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  1. Joe Louis Arena is owned by the city of Detroit and operated by Olympia Entertainment, an Ilitch Holdings, Inc. (Web site)


  1. The Wings opened the 2006 Stanley Cup playoffs against the Edmonton Oilers with a 3–2 overtime victory at Joe Louis Arena. (Web site)


  1. But on Saturday, Fischer, the former Red Wings defenseman, played hockey for the first time since he collapsed and left Joe Louis Arena on a stretcher.


  1. On April 10, 2007, Howe was honored with the unveiling of a new bronze statue in Joe Louis Arena. (Web site)

Nhl Games

  1. He has a sports complex named after him in Detroit, the Joe Louis Arena, where the Detroit Red Wings play their NHL games.

Detroit Red Wings

  1. Henrik Zetterberg scored twice and added an assist to help the Detroit Red Wings take a 3-1 decision over the Pittsburgh Penguins at Joe Louis Arena.
  2. On Oct. 8, the Trashers are set to welcome the Washington Capitals, while the Detroit Red Wings take the ice at Joe Louis Arena to host the Anaheim Ducks.

Stanley Cup

  1. PITTSBURGH -- The first time Jiri Fischer won the Stanley Cup, he hoisted it high above his head and skated a lap around Joe Louis Arena.

Professional Ice Hockey Player

  1. For a child with dreams of being a professional ice hockey player, a recent day at Joe Louis Arena was exceptionally inspiring.


  1. April 27, 1984, the Pistons played Game 5 of their playoff series against New York in Joe Louis Arena due to a scheduling conflict. (Web site)

Gordie Howe

  1. Gordie Howe stands in front of a bronze and glass statue of himself inside the Gordie Howe entrance of Joe Louis Arena today.


  1. Detroit has been the host city for five previous Frozen Fours, but none since 1990 when it was held in the Joe Louis Arena.
  2. Completed in 1979 at a cost of $57 million, Joe Louis Arena is named after boxer and former heavyweight champion, Joe Louis, who grew up in Detroit. (Web site)
  3. Game one of the series at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit saw a goaltending battle between Ed Belfour of Chicago and Mike Vernon of Detroit.

Red Wings

  1. Yzerman's #19 banner hanging in Joe Louis Arena On January 2, 2007, the Red Wings retired Yzerman's jersey #19, before a game against the Anaheim Ducks.
  2. Interior of the Joe Louis Arena, where the Red Wings have played at home since 1979, when they left the Detroit Olympia. (Web site)
  3. Olympia was closed in 1979 when the Red Wings left for Joe Louis Arena, and demolished in September 1986. (Web site)

Joe Louis Arena

  1. He erased the memories of a 5-0 loss in Game 5 at Joe Louis Arena that put the Penguins on the brink of elimination. (Web site)
  2. There are three active major sports venues in the city: Comerica Park for baseball, Ford Field for football, and Joe Louis Arena for ice hockey.
  3. During the playoffs, Joe Louis Arena is generally adorned with a giant octopus with red eyes, nicknamed "Al" after Joe Louis Arena employee Al Sobotka.


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