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  1. James Hinks was a Birmingham publican, a handsome man. (Web site)
  2. James Hinks was very successful with his strain of Bull Terriers.
  3. James Hinks was very interested in dog shows and in showing his Bull Terriers.
  4. James Hinks was very familiar with these small (15-35 lbs.) but fearless dogs and admired their positive qualities.
  5. James Hinks was certainly a roguish character, but he could not have used his strain of white Bull Terriers for dog fighting.

James Hinks

  1. The originator of this cousin of our American Staffordshire Terrier was James Hinks.
  2. James Hinks, said he fancied some salmon, not then in season. (Web site)
  3. I then put my findings into a book called James Hinks Master Craftsman.
  4. James Hinks passed away at the age of forty nine years in 1878 of bronchitis which at the time was epidemic.
  5. There is no doubt that it is to James Hinks that we are indebted for the more elegant dog who graced the latter part of the nineteenth century. (Web site)

Bull Terrier

  1. James Hinks, of Birmingham, who had always loved a game dog, produced a white strain which he registered at the Kennel Club as "English Bull Terriers". (Web site)
  2. James Hinks, in about 1860, crossed the Old Pit Bull Terrier, now known as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and produced the all-white English Bull Terrier.
  3. Tupper-s disagreement with James Hinks was over Bulldogs and not Bull Terriers as Rawden Lee suggested.

Dog Fighting

  1. Many sources said that James Hinks created the Bull Terrier for dog fighting and not necessarily for dog shows.
  2. He made no mention of James Hinks, yet he did refer to others involved in dog fighting.
  3. James Hinks exhibited his Bull Terriers so frequently that had they been involved in dog fighting they would have to display the signs of battle.


  1. What James Hinks would have thought of that is another story. (Web site)
  2. In the words of James Hinks II, "My father owned dogs of the bravest of the old breeds and had experimented in their breeding.
  3. It is from these dogs James Hinks went on to refine the Bull Terrier.
  4. Stonehenge named the locations, yet he did not name James Hinks public house.
  5. When James Hinks introduced his pure white strain at a show in 1862 the coloured dog fell into disrepute. (Web site)

English Terrier

  1. Mr. James Hinks, of Birmingham, England, decided to cross another dog into the gene pool of the Bull and Terrier, that of the White English Terrier.
  2. James Hinks bred the white Bull Terrier using a combination of bull and white terrier and Dalmatian, white English Terrier.
  3. Englishman James Hinks first standardized the breed, in the early 1850s, selecting for white color, gameness and the unique egg-shaped head.


  1. A breed of dog, originally bred for bull-baiting and dog fighting in Birmingham by James Hinks in the mid-1800s.
  2. The gentry invited to see James Hinks dogs could enjoy a drink and a sandwich while they watched the dogs in their runs. (Web site)
  3. McDonald also invited James Hinks to take the Chair as a judge of dogs at a dog show held at the Caledonian Scotch Stores on 1st June 1862.


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