Herbie Nichols never got to hear his stuff performed and died young.

Complete Recordings

  1. Blue Note will reissue The Complete Recordings of Herbie Nichols on four CDs this fall, but two new releases do more than recirculate old material. (Web site)


  1. For the past 10 years the Herbie Nichols Project has been performing and recording Nichols' music, much of it never put on vinyl by Nichols himself. (Web site)


  1. But the Herbie Nichols Project goes beyond merely performing his music.

Thelonious Monk

  1. Sun Ra, John Coltrane, Carla Bley, Thelonious Monk, Herbie Nichols and others were all a part of a new direction in American music. (Web site)
  2. ICP Orchestra has recorded tributes to Thelonious Monk and Herbie Nichols (ICP 026) in 1984 and 1986, respectively. (Web site)

Herbie Nichols

  1. Had he been more familiar with this music of Herbie Nichols which has since come to light, I'm sure he would have called him the Bartok of jazz. (Web site)
  2. Herbie Nichols (January 3, 1919 – April 12, 1963), was an American jazz pianist and composer. (Web site)


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