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History of Linguistics

  1. Linguistic anthropology; ethnopoetics; history_of_linguistics.
  2. He was a founder member of the Henry Sweet Society for the History_of_Linguistics.
  3. We will have a look at the history_of_linguistics in Europe from Plato up to the 20 th century.
  4. In fact, we had to read the Cratylus in a history_of_linguistics course I took, since it bears on several fundamental issues of language.
  5. Law, Chapter 1: Getting ready to study the history_of_linguistics, p.


  1. Arabic linguistics; sociolinguistics; Arabic dialectology; history_of_linguistics; syntax; discourse analysis.
  2. His main research interests are historical linguistics, Germanic linguistics, phonology, and the history_of_linguistics.
  3. The book by Robins is the classic book on the history_of_linguistics, written by the former head of department of SOAS Linguistics department.
  4. A short article on the history_of_linguistics, by Frederick Newmeyer, a senior US linguist and editor of the 'Cambridge Survey of Linguistics'.


  1. Hymes, D. 1974. Studies in the history_of_linguistics: traditions and paradigms.
  2. For my own critique of Kuhn's position, see W. Keith Percival, 'The Applicability of Kuhn's Paradigms to the History_of_Linguistics,' Language, vol.
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