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  1. Jean Anouilh is a playwright who seems to be slipping back into public consciousness after a long period out of favour.
  2. Since Jean Anouilh is a gifted French playwright, it is hard to understand why "Cry of the Peacock" is so bad.

Jean Anouilh

  1. It was far from a success and went unnoticed until a few established writers and critics, among them Jean Anouilh and Raymond Queneau, championed the play.
  2. The themes and innovative techniques of his plays anticipated the work of Bertolt Brecht, Eugene O'Neill, Jean Anouilh, and Jean Genet.
  3. Jean Anouilh biography with 189 pages of profile on Jean Anouilh sourced from encyclopedias, critical essays, summaries, and research journals.


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