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  1. Hockey skates are used for playing the game of ice hockey.
  2. Hockey skates are used for playing the games of ice hockey and ringette.
  3. All hockey skates (excepting goaltender's skates) are designed such that they will not cause injury to an opponent, and are fitted with safety blades.
  4. Ice hockey skates are made of hard plastic and well padded with lightweight metal blades approximately 2 inches in height.


  1. The blade is also a little longer than ice hockey skates to achieve and maintain higher speeds.
  2. Hence the ice hockey skates are padded and designed to give the comfort and support akin to the best 'running' shoes.

Ice Skates

  1. There are different categories of ice skates, such as hockey skates, figure skates, and racing skates.


  1. Racing skates and some models of hockey skates have a support made of sheet metal formed into tubes with a separate blade secured by the support.


  1. Figure and hockey skates, skating dresses and supplies.

Ice Hockey Players

  1. Hockey Skates: Ice hockey players mainly use this type of ice skates.

Hockey Skates

  1. Hockey skates are used for playing the game of ice hockey.
  2. The blade is generally an inch longer than the hockey skates, allowing for higher speeds.
  3. Figure skaters use skates which differ slightly from hockey skates, to perform spins, jumps, and other "moves" on the ice, often to music.


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