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  1. Jean Dubuffet was an artist, who found his groove late in life and had to struggle for his artistic space.
  2. Jean Dubuffet was born on July 31, 1901, in Le Havre, the son of a wealthy wine merchant, whose lifestyle young Jean found bourgeois.


  1. Ossorio traveled to Paris to met Jean Dubuffet in 1950.


  1. Though a well accepted format today, Jean Dubuffet along with his peers, had to struggle to put this lingo into the acceptability mode.

Leading Artists

  1. Leading artists of the post-war period include Yves Klein and Jean Dubuffet.

Commercial Art

  1. Jean Dubuffet had a rather successful stint with Commercial Art.

Jean Dubuffet

  1. A French painter born in Le Havre in 1901, Jean Dubuffet had a successful career in the wine business until 1942, when he devoted himself solely to art.
  2. Examples of this are the works of Jean Dubuffet and Anselm Kiefer.
  3. Trained in Art for six months at Paris, Jean Dubuffet dropped out to pursue his own independent form of painting.


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