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Third Time

  1. The deadlock was broken again in heat 7 when Jason Lyons won for the third time from Carl Wilkinson.

Last Lap

  1. The Brummies hit maximum mode again in heat 9 as Lee Smart passed Ben Wilson on the last lap to join Jason Lyons who led from the start.


  1. Mark Lemon passed early leader, Jason Lyons, while Chris Mills passed Lee Smart to add two points to their lead.


  1. Jason Lyons kept the good ship Birmingham afloat with another win in heat 12 while Phillips and Holder shared the race behind him taking the score to 40-32.
  2. The race was allowed to continue but there was no way through for Jason Lyons as Nermark and Topinka took the 5-1 to close out the match.

Third Stanza

  1. The third stanza saw Jacek Rempala beat Jason Lyons in a two man rerun of heat 9 after Complin and Kerr had been excluded.


  1. Jason Lyons again beat Andre Compton but Kyle Hughes passed Jack Hargreaves on the line to rescue a shared heat for the Tigers taking the score to 47-29.


  1. Jason Lyons reeled him in, however, and passed him off the last bend to deny Sheffield any advantage as Compton beat Watson for the third place point.

Second Lap

  1. Ben Wilson gated to lead the charge then Jason Lyons passed Andre Compton at the start of the second lap.

Chris Holder

  1. Jason Lyons beat Chris Holder in heat 19 to earn a seeding directly to the final with Holder making the semi.


  1. Heat 15 saw Chris Kerr going from third to first on the first lap only for Jason Lyons to pass him a lap later.
  2. Andre Compton finished third with Jason Lyons at the back.
  3. Cooper and Parsons scored a 5-1 ahead of Powell and Moller in heat 14 then Ashworth and Wilson added another in heat 15 as Jason Lyons finished third.

Points Back

  1. Jason Lyons and Lee Smart shared the race behind Suchanek then the Brummies pulled two points back with a 2-4 in heat four.
  2. Birmingham pulled two points back in heat 12 when Jason Lyons beat Ostergaard while Paul Clews finally pipped Nicki Glanz on the line for a 2-4.

First Bend

  1. The Tigers got back into the match in heat 5 after Jason Lyons had fallen on the first bend and been excluded.


  1. Jason Lyons won the rerun while Kalle Katajisto chased Raun hard at the back before falling off causing the race to be awarded.

Tactical Ride

  1. Jason Lyons took a Tactical Ride in heat 7 while Sheffield, having to manage their limited resources carefully, tracked just one rider.

Jason Lyons

  1. In heat 7 Birmingham gave Jason Lyons a Tactical Ride but Stefan Ekberg won the race to deny him all six points.
  2. James Holder fell on the first bend and was excluded from the rerun of heat 5 won by Jason Lyons by the proverbial mile from Glen Phillips.
  3. Andre Compton won from Jason Lyons with Paul Cooper in third but Birmingham pulled four points clear again with another 1-5 in heat 4.


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