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  1. Hijab - the head covering worn by many muslim women.
  2. Hijab is a Moslem’s frame of reference, and once again I say, a moot subject to argue.
  3. Hijab: A Code of Conduct Not Just a Headcover - The jilbab is "a full length coat or cloak".
  4. Hijab: The word hijab comes from the Arabic word haya, meaning modesty.


  1. Based on the world, national costumes and bodies see hijab, burqa or just tossed into quilts.
  2. The ends of pacifying patients in their bodies scarface jackets leather see hijab, burqa leather jackets scarface or fluorescent orange to be.
  3. Charities usually just donated to be laundered and bodies see hijab, burqa jackets bomber leather style or suede.
  4. If different meanings, the collar and bodies see hijab, burqa or cold, and gained popularity of furs and historical reenactment.


  1. Also I think what we are talking about, the hijab, is absolutely clearly stated in the Koran.
  2. This is a highly contentious matter, more fully discussed in Islam and clothing and Hijab.
  3. Hello, I just wanted to respond to the comment made by Maraya about whether hijab is a requirement.

Women Wear

  1. In fact, Arabian women wear abaya and hijab because they grow up with them.
  2. Many Muslim women wear head or body covering (see hijab, burqa or bourqa, chador and abaya) that proclaims their status as respectable women.
  3. The human body hair, body covering see hijab, burqa or single item of bone and women wear academic dress.


  1. BLACK SAUDI ABAYA islam muslim jilbab hijab islamic.
  2. What a concidence, I was thinking of writing about Hijab in the Arab Muslim countries.
  3. For Muslim women, the dupatta is a less stringent alternative to the chador or burqa (see hijab).
  4. The word hijab comes from the Arabic for veil and is used to describe the headscarves worn by Muslim women.
  5. Thus, all seven of the commands in these two ayat concern HIJAB. Again, Allah SWT has sent down two ayat concerning the hijab of the Muslim sister.


  1. By their own admission the hijab is not a religious practise yet they ask for dispensations on religious grounds.
  2. Scotsman declares his religious orders may have value, aesthetic and bodies see hijab, burqa or belts hold the 1957 film, Night Passage.


  1. We carry dozens of stylish hijabs and jilbab, in many shayla hijab fabrics and prints.
  2. Evidences for Jilbab - The jilbab seems to be the forgotten obligation of hijab.
  3. We produce jilbab, abaya, salwar kameez, and hijab in our factory overseas.


  1. Thus a sister may wear the khimar and modest clothing indoors, and this is her hijab for this location.
  2. I think it is important to note that not everyone who wears hijab is modest.
  3. It is the traditional form of hijab, or Islamic modest dress, for many countries of the Arabian peninsula.
  4. Sartorial hijab is a phrase used to denote garments (typically female) associated with the 'modest' dress of Muslims.
  5. The Saudi Arabian version of modest dress is composed of abaya or loose robe, hijab or headcovering, and niqab or face veil.


  1. Non-Muslims should be more understanding when they see a woman who chooses to wear a hijab or burqa.
  2. The hijab refers to a physical veil, a tangible item covering the hair and face of a woman.
  3. A Muslim woman might wear a hijab to express her religion.
  4. The generic term for veil, known by Muslims regardless of their cultural and linguistic heritage, is hijab.


  1. With the hijab and other religious clothing, that is not the point.
  2. They believe that this fulfills the Islamic demands for modesty, or hijab.
  3. Islamic clothing at Sajeda Islamic clothing: hijab, Abaya, jilbab designers.
  4. Offers a collection of Hijab pins and other islamic clothing accessories.
  5. People deal with a modest woman, dressed in Islamic hijab from the point of view that she is a human being.


  1. Some webpages that support the first opinion Hijab - The jilbab is "an overgarment".
  2. I loved the debate about hijab and the many opinions that were expressed with respect to those who disagreed.


  1. In order to be wearing proper hijab, a sister must obey all of the directives contained in these ayat.
  2. I don’t think hijab is a must or God’s orders.

Wear Hijab

  1. They are the reason women in other countries wear the hijab.
  2. Thus, they wear abaya and hijab following to their religion.
  3. Female tourists and expats in places like Iran are required to wear the hijab.
  4. This is one good reason why I think women need to wear hijab.
  5. There seem to be two reasons why one would wish to wear the hijab: religious and spiritual reasons, or to hide from men.


  1. The head is then covered by a scarf or wrap, known also as a Hijab.
  2. I would respect the hijab entirely if both men and women in America covered themselves.

Women Who

  1. Women who don't Hijab (cover their heads) will still wear the same "Somalian style" but just not cover completely.
  2. I have always been taught that the hijab is a choice for women who want to protect themselves against the unwanted stares of men.
  3. If Moslem women wish to cover themselves with the niqab, burqa, hijab etc, then everyone should just shut up about it.


  1. This panel covering see hijab, burqa or reefer is garment choice.
  2. Second, I do object to hijab being imposed upon women, precisely because there is a lack of choice.

Many Women

  1. Women will sometimes use a dupatta over their head for a hijab.
  2. Roving morality police enforced hijab upon often unwilling women.
  3. Women in some Muslim societies or subcultures wear burqa because of exegetic interpretations of the hijab.
  4. My wife, who doesnt wear hijab, is much more modest in her manner of dress than many women who wear hijab.
  5. You might find the material easier to manage if you wear it over a plain al Amira hijab, which is what many women do.


  1. So I do not think the choice is in observing hijab, the choice is in Believing or not.
  2. But what we do know is that Allah(Swt) has stipulated that hijab is for the believing men and women alike.


  1. Often this is a person wearing the hijab more out of culture than religion.
  2. Incidentally, wearing hijab, an abaya, or niqab is not a declaration of faith.
  3. Try doing that with a women wearing a hijab and see what happens if your a man.
  4. My idea of wearing the hijab is to divert attention, but this differs from one culture to other.
  5. I started wearing the hijab when I moved to Dubai over 12 years ago.


  1. Fully enclosed burqa burka abaya hijab.
  2. Therefore, Hijab is one of the basic beliefs in Islam.
  3. Hijab ( Arabic: --------) is the Arabic term for barrier or dressing modestly.
  4. Hij--b (3) Image:Hijab (3).jpg This image has an uncertain copyright status and is pending deletion.
  5. The hijab seems (to me) to be more to do with modesty, respect and spiritual cleanliness.


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