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  1. Jim Lampley (born on April 8, 1949 in Hendersonville, North Carolina) is an American sports broadcaster, news anchor, movie producer, and restaurant owner.
  2. Jim Lampley is a beacon of morality for the pure sport of boxing.
  3. Jim Lampley is a glaring exception, and praise God for his bravery.
  4. Jim Lampley is a Rich franklin jerk off and a special commentary on Brock Lesnar.
  5. Right now, Jim Lampley is best known for his work on HBO and TVKO Boxing telecasts for Time Warner.


  1. ABC 's Jim Lampley interviewed the winners in the Cardinals ' clubhouse after clinching the National League pennant in Game 3.


  1. Jim Lampley, America's most experienced Olympic broadcaster, will work his record 14th Olympics in Beijing.


  1. Jim Lampley will anchor the daytime and late-night Olympic telecasts.

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  1. In a separate email I asked why she buried the original post by Jim Lampley and didn't make it a featured post.

Jim Lampley

  1. The first voice heard on WFAN was that of Suzyn Waldman with a sports update at 3:00 pm,[ 1] followed by the first show, which was hosted by Jim Lampley.
  2. In addition to hosting Olympic coverage and commentating on boxing, Jim Lampley can often be heard on The Jim Rome Show as a substitute host.


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