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  1. John Dillinger was a bad guy with a good heart.
  2. John Dillinger is a notorious character with enough wit to recognize he's doing the rubes a favor, of sorts, every time he holds up a bank. (Web site)
  3. John Dillinger is the most misrepresented of all the notorious outlaws in American history. (Web site)
  4. John Dillinger was shot dead by FBI agents while trying to escape. (Web site)
  5. John Dillinger was the most notorious bank robber and outlaw of the Depression era. (Web site)

John Dillinger

  1. John Dillinger went from small time crook to America's Most Wanted after an ill-fated bank robbery left a police officer dead.
  2. Warren Oates stars as the notorious bank robber, John Dillinger. (Web site)
  3. John Dillinger This bank robber was lionised in several films and was the inspiration for Humphrey Bogart's Duke Mantee in The Petrified Forest.

Bank Robber

  1. The story of John Dillinger, the Depression-era bank robber who was considered a modern-day Robin Hood by many.
  2. It s an aging facility that opened in 1860 and was once home to Indiana native John Dillinger, famed bank robber of the 1930s Depression era.
  3. You're probably familiar with the name John Dillinger, the famed bank robber who was eventually gunned down outside a Chicago movie theater.

Biograph Theater

  1. In 1934, a man identified as bank robber John Dillinger was shot to death by federal agents outside Chicagos Biograph Theater.
  2. The town even contains a replica of the Biograph Theater named for the Chicago movie house where the FBI tracked down bank robber John Dillinger in 1934.
  3. July, 1934: FBI agents who ambush John Dillinger outside of the Biograph theater all turn out to be really, really bad shots. (Web site)

Crown Point

  1. John Dillinger (in vest) poses in the Crown Point, Indiana jail in 1934. (Web site)
  2. John Dillinger escaped from the Crown Point jail by carving a gun out of a bar of soap, and putting black shoe polish on it.
  3. In 1934 Chicago Gangster John Dillinger escaped the Lake Country Jail in Crown Point by using a "pistol" he had carved from a wooden block. (Web site)


  1. Descriptions of one of them resembled John Dillinger and another Baby Face Nelson. (Web site)
  2. After this, they can turn their attention to finding the Lindbergh baby and the hunt for John Dillinger.
  3. Published 9 months ago by R. Howell FBI practice targets have John Dillinger's face on them.

Robber John

  1. For example, legendary bank robber John Dillinger was a celebrity.
  2. The lead roles are bank robber John Dillinger and FBI agent Melvin Purvis. (Web site)
  3. The Hollywood actor will portray renowned bank robber John Dillinger, who is on the run from the FBI, in 'Public Enemies.


  1. John Dillinger gang member, leader of the 1933 Indiana Prison break. (Web site)
  2. I think it is stupid to honor the so called Great John Dillinger and his gang.
  3. CHICAGO John Dillinger would have recognized the theater's marquee, but the interior of the building would have been a mystery to him.
  4. Their purpose was to release John Dillinger from the Allen County jail.
  5. John Dillinger Dillinger, seated fourth from left with hat on knee, and other gang members at arraignment in Tucson.

Public Enemy

  1. Title: Life and exploits of John Dillinger; America's public enemy, no.
  2. John Dillinger robbed dozens of banks, stole enormous sums of money, and became Public Enemy No.
  3. John Dillinger expert Joe Pinkston defends the wicker casket used to transport the body of Public Enemy #1. (Web site)


  1. The body was positively identified as John Dillinger by his sister Audrey, through a scar on his leg received in childhood.
  2. This new insight and information that Mr. Stewart has written is a refreshing and new look at the famous John Dillinger.
  3. To this day, loyal fans continue to observe "John Dillinger Day" (July 22) as a way to remember the fabled outlaw that he was.
  4. In this new work John Dillinger is researched to the insight never before researched.
  5. Title: The life story of John Dillinger and the exploits of the "Terror mob".


  1. Author Tony Stewart, is a direct decendant of John Dillinger--s only wife, Beryl Hovious.
  2. Comment by 7ony Stewart: "I have been presently communicating with author Dary Matera on the completion of his new book on John Dillinger. (Web site)


  1. Incensed, Holley declared at the time, "If I ever see John Dillinger again, I`ll shoot him dead with my own gun. (Web site)
  2. A shootout where John Dillinger hung his hat at the Lincoln Court apartments didn't bring him in dead or alive.


  1. The following Indiana Division materials may be of use in researching John Dillinger, noted gangster.
  2. A lot of legends surround John Dillinger.
  3. John Dillinger's life and crimes made him Indiana's most notorious criminal.
  4. Though scarred by acid the prints were clearly identifiable as those of John Dillinger.
  5. Visit reports, news, maps, directions and info on John Dillinger Museum - Moved in Nashville, Indiana.


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