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  1. Illeana Douglas is a name familiar to any attentive movie freak.
  2. Illeana Douglas is a riot as Enid's nutso-provocateur art teacher.
  3. Illeana Douglas is a little scary as Diana Vreeland, but then Diana Vreeland was a little scary.

Illeana Douglas

  1. Brody is a real talent, and Illeana Douglas is a riot as his older sister. (Web site)
  2. Steven Schoichet (Brody) is in a rut - he lives at home with his crazed parents and weird sister Heidi (Illeana Douglas) and is stuck in a dead-end job.
  3. Adrien Brody and Illeana Douglas were excellent as a dueling brother and sister. (Web site)
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