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  1. A jingle is a memorable slogan, set to an engaging melody, mainly broadcast on radio and sometimes on television commercials.
  2. A jingle is a small metal disc, such as those arranged around the frame of a tambourine.
  3. The jingle was "Nickel Nickel" an advertisement for Pepsi Cola that referred to the pepsi price and the quantity for the price.
  4. Her first jingle was a back-to-school spot for the St. Louis department store Famous-Barr.


  1. A new advertising campaign, debuted in late 2004, features the slogan "My Harris Teeter"; It is currently in use as a jingle.
  2. It was drawn by noted cartoonist Kyle Baker and features a meeting between Jingle Belle and the family of characters based on Baker's homelife.


  1. He also voices a jingle for Imperial College Radio; saying "This is Tom Baker and you're listening to IC Radio".


  1. In the early Mahommedan histories and geographies we find (according to a favourite Arabic love of jingle) Kabul and Zabul constantly associated. (Web site)
  2. The highway between Kabul and Bagram is dominated by military convoys and "jingle trucks". (Web site)


  1. The ancient Romans played with hoops, with pieces of metal on them, like bells, to jingle and warn people in their way.


  1. Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. (Web site)
  2. Rahn was listening to his daughter play "Jingle Bells" on the piano when he glanced at the sheet music and noticed the composer's name: J. Pierpont.


  1. In December 2007, Hall released an album, A Jingle with Jillian, on which she sang Christmas songs in character.


  1. This short was also featured in a Disney Sing-Along video as a background movie for the song Jingle Bells.

Short Poem

  1. Jingle - A short poem marked by catchy repetition.


  1. Hall released her first album A Jingle with Jillian on December 11, 2007 on iTunes nationwide.
  2. Jillian Hall released her first album A Jingle with Jillian on the December 11th, 2007 on iTunes nationwide. (Web site)


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