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  1. The Ilkhanate was based, originally, on Genghis Khan 's campaigns in the Khwarezmid Empire in 1219-1224, and founded by Genghis's grandson, Hulagu Khan.
  2. The Ilkhanate (also spelled Il-khanate or Il Khanate) was one of the four divisions within the Mongol Empire.
  3. After the Ilkhanate, the regional states established during the disintegration of the Il-khanate raised their own candidates as claimants.

Chingisid Princes

  1. He gave Eljigidey the imperial seal and precious gifts and sent 3 Chingisid princes to Ilkhanate and Golden Horde.


  1. Baydu was considered easygoing and controllable, and under him, the Ilkhanate was divided among the co-conspirators.

Ilkhanate State

  1. The Ilkhanate State helped to pave the way for the later Safavid dynastic state, and ultimately the modern country of Iran.


  1. The Mamluks were the most successful defense against the Mongol Ilkhanate of Persia and Iraq from entering Egypt. (Web site)

Caucasus Mountains

  1. On the south, the Golden Horde's lands bordered on the Black Sea, the Caucasus Mountains, and the territories of the Mongol dynasty known as the Ilkhanate.


  1. With Islamization the shamans were no longer important as had been they in Golden Horde and Ilkhanate.

Several Attacks

  1. Mamai, general and kingmaker of the Golden Horde Qutlugh Khwaja, launched several attacks on both Delhi Sultanate and Ilkhanate.

Extended Further

  1. Their rule continued with the Ilkhanate, and was extended further following the invasion of Timur (Timur Lang) who established the Timurid dynasty.
  2. Their rule continued with the Ilkhanate, and was extended further following the invasion of Timur (Timur-lang) who established the Timurid dynasty.


  1. The rule of Hulagu's great-grandson, Ghazan Khan (1295-1304) saw the establishment of Islam as the state religion of the Ilkhanate. (Web site)
  2. When Ghazan took the throne of the Ilkhanate in 1295, he formally accepted Islam as his own religion.
  3. In 1295 however, the new Khan of the Ilkhanate, Ghazan converted to Islam and two decades later the Golden Horde followed suit.


  1. Baydu succeeded his cousin Gaykhatu as khan of Ilkhanate state in 1295.


  1. In 1293 or 1294 the Polos reached the Ilkhanate, ruled by Gaykhatu after the death of Arghun, and left Koekecin with the new Ilkhan. (Web site)
  2. He was the great-grandson of the Ilkhanate founder Hulagu, son of Arghun, and brother and successor of Mahmud Ghazan on the throne of the Ilkhanate.


  1. In the west the Jalayirids and Chobanids had prevented Togha Temür from extending his rule across much of the Ilkhanate.


  1. During the breakup of the Ilkhanate following the death of Abu Sa'id in 1335, the Jalayirid Hasan Buzurg raised Muhammad Khan to the throne. (Web site)
  2. The Muzaffarids (آل مظفر in Persian) were a Sunni family that came to power in Iran following the breakup of the Ilkhanate in the 14th century.


  1. The Golden Horde dispatched Nogai to invade the Ilkhanate but Hulegu forced him back in 1262. (Web site)
  2. Nogai and Konchi, the khan of White Horde, established friendly relations with the Yuan and the Ilkhanate. (Web site)


  1. Still, when he decided to attack the Ilkhanate in order to gain significant pasture, Kaidu agreed, as the Ilkhan Abaqa was an ally of Kublai.


  1. Islam has been the official religion of Iran since then, except short duration after Mongol raid and establishment of Ilkhanate. (Web site)
  2. Iran became the Ilkhanate, a division of the vast Mongol Empire. (Web site)
  3. Mahmud Ghazan (November 5, 1271 – May 11, 1304) was the seventh ruler of the Ilkhanate in Iran from 1295 to 1304.


  1. The Jalayirids were a Mongol dynasty which ruled over Iraq and western Persia after the breakup of the Mongol Khanate of Persia (or Ilkhanate) in the 1330's. (Web site)
  2. Persia temporarily became the Ilkhanate, a division of the vast Mongol Empire.
  3. Two of the fragments, the Golden Horde in Russia and the Ilkhanate in Persia were themselves major West Eurasian powers. (Web site)


  1. Their rule continued with the Ilkhanate s, and was extended further following the invasion of Timur Lang ("Tamerlane"), a ruler from Central Asia.

Genghis Khan

  1. Hulegu Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan founded the Ilkhanate in the southwestern part of the Mongol Empire.


  1. Kublai Khan's brother, Hulagu, conquered Persia and founded the Ilkhanate. (Web site)

Golden Horde

  1. With Arikboke defeated, the rulers of the Golden Horde, the Chagatai Khanate and the Ilkhanate acknowledged the reality of Kublai’s victory and rule.
  2. The Chagatai Khanate in Moghulistan and the Golden Horde threatened the Ilkhanate in the Caucasus and Transoxiana, preventing expansion westward. (Web site)
  3. Much of Abaqa's reign was consumed with civil wars in the Mongol Empire, such as those between the Ilkhanate and the northern khanate of the Golden Horde.


  1. Even under Hulagu's reign, the Ilkhanate was engaged in open warfare in the Caucasus with the Mongols in the Russian steppes.

Hulagu Khan

  1. The war between Golden Horde under Berke Khan and Ilkhanate under Hulagu Khan, the Berke-Hulagu war soon broke out in 1262.
  2. Abaqa was born in February 1234, son of the founder of the Ilkhanate, Hulagu Khan.
  3. The founder of the Ilkhanate dynasty was Hulagu Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan and brother of both Möngke Khan and Kublai Khan.


  1. A grandson of Genghis Khan and the brother of Arik Boke, Mongke and Kublai Khan, he became the first khan of the Ilkhanate of Persia. (Web site)
  2. In Persia and surrounding areas, the Mongols established a division of the Mongol Empire known as Ilkhanate. (Web site)
  3. The Berke-Hulagu war was fought between two Mongol leaders: Berke, khan of the Golden Horde, and Hulagu, khan of the Ilkhanate.


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