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  1. A History of Chemistry is a pleasure to read, informative, provocative, up-to-date, serious.

History of Chemistry

  1. Earlier in the history of chemistry substances were given name by their discoverer, which often led to some confusion and difficulty.
  2. Many chemists have an interest in the history of chemistry.
  3. Carmen Giunta's history of chemistry bookmarks at Lemoyne University.
  4. Keep up with important chemistry-related historical events Week in the History of Chemistry .
  5. Virtual library for the history of science Papers from the History of Chemistry History technology and medicine.


  1. Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society Publishes in all areas of chemistry except education, philosophy and history of chemistry.
  2. The Chemical Heritage Foundation website is an excellent online resource for the study of the history of Chemistry.


  1. Alchemist's Corner Opslaan Covers computational chemistry and some history of chemistry.
  2. The history of chemistry may be said to begin with the distinction of chemistry from alchemy by Robert Boyle in his work The Sceptical Chymist (1661).


  1. Division of the History of Chemistry Gives information on the ACS Division of the History of Chemistry and provides links to chemistry history sites.
  2. Provides texts of several classic papers from the history of chemistry and links to related sites.
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