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  1. James Carr was born June 13, 1942, in Coahoma County, MS, near Clarksdale; his father, a minister, moved the family to Memphis when Carr was very young. (Web site)
  2. James Carr is often described as the lost voice of soul.
  3. James Carr is sitting behind a cloud of tobacco smoke in the corner. (Web site)
  4. James Carr is waiting for me outside his apartment, ready for our lunch appointment at a nearby greasy spoon. (Web site)
  5. James Carr was one of the greatest, one of the few absolutely great ones.


  1. At the age of 58, James Carr died there from his battle with the disease on January 7, 2001.


  1. James Carr died from lung cancer in a Memphis nursing home in 2001, aged 58. (Web site)

Soul Singer

  1. James Carr came to prominence as a Soul singer during the mid-1960s. (Web site)


  1. Young was also a member of the Goldwax Records house band, backing up stars like James Carr and O.V. Wright. (Web site)

Great Soul Singers

  1. James Carr has been accorded the title "World's Greatest Soul Singer," though certainly other great soul singers are more renowned. (Web site)

James Carr

  1. Goldwax signed O.V. Wright and James Carr, who went on to make several records that are considered essentials of the genre.


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