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  1. Independent Fabrication is an employee-founded and -owned corporation.
  2. Independent Fabrication was formed by the former employees of Fat City Cycles.
  3. Independent Fabrication are know throughout Boston for being a local builder of the finest quality Steel Frames.

Independent Fabrication

  1. Independent Fabrication Manufacturer and supplier of frames and bikes.
  2. Independent Fabrication: Custom steel bikes for mountain, road, cyclocross and touring.
  3. Independent Fabrication currently manufactures the following custom bicycle frames.


  1. The title sponsor is Independent Fabrication, a custom bicycle frame design and production company headquartered in Somerville, Mass.
  2. Independent Fabrication XS. Full custom carbon tubes with titanium lugwork.


  1. Independent Fabrication started in 1995 building steel mountain bike frames.
  2. IF: Independent Fabrication is a custom steel and Ti builder.
  3. Bicycles welcomes Independent Fabrication as an option for those discerning cyclists who demand the most from the bikes they ride.
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