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  1. Jury tampering is a capital offense and is punishable by life in prison.
  2. Jury tampering is a much more serious intrusion into the jury's processes and poses an inherently greater risk to the integrity of the verdict.
  3. Jury tampering is a very serious offense and any lawyer caught would be disbarred.
  4. Jury tampering is a Class 2 felony.
  5. Jury tampering is a gross misdemeanor.

Jury Tampering

  1. In 1989, he was charged with jury tampering at the Palmer courthouse.
  2. Months later, in the next turn of that fascinating legal drama, the bailiff was accused of jury tampering and the conviction was set aside.
  3. This would be intended to direct attention away from the attempted criminal jury tampering by Scientology.
  4. Definition of jury tampering in the Ledal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia.
  5. The plea and the jury tampering case earned DeNaples a mention in the crime commission's report.


  1. Angulo thus draws a clear distinction between jury tampering and other kinds of juror misconduct.
  2. In a case of jury tampering such as ours, Angulo instructs that "the potential for bias is so strong" that a hearing must be held.
  3. Nevertheless, the Fourth Circuit concluded, as we do, that the co-defendant had properly raised a claim of jury tampering.
  4. These later cases, however, have no effect on Remmer ' s holding as to jury tampering, as Angulo makes clear.
  5. This was to prevent jury tampering in cases involving organized crime.


  1. The court characterizes Angulo as "reaffirming" the Remmer presumption in a case of jury tampering, op.
  2. It is doubtless for that reason that the Supreme Court in Remmer announced a special rule dealing with jury tampering.
  3. A Remmer analysis calls upon courts to classify the type of interference presented and apply a presumption if jury tampering is involved.


  1. The issue of jury tampering is a focus of Honken's motion for a new trial.
  2. Gotti's trial attorney, Albert Krieger, was dismissive of the latest jury tampering story.
  3. Hes due for a retrial (the first trial was thrown out after jury tampering), and has been slowly losing his wits to old age.


  1. FN1. Phillips was not a jury tampering case, as the opinion points out.
  2. Like my colleagues, I reject Dutkel's argument that Washington's jury tampering constituted a structural error entitling Dutkel to a new trial.
  3. Washington (AP) - A D.C. woman has pleaded guilty to jury tampering in a murder case.


  1. The FBI is investigating possible jury tampering.
  2. Police are investigating the alleged jury tampering.
  3. He is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday on the jury tampering charges.
  4. In January, a Criminal Court judge dismissed jury tampering charges -- stemming from the restroom incident -- against her.


  1. But in the wake of jury tampering charges that resulted in a mistrial Nov.
  2. Days before the mistrial was called, an OK hand gesture by a juror toward the defense raised questions of jury tampering.


  1. This was in order to prevent jury tampering in cases involving organised crime.
  2. Teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa was convicted of fraud, conspiracy and jury tampering.
  3. Hoffa, a regular target of federal investigations, eventually was convicted of jury tampering and fraud.
  4. Hoffa is reported to have fallen out with several organised crime figures after he was convicted of jury tampering and fraud in the 1960s.
  5. However, Labour eventually got its way in fraud trials and cases where jury tampering seemed likely.


  1. Hoffa was sent to prison for jury tampering and planned a return to power upon his release.
  2. His attempts at entering "evidence" during deliberations got him prison time for jury tampering.


  1. First, officials will have to finish this investigation into the jury tampering.
  2. Two of the jurors refused to deliberate, prompting allegations of jury tampering.
  3. The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation reportedly looked into allegations of jury tampering, according to recently unsealed court records.

Had Been

  1. A bully and a brawler, he had been released from prison in 1971 after serving five years of a 15-year sentence for jury tampering, conspiracy and fraud.
  2. The Fifth Circuit correctly identified this as jury tampering, but concluded that Remmer had been modified by Olano and Phillips.
  3. Hoffa had been serving a prison sentence for fraud and jury tampering.


  1. This is a run-of-the-mill ex parte contact case, where the burden rests on the defendant to show prejudice; it has nothing to do with jury tampering.
  2. The jurors in Remmer, Angulo and Cheek-indeed in most jury tampering cases-disclosed the illicit contact and thus did not fear being discovered.


  1. The defence includes a team of experts who, for want of a better word, engage in jury tampering.
  2. Experts who have followed the Teamsters contend Hoffa's relationship with the union turned contentious when he was imprisoned for jury tampering and fraud.


  1. Joy Baptist Church in Birmingham triggered an FBI investigation into alleged jury tampering.
  2. The alleged jury tampering first came to light Thursday, but a temporary publication ban by the judge prevented Sun Media from revealing the disturbing news.

Where There

  1. Nothing in Williams-Davis suggests that the D.C. Circuit would fail to apply the Remmer presumption in a case where there was jury tampering.
  2. His recommendation on "tainted acquittals" applies to cases where there is demonstrated abuse of process, such as jury tampering.


  1. The majority's attempt to distinguish Phillips as applicable only to cases not involving jury tampering, see op.
  2. Grogins told jurors Payne admitted to the jury tampering attempt because, "He's honest.".


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