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JULY 1815
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  1. The July Revolution was a monument to the ineptitude of Charles X and his advisers.
  2. After the July Revolution, the liberal king Louis Philippe I victoriously supported the Spanish and Belgian liberals. (Web site)

July 1815

  1. It lasted from July 1815 until August 1830 when Charles abdicated in light of the July Revolution.


  1. In 1830, fired with enthusiasm for the July Revolution in France, Neureuther went to Paris.


  1. The news of the fall of Algiers had barely reached Paris when Charles X was deposed and replaced by King Louis-Philippe during the July Revolution.


  1. The July Revolution in France, students and workers who wanted a republic against monarchists. (Web site)


  1. Louis-Philippe ascended to the throne during the July Revolution; some historians treat the resulting July Monarchy as a separate period in French history. (Web site)

Tenth Anniversary

  1. In 1840, the Grande symphonie funèbre et triomphale was commissioned to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the July Revolution of 1830.

Belgian Revolution

  1. July Revolution (1830) Belgian Revolution (1830) Revolution of 1848 -- (1848) -- Wave of failed liberal and republican revolutions that swept Europe.

July Revolution

  1. When the Bourbons were expelled from France in the July revolution, and Louis Philippe was instituted king, the pope reluctantly acknowledged the reversal. (Web site)


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